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Chemdawg & Bubba Kush Flowers from High Focus

The fantastically fragrant and photogenic flowers from instantly caught your Gentleman’s attention and affections this week. This new delivery service aims to promote local photographers by taking advantage of Initiative 71 and offering a gift of premium cannabis. Naturally, I think that’s a fabulous way for an artist to get their name out…

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There won’t be any column this week, my fine feathered friends. It was this time last year that my mother passed, so I’m taking some time away while I’m likely to kirk out and say something really messed up. Ha! But don’t you worry none, GT will be back for next week’s…

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Moon Rocks from Terpy Solutions

DC’s young cannabis industry continues to grow with ambitious new outfits, like Terpy Solutions, sprouting like weeds (teehee) among the Nation’s Capital to serve the demand left by Congress’ interference in the full implementation of Initiative 71. I sat down with them and came away impressed with their plans to disrupt the game…

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