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Walden Pond

Heya. I’m Joe Tierney, full-time office drone and formerly a medical marijuana patient in the District of Columbia. Thing is, I became disgruntled with the high prices and questionable quality of some of their products. Here in the chaotic heart of DC’s Green Rush following the passage of Initative 71, I found lots of great cannabis outside of the dispensary. So I made GentlemanToker.com to have a space to tell you fine folks about all the fire I found out and about town! Also, to yell at the MMJ Program to get better without having my negative reviews taken down from StickyGuide. My first reviews were written for Capital Canna News on Facebook with videographer wunderkind Stephen Barber, until GTHQ here was ready to be born. Then I wrote a piece for DOPE Magazine for free to get some street cred. They didn’t want to pay for another. Ha!

But as it turns out, I’m very grateful. I’m not a journalist. Fuck the news, it’s either too fast or too slow all the time. I’m just a weird guy who smokes to medicate his PTSD, anxiety, depression, back/neck/shoulder pain, fatigue, trouble sleeping, umm, this weird eating disorder called ARFID that I’m not gonna get in to here, and pays way, way too much attention to his inner monologue. It’s this hyper-consciousness that helps me gauge my internal state and how cannabis affects it. Plus, I like to go on rants, often featuring psychic snake monsters, angry necromancers, Mortal Kombat…you get the gist. Being the Gentleman has been the most fun I’ve ever had with my pants on! Check out my reviews.

I also happen to be the best damn bird lawyer in the country.

So, right, then our awesome friend Chloe Sommers, who is a real journalist, quoted me in articles on the Marijuana Times and Leafly about the DC MMJ Program. Sweet! And even sweeter, after all my self-righteous belligerence, they did, in fact, start to improve their pricing and quality. I commend the progress but there is still a distance to go to match the older programs out West. Unless you’re a patient at Metropolitan Wellness Center, you’re still getting screwed for $600+ an ounce. I’m not a fan of District Growers’ flowers, either, not for $75/eighth. Check out StickyGuide yourself, the prices are all available. I can’t be arsed to keep up a price index for them any longer they certainly didn’t appreciate, haha. In fact, I hardly bother with the dispensary anymore.

And…we’re done.

That’s because our local delivery and event folks have been extremely supportive and generous with my efforts to keep you informed about the hottest cannabis and services on the scene. I cannot thank the DC cannabis community enough for helping make Gentleman Toker the name of a guy you might recognize at a sesh who will most definitely disappoint you if you actually try to make conversation. I’m a writer for a reason, baby! But feel free to say Hi anyway. Or Follow me on Instagram! Every time someone Follows me, somewhere a marijuana plant grows its first cola. That’s true.


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