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SYNOPSIS: Ok, you can officially sign up as a patient for the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. The law was written to allow out-of-state patients to access the program, but the MMCC has enacted a series of restrictions that will make it very unlikely any out-of-state patients will be admitted. Bugger.

More good news: we’re up to 6 dispensaries, 10 processors, and 13 growers as of 10/26! We are super-close to medicine being available for patients! Operations are commencing even as you and I dream of getting our hands on summa that sticky icky. Alas, there is no provision for home growing in Maryland.

READY TO REGISTER? You can do it right here on my website. Genius, right? I know, I know, keep your pants on.

11/22/17: Maryland’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Set to Open (WBOC)

11/22/17: Correction: CNS-Medical-Cannabis story (WASHINGTON POST)

11/22/17: Maryland Medical Cannabis Dispensary to Open in Cockeysville (CANNAVATIONS PRESS RELEASE)

11/22/17: Maryland Medical Cannabis Program Nears Full Launch (HEMP GAZETTE)

11/20/17: The first medical cannabis was sold in Maryland on Friday to a study group of patients!!! (CANNA CARE DOCS FACEBOOK)

11/20/17: Cannabis Commission director resigns (MY EASTERNSHORE MD)

11/17/17: 2 Maryland companies to study medical marijuana vaping (AP NEWS)

11/15/17: Here Are The Next 15 States To Legalize Marijuana (THE FRESH TOAST)

11/15/17: Steep Hill and Eybna Partner to Commercialize Customized Cannabis Terpene Formulations (BUSINESS INSIDER)

11/14/17: Where Maryland’s marijuana businesses will be located (BALTIMORE BIZ JOURNAL)

11/13/17: Cleaning up cannabis (CHEMICAL & ENGINEERING NEWS) very crunchy article

11/10/17: Bill could boost minorities’ stake as medical cannabis nears (SEATTLE TIMES) It’s about MD and is the same article that everybody’s running today from the AP.

11/10/17: Maryland’s Medical Cannabis Program Just Lost Its Second Director in Two Years (MERRY JANE)

11/9/17: Rough rollout ahead for medical cannabis in Prince George’s Co. (WUSA)

11/9/17: Medical marijuana director resigns, the second in two years (BALTIMORE SUN)

11/8/17: Company promises good chance of pot from a doctor for $200 a pop (DELMARVA NOW)

11/8/17: Jobs, economic spinoff expected from Maryland’s new medical marijuana industry (BALTIMORE SUN)

11/7/17: Medical marijuana dispensaries need to form bond with skeptical local communities like Pikesville (BALTIMORE SUN)

11/6/17: MariMed Expanding Kalm Fusion™ Cannabis Products to Multiple States (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)

11/5/17: Southern Maryland’s medical cannabis store set to open soon (THE BAYNET.COM)

11/3/17: Medical marijuana: Shore medical community slow to embrace it (DELMARVA NOW)

11/2/17: CannaCare Docs statement on MMCC’s out-of-state patient changes (FACEBOOK)

10/30/17: Worcester medical marijuana grower: ‘This is medicine we’re creating’ (DELMARVA NOW)

10/27/17: Medical Cannabis Dispensary Planned for Retail Center in Twinbrook Area (BETHESDA MAGAZINE)

10/26/17: Maryland hopes to begin dispensing medical marijuana soon (WASHINGTON POST)

10/26/17: Linthicum medical marijuana dispensary receives county approval, building permit (CAPITAL GAZETTE)

10/26/17: Is medical marijuana safe for children? (WJLA)

10/25/17: Md. pot companies cleared, get licenses after probe of possible conflicts of interest (WASHINGTON POST)

10/25/17: Salisbury medical marijuana dispensary gets state license (DELMARVANOW.COM)

10/25/17: Commissioners remain cautious on medical marijuana (THE BAYNET.COM)

10/25/17: County ponders zoning regs on medical marijuana (THE CALVERT RECORDER)

10/24/17: Pikesville dispensary is latest conflict between medical cannabis providers and neighbors (BALTIMORE SUN)

10/24/17: Baltimore Preps for First Batch of Dispensaries (LEAFLY)

10/24/17: Inside look of the first medical marijuana dispensary on the Eastern Shore (ABC WMDT)

10/24/17: Salisbury Facility Receives Medical Marijuana Dispensary License (MD COAST DISPATCH)

10/24/17: Maryland Medical Marijuana Program Kicks Off as the State Enters the $6.7 Billion Cannabis Craze (MONEYMORNING.COM)

