Limoncello (Dope City Supreme)

Book your delivery with Dope City Supreme today through their website and the DCS team will contact you for order details! Today’s gift selection includes:

Limoncello- Hybrid (pictured, very frosty)
Sour Diesel- Sativa
BANJO (Hybrid)
Platinum Gelato (Hybrid)- The Gentleman’s Review

OG Kush (Hybrid)
Cherry Pie (Hybrid)
Dutch Haze
Tahoe OG Kush (Hybrid)
Fire OG (Hybrid)
Tangerine Haze (Hybrid)
Key Lime Pie (Hybrid)
Lemon OG Kush (Hybrid)
…whew…just a sec…catch my…
Lemon Cake (Sativa)
Ghost Train Haze (Sativa)
Chem Jack (Hybrid)
ChemDawg (Hybrid)
Blue Kush (Hybrid)
Bubba OG (Indica)
Super Skunk (Indica)