Medical Marijuana Card

Ok, you can officially sign up as a patient for the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission.The law was written to allow out-of-state patients to access the program, but the MMCC has enacted a series of restrictions that will make it very unlikely any out-of-state patients will be admitted. As of right now, one grower and one dispensary are planning to be ready to serve patients, eh, any day now. Wellness Solutions Maryland is located in Frederick but will deliver throughout the state and are even taking preorders, so your Gentleman has partnered with MetroX MD to get you registered right here on my website! DC Resident? You can also get your DC card through MetroX and get some of my favorite flowers in the city right meow!

More good news: eight more growers just got their licenses along with four processors (note- Maryland law prohibits what you’d typically think of as edibles). HOLD THE PHONE! We’re up to 3 dispensaries, 10 processors, and 13 growers as of 10/3! Operations are commencing even as you and I dream of getting our hands on summa that sticky icky. Alas, there is no provision for home growing in Maryland.

YOU DON’T NEED A CARD but you can buy one for $50 if you want. Services like MetroX MD and the like all cost about $200 and are your most expedient method of obtaining the physican’s certification that you’ll require- which doesn’t necessarily need to be a doctor! ASK IF THEY’RE HIPAA COMPLIANT! MetroX MD is. Questions? Here’s the Patient’s FAQ page on MMCC’s website, that should answer most of ’em.

READY TO REGISTER? The steps of the Green Path number but three, my padawan! To wit:

  1. Book an appointment to get your medical cannabis recommendation from one of MetroX MD’s doctors
  2. Go in person to meet with the physician and be approved. The medical evaluation fee is $175.
  3. Once you are approved, register with the state and receive your medical cannabis card in the mail

READY FOR STEP ONE? That’s hot, baby! Here ya go: