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SYNOPSIS: Ok, you can officially sign up as a patient for the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission and it’s true, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A RESIDENT! As of right now, one grower and one dispensary are planning to be ready to serve patients, eh, sometime after Labor Day when the first crop is ready. Wellness Solutions Maryland is located in Frederick but will deliver throughout the state and are even taking preorders!

That seems like a looming disaster in a program that’s been filled with them (read more about the most recent shady dealings in this article from the Washington Post). Reason being, there’s already 12,000 patients signed up. Deeammmn! I don’t think there’s gonna be much medicine to go around at first, which means limits on what patients can get and steep prices. But here’s the good news: eight more growers just got their licenses along with four processors (note- Maryland law prohibits what you’d typically think of as edibles). HOLD THE PHONE! We’re up to six processors and nine growers as of 8/28! Operations are commencing even as you and I dream of getting our hands on summa that sticky icky. Alas, there is no provision for home growing in Maryland.

YOU DON’T NEED A CARD but you can buy one for $50 if you want. Services like MetroX MD and the like all cost about $200 and are your most expedient method of obtaining the physican’s certification that you’ll require- which doesn’t necessarily need to be a doctor! FYI, $200 seems to be the going rate out West, too, from the billboards I’ve seen while canna-cationing, though I hear Cali is as low as $40. What a day and age, eh? Eh? ASK IF THEY’RE HIPAA COMPLIANT! MetroX MD is. Questions? Here’s the Patient’s FAQ page on MMCC’s website, that should answer most of ’em.

READY TO REGISTER? You can do it right here on my website. Genius, right? I know, I know, keep your pants on.

9/21/17: Medical marijuana dispensary opening in former Quiznos near BWI (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

9/20/17: Marijuana Education Program Gets Axed By University of Maryland (THE FRESH TOAST)

9/19/17: University of Maryland pharmacy school cancels plans to train medical marijuana workers (WASHINGTON POST)

9/18/17: University of Maryland pharmacy school cancels plans to train medical marijuana workers (BALTIMORE SUN)

9/15/17: Ben Jealous, a Maryland Democratic gubernatorial candidate, is criticizing the state’s current drug policies. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

9/14/17: How Restaurateur Jeff Black Got In The Medical Cannabis Business (WASHINGTONIAN)

9/14/17: Quinsam Acquisition Target Announces LOI With Maryland Medical Cannabis Dispensary to Advance Secured Loan With Bonus 35% Equity Participation (GLOBE NEWS WIRE)

9/8/17: Websites claiming to sell puppies & marijuana at the Maryland fairgrounds (WMAR) 

9/8/17: Hippocratic Growth owners say education biggest challenge (KENT ISLAND BAY TIMES)

9/4/17: Medical marijuana plants growing in Maryland (WMAR)

9/4/17: First Crop Of Legal Weed In Maryland Is Now Growing (GREEN RUSH DAILY)

9/3/17: Meet the companies launching Maryland’s cannabis industry (BALTIMORE SUN)

9/3/17: A guide to medical marijuana in Maryland (WASHINGTON POST)

9/2/17: Maryland’s medical marijuana is finally growing (WASHINGTON POST)

9/2/17: Mary’s Medicinals Products Coming to Maryland Medical Cannabis Patients Through a Continued Partnership with GTI (STL.NEWS)

9/2/17: Marijuana commission head defends review process in light of lawsuit against applicant (CAPITAL GAZETTE)

8/31/17: World’s dumbest drug dealer? Probation for man who sold cannabis at fair (FREDERICK NEWS POST) IT WAS CBD, FOLKS

8/31/17: DeWolfe urges justices to let marijuana-frisk decision stand (THE DAILY RECORD)

8/30/17: Baltimore lawmakers consider zoning regulations for medical marijuana dispensaries (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

8/30/17: Baltimore City Council weighs concerns about cannabis dispensaries (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/30/17: Marijuana panel surprised by federal lawsuit against Annapolis dispensary owner (CAPITAL GAZETTE)

8/29/17: Locations of medical marijuana dispensaries won’t be public until state licenses are issued (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/29/17: Maryland Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous tweeted that “doubling down on failed ‘War on Drugs’ era [policies] would be “dumb on crime” (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

