How Do I Get Weed in DC?

Alright, alright, you know that cannabis is legal in DC, but thanks to a rider added to a budget by those dickheads in Congress, there’s nowhere you can just walk in and buy weed like Colorado or Oregon. So just how does one get weed in DC? There’s plenty of options, boss! Enter the Gentleman, at your service. I write Reviews of the marijuana people are gifting under Initiative 71! Whether you’re looking for great quality Flowers, Edibles, or Concentrate in DC, your Gentleman has found some for you. FYI, you do NOT need to be a resident to receive gifts a la ganja or go to the events. Oh! I also aggregate local News regarding legalization for DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Want to know what’s going on with cannabis where you live? I break it down for ya like cardboard, baby! And don’t forget to Subscribe to my email newsletter, too.

Ok, so some of my favorite folks are the online delivery services like:

The idea behind staying Initiative 71-compliant is to sell something else and give the ganja as a gift (NOTE- I don’t give legal advice). You’ll need a place to receive the delivery, obviously. Yes, they’ll deliver to your hotel. Yes, they’ll deliver to Starbucks, but plan on cooling your heels there for a while. Some accept credit cards, which is awesome- I love earning airline miles for smoking weed.

Or, hey, you can grow your own! If you consume a lot of cannabis, this is definitely a consideration. Nah, I’m just screwin’ with ya. Here’s some more delivery companies that I like, you rascals: Golden PineappleWhite BuffaloChillayDistrict of C, & Paper Boy Paper Company. Want more? Just click on the Delivery tag.

Oooh! But if you do choose to grow, then you can hit up DC Xtracts to turn your unwanted plant material into amazing dabbables. The lab is officially open November 14!

You could attend the marijuana events like CannaMania that are going on all the time now! You usually have to pay for a ticket but get some free weed gift, be it an edible, prerolled joint, whatever, when you get in. It’s not going to be much, though, so be prepared to talk to the people you meet (especially at the vendor tables- again, plan on purchasing something else because of i71) if you want more. The event vendors are featuring more robust menus than ever before and I’ve seen some great quality Flowers, Edibles, and Concentrate. Some of my favorite brands are Silly Bees, Acure by Design PlusButter Nugg CookiesDistrict Connoisseurs, & Phone Homie. If you want to see more event brand reviews, check out the Event tag. So how do you find these parties? Check out the guide I wrote right here.

No time to visit an event or wait around for a delivery? Stop by Wash Hydro in Adams Morgan. They sell King Weedy Tee-Shirts and gift cannabis and CBD oil. Not to mention, their private club parties allow for smoking, which not every event does. If you want an invite to that, though, you gotta join the Collective. Highly recommended.

Now that you’ve got your ganja, you need a pipe to smoke it in. Visit my sponsors Funky Piece in Adams Morgan and Absalom’s Smoke Shop in Silver Spring for all your smoke accessory needs! Don’t feel like leaving your La-Z-Boy, boss? Check out Daily High Club’s monthly subscription boxes!

Until DC finds a way to allow and regulate recreational sales, you can also get connected to the local cannabis community through social media to find folks donating whatever you’re looking for- seeds, clones, flower, oil, RSO, you name it. Ganjapreneurs looking to capitalize on the opportunity presented by the situation in DC are prominent on Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and Mass Roots. Some of these platforms allow for private messaging, but you need to be prepared to reveal yourself online for this to work- I doubt anyone is going to serve a fictitious account you make to protect your identity with a cartoon avatar and three shared memes. HighThere! is another app you can use to meet folks, but without any review system (since it’s ostensibly a dating app), it’s about as sketchy as Craigslist.

Why not get your medical marijuana card? DC used to have some of the most stringent regulations on medical marijuana in the country, but thanks to some emergency legislation passed in late 2014, the program was expanded to any and all conditions. That’s right, it’s solely up to you and your doctor to determine if cannabis could be beneficial to you, just as it should be. If you’re a resident, you can join the program. Not a DC resident? Maryland’s medical marijuana program will have medicine available very soon! My friends at MetroX can help you with either and you can schedule your appointment right here on my site. Pretty schwifty, eh? Eh?

Here’s my review of the different DC dispensaries– you can only pick one for now! Some of the dispensaries will pay for you to get your card, so your only expense is the doctor visit. You’ll get access to a fairly extensive catalog of strains. Prices for flowers are comparable to street and the quality of some cultivators, like Abatin Wellness, is top freakin’ notch. Note, reciprocity has not yet kicked in, so your card from another state will NOT grant you access to DC dispensaries.