Well. I’m still reeling from the news that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has officially rescinded the Cole memo, the Obama-era guidance that told federal law enforcement to lay off state-legal marijuana businesses. Why does Jeff Sessions’ hate pot and black folks so much? My hypothesis is that a beautiful Nubian hippy princess broke his two-sizes-too-small heart when she laughed at his micro-penis and we’ve all been paying the price ever since. Again, that’s just a theory. It could be totally unrelated to Jeff Sessions’ wrinkled, useless micro-penis. We may never know.

It’s too early to say what all this will mean- it seems like the entire industry could be in the situation California dealt with all throughout its legalization history, with random police raids and seizures at dispensaries and grow ops. Overall, I think the industry will be OK until Congress can finally change the laws- especially with a Blue Wave in 2018 taking over every damn Republican seat we can get our hands on. Shoot, I’m even considering running for office. I’ll do it myself, ya lazy bastards.

And what will happen here in DC and Maryland? DC is in a tenuous position as it relies on funds from the federal government. Since it doesn’t receive any monies from Initiative 71 directly, they may be disinclined to fight it. I’ve been watching Mayor Bowser’s Twitter feed all day, waiting for a statement like politicians in other legal states have been making. Eleanor Holmes Norton, DC’s lone, non-voting representative to Congress, did speak up. It could be that I71 remains in place and DC becomes a haven for the industry, since there are no licenses or so on that create paper trails.  Some new medical dispensary owners in Maryland are unafraid and plan to continue providing cannabis medicine under state guidelines.

So let’s take advantage of the present laws to give you guys a present before the feds come to haul me away for making fun of that old Keebler-Dick bitch! My next giveaway is for three vape cartridges- a Brite Labs Red Dragon cartridge from PuffPuff DC, a Los Angeles Kush Ill OG cart from District SweetGreen, and one super-exclusive MK Ultra cart from DC Xtracts’ own grow. All are available for delivery if you just can’t wait (DC Xtracts is available from DC TeaPad)! And I know y’all don’t want to go out in this bomb cyclone cold.

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