8/28/17: Maryland medical pot companies that missed licensing deadline get a reprieve (WASHINGTON POST)

8/28/17: Despite missing deadline, three medical marijuana growers approved (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/28/17: Baltimore readies for 11 medical marijuana businesses to open (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/28/17: Medical marijuana commission approves three growers and two processors (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

8/28/17: Maryland Medical Marijuana Dispensary To Open Soon, After Years Of Delays (GREEN RUSH DAILY)

8/28/17: How Anti-Mafia Laws Could Bring Down Legal Pot (ROLLING STONE) Not MD specific, but interesting read

8/28/17: Md. medical marijuana commission considers expanding processor licenses (DAILY RECORD)

8/28/17: SunMed Growers receives license to grow medical cannabis (CECIL DAILY)

8/25/17: Amid MMJ Delays, Maryland Approves 8 New Cultivators (LEAFLY)

8/22/17: Want to see proof of institutional racism? Let weed open your eyes. (WASHINGTON POST)

8/21/17: Columbia lab readies to test marijuana products as first growers approved (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

8/17/17: Medical Marijuana Growers Still Missing Black Representation (AFRO.COM)

8/17/17: No licenses yet for Harford Co. medical marijuana dispensaries (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/17/17: Md. marijuana growers that missed Monday deadline could get second chance (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

8/15/17: Maryland regulators approve eight new medical marijuana growers (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/15/17: Maryland’s long-delayed medical marijuana program gets 8 new growers (WASHINGTON POST)

8/15/17: Hancock firm ready to grow medical marijuana (HERALD MAIL MEDIA)

8/14/17: Two medical cannabis growers approved for Frederick County (FREDERICK NEWS POST)

8/14/17: Timonium facility gets license to grow, process medical marijuana (WBAL TV)

8/13/17: Ready or not, Maryland marijuana firms face big deadline (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/11/17: There are other factors contributing to Maryland’s ‘morass’ (WASHINGTON POST)

8/10/17: Maryland Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous criticized the medical cannabis program’s rollout on Twitter, saying “it exludes our black entrepeneurs” (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

8/8/17: Maryland is mired in a medical-marijuana morass (WASHINGTON POST)

8/6/17: Md. Medical marijuana industry needs a diversity strategy (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/4/17: Maryland probes potential conflicts in grading medical marijuana applications (WASHINGTON POST)

7/31/17: State leaders reject call for special session on medical marijuana (BALTIMORE SUN)

7/30/17: Marijuana experts scored prospective Md. pot businesses. Some had ties to them. (WASHINGTON POST) MUST READ!!!


SYNOPSIS: Initiative 71, baby, where ya been? Read my reviews of various cannabis-infused District brands! Want to get a medical card instead? Boom! I gotcha both on the card and some help on which dispensary to choose. Who loves ya like GT does?

9/21/17: Cannabis-Friendly Painting Classes Can Help Bring Out Your Inner Child – And Artist (CIVILIZED)

9/21/17: Marijuana industry looks to get more women, minorities in the pot business (WASHINGTON POST)

9/20/17: Washington, D.C. Lawmaker Wants to Remove All Barriers to Medical Marijuana Access (MERRY JANE)

9/19/17: DC Lawmaker Wants To Let People Get Medical Marijuana Without Doctor Approval (FORBES)

9/19/17: Denver NORML Lobbies in D.C. for Cannabis Banking, State’s Rights (WESTWORD)

9/13/17: Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) spoke on the House floor about an appropriations rider that prevents Washington, D.C. from spending its own money on marijuana regulation. (CSPAN)

9/11/17: ‘I’m Two For Two’: Judge Drops Case Against Weed Advocate Who Toked On Capitol Hill (DCIST)

9/11/17: NORML is hosting its conference and lobby day in Washington, D.C. this week. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

9/11/17: Washington, D.C. activist Adam Eidinger’s federal trial stemming from a smoke-in in front of the U.S. Capitol begins on Monday. (MARIJUNA MOMENT)

9/7/17: Black Women Impacting D.C.’s Legal Weed Industry (AFRO.COM)

9/7/17: House Committee Blocks All Cannabis-Related Budget Amendment Votes (GANJAPRENEUR)

8/31/17: Joint Custody: The Story of Marijuana Post-Legalization (WASHINGTON CITY PAPER) I’M IN IT!

