Live Resin & Flowers from District Connoisseurs

I keep thinking about slime monsters. A solitary scream that devolves into a viscous, angry gurgle. Flesh bubbling, melting, congealing into one misshapen lump of broken bones, inverted organs, and gnashing teeth. A hand reaches out of the roiling abomination even as it liquifies, dragging another misbegotten soul into this infernal singularity.…

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Mortal Kronic Pt 1- Burmese Berry (Pharmer Miller Organic Collective)

“KAAAAALI-MAAA!” He stood dazed, his cybernetic eye unfocused, blood flowing from each of the many slash wounds the pale goblin had dealt with its fangs and the long, serrated blades that jutted from its forearms. The creature rent the alloy-reinforced epidermis around the man’s neck with a metallic screech, like a can…

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