Capital Cup Winners

FIRST ANNUAL CAPITAL CUP WINNERS: CANDY: 1st- Indelible Edibles, Lollipop 2nd- A Taste of Heaven, Lollipop BAKED GOODS: 1st- MariHemp, Graham Cracker S’more 2nd- EverybodyBakesWithChris, Brownie Cupcake with Drizzle COOKED FOODS: 1st-StonerGirl Treats & Eats, Lasagna 2nd- Mari Hemp, Jam INFUSED PRODUCT: 1st- StonerGirl Treats & Eats, Infused Body Scrub CONCENTRATES: 1st-…

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Prohibition 420 (Elevated Events Group)

by Elizabeth Croydon   A dry cleaning flyer fell out of my Daily Tribune and crashed into my Irish breakfast.  I knew the tight, slanted scrawl along the back well.  A message from that paranoid, uptown dick that fancies himself the Gentleman of wacky tobaccey.  An invitation, in fact, to the double-hush speak-easy from Elevated Events Group…

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