8/30/17: Minority Entrepreneurs Hope To Benefit From Budding Marijuana Industry (WAMU)

8/30/17: Advocacy Groups Head to DC Pushing for Cannabis Protections, Reforms (GANJAPRENEUR)

8/24/17: DC Man Arrested for Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana in Waldorf (SOUTHERN MARYLAND NEWS NET)


8/22/17: Meet the Local Weed Crusader Who Helps Washingtonians Navigate the Marijuana Industry (WASHINGTONIAN) IT’S A PROFILE OF YOURS TRULY!

8/16/17: Charges dropped against marijuana activist who gave out joints in front of Capitol (WASHINGTON POST)

8/15/17: Marijuana activists plan eclipse service in DC basilica (WASHINGTON EXAMINER)

8/14/17: Will marijuana make federalism go up in smoke? (WASHINGTON POST)

8/6/17: America’s Oldest Living Drug Advice Columnist Tells All (WASHINGTONIAN) THE OG GT!

8/1/17: In politically charged D.C., cannabis is a cottage industry (USA TODAY)

7/30/17: D.C. Marijuana Market: Stuck In A Gray Zone (NPR) FEATURING MOI!

7/27/17: Food and Drink Pros Enter D.C.’s New and Nebulous Cannabis Industry (WASHINGTON CITYPAPER) ALSO INCLUDING ME!

7/11/17: D.C. arrests for public use of marijuana nearly tripled last year (WASHINGTON POST)

7/3/17: It’s summer, and Washington smells like weed. Everywhere, all the time. (WASHINGTON POST) TEEHEE GO ON, GUESS!

6/22/17: Pot-Dealing Arrests Back to Pre-Legalization Levels in D.C. (US NEWS)


SYNOPSIS: Virginia legalized CBD or THC-A oil for epilepsy earlier this year and are in the process of setting up operations. The Commonwealth is also doing a study of decriminalization for which they are took public comments until August 25th. Cannabis reform looks to play a part in the upcoming race for governor. Check out VA NORML‘s blog for further insights as proto-legalization takes shape and here’s a more in-depth look at the CBD law from Marijuana Policy Project.

9/21/17: Norfolk, Virginia included marijuana decriminalization and limited medical cannabis expansion in a draft of its 2018 state legislative agenda. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

9/18/17: Hemp one step closer to legalization (NEWSLEADER.COM)

9/13/17: Virginia Republican Pushes for Decriminalization and Individual Rights (MARIJUANA.COM)

9/7/17: Gillespie proposal would ease up, a bit, on the drug war (WASHINGTON POST)

9/6/17: Virginia Republican gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie vaguely endorsed broader marijuana and medical cannabis law reforms (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

8/24/17: Hemp for Virginia (CHATHAM STAR-TRIBUNE)

8/21/17: Virginia Action Alert – Attend The Marijuana Decriminalization Commission Meeting (WEEDNEWS.CO)

8/17/17: Marijuana decriminalization group forms in Hampton Roads (THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT)

8/10/17: Gubernatorial Candidates Make Marijuana A 2017 Campaign Issue (MASS ROOTS)

8/8/17: Virginia Lt. Governor Ralph Northam Calls For Decriminalization Of Weed (GREEN RUSH DAILY)

8/7/17: Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam Comments on Marijuana Decriminalization Study (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

8/2/17: On hemp and pot, Gillespie and Northam should meet in the middle (RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH)

7/28/17: Ed Gillespie supports industrial hemp at gubernatorial forum (THE ROANOKE TIMES)

7/25/17: Should Virginia decriminalize marijuana? State wants your feedback (RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH)

7/6/17: Two New Virginia Laws Foreshadow Larger Cannabis Policy Changes (NORML)

4/19/17: Virginia legalizing marijuana anytime soon? Probably not, lawmakers say (LOUDOUN TIMES-MIRROR)

4/5/17: Virginia will undertake a study of marijuana decriminalization this year (RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH)