All-Star Mondays with Butter Nugg Cookies

Monday’s hottest new Initiative 71 compliant event for DC’s cannabis enthusiasts is All-Star Mondays at the Spaceship DC. If you’ve been eyeing the scene for a while, then this is the juke joint, my little Jezebel. The details are all in the flyer above! So why am I still blabbing on? To point out all the hot brands on that flyer! Make sure you stop by and see Butter Nugg Cookies for top-shelf rosin, flowers, and strain-specific solventless-based edibles. I’m looking forward to some sampling of this new menu myself. Yes, I’ll be there! Come out and snatch a hair from my head to drop into your cauldron of love potion! Just think, a heartbound Gentleman all to yourself. Swoon, amirite?

And check this thing out! It’s called a Lock’n’Load. It’s a glass one-hitter packed with flower except they tossed hash on top of that and made it, like, an eight-hitter. It comes with a cap so you can close it up when after a couple hits and finish it later. Ingenious!

I’ve had some terrific Jack Herer from DC BudHub recently, moon rocks from Terpy Solutions, and can verify District Cali Gardens has some legit fire sure to delight our local cannoisseurs. Oh, right! Can’t forget about GT fave District Connoisseurs in the house. $5 entry fee gets you in the door. Tell ’em the Gentleman sent you and get absolutely nothing but my undying, yet worthless, gratitude. Thanks, baby! FYI- there won’t be any alcohol served at this event. Keepin it I-71 compliant, baby!

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