10/18/17: Infographic: The Fastest-Trending Cannabis Strain in Every State in 2017 (LEAFLY)

10/16/17: Medical marijuana case moves forward after requests for resolution (FREDERICK NEWS POST)

10/13/17: Don’t let Sessions turn back the clock on medical marijuana (BALTIMORE SUN)

10/11/17: Marylanders May Get To Weigh-in on Legalization (AFRO.COM)

10/11/17: Case that could disrupt Maryland medical marijuana industry will go to trial (BALTIMORE SUN)

10/10/17: Inaction in Congress threatens Maryland medical marijuana (BALTIMORE SUN)

10/10/17: Online MMJ Card Company Expands to New York, Maryland & Pennsylvania (GANJAPRENEUR)

10/9/17: Doctors to offer veterans free medical marijuana consultations (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

10/7/17: For patients, a wait as medical cannabis industry puts down roots (FREDERICK NEWS POST)

10/6/17: Data Dive: Breaking Down Maryland’s Medical Cannabis Industry By Race & Gender (LEAFLY)

10/6/17: Montgomery County’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Could Open in October (BETHESDA MAGAZINE)

10/6/17: Federal Hill is getting a medical marijuana dispensary (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

10/5/17: Fight For Black Participation in Maryland Cannabis Industry Continues (AFRO.COM)

10/5/17: Grow West Approved for Cumberland Grower Facility (WCBC)


10/4/17: Hagerstown medical marijuana business gets state licenses (HERALD MEDIA MAIL)

10/3/17: First Maryland medical cannabis crop grown but not yet for sale (BALTIMORE SUN)

10/2/17: Maryland law that makes it easier for people to clear past marijuana convictions from their records took effect (MARIJUANA POLICY PROJECT)

10/2/17: The U.S. Supreme Court declined to take up a Maryland court’s ruling that the “odor of marijuana alone emanating from vehicle with multiple occupants does not give rise to reasonable articulable suspicion that vehicle’s occupants are armed and dangerous and subject to frisk.” (MARIJUANA MOMENT)



SYNOPSIS: Initiative 71, baby, where ya been? Read my reviews of various cannabis-infused District brands! Want to get a medical card instead? Boom! I gotcha both on the card and some help on which dispensary to choose. Who loves ya like GT does?

11/22/17: A grow-your-own pot boom: From young tokers to elderly cancer patients (WASHINGTON POST)

11/22/17: Cannabis Business Executive Cancels Conference (NEW CANNABIS VENTURES)

11/21/17: Did Past Harassment Allegations Finally Catch Up To MPP’s Rob Kampia? (LEAFLY)

11/20/17: Top GOP Senator’s Bill Lets DC Legalize Marijuana Sales (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

11/17/17: 7 ON YOUR SIDE: Undercover look at pop-up weed store in DC (WJLA)

11/16/17: Polis, Gardner, Bennet Trying to Reform Cannabis Tax Laws in D.C. (WESTWORD)

11/16/17: One of the Kettle Falls Five encourages Congress to keep states’ protection for medical marijuana (INLANDER)

11/11/17: Just In Time For The Holidays! Greeting Cards For Your Cannabis Lover (THE FRESH TOAST)

11/8/17: The Washington, D.C. Council held a hearing on legislation to allow medical cannabis patients to self-certify without doctors and to allow social use areas. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

11/8/17: Wall’s Street Invasion of the Legal Weed Market (INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR)

11/7/17: 4 things for federal contractors to remember about the Drug Free Workplace Act (FEDERAL NEWS RADIO)

11/6/17: Veterans Hold Press Conference to Ramp Up Support for Medical Marijuana (CIVILIZED)

11/4/17: Happy Cannabis Legalization Anniversary To Oregon, Alaska, And D.C. (WEED NEWS)

11/3/17: D.C. Police Raid In Southwest Yields 53 Pounds Of Pot And $75,000 In Cash (WAMU)

11/2/17: Michael J. Fox Foundation Joins Fight For Medical Marijuana Patients (THE FRESH TOAST)

11/1/17: Activists push for medical marijuana on Capitol Hill (GRAY DC)

11/1/17: D.C. Cannabis Activists Give Out Free Weed to Protest Public Housing Rules on Marijuana (MERRY JANE)

10/31/17: Careers in Cannabis | Dispensary Owner Dr. Chanda Macias (HUFFINGTON POST)

10/31/17: DC Marijuana Activists Are Giving Out Free Pot Outside HUD Today (WASHINGTONIAN)

10/31/17: Washington, DC activists will give away marijuana outside the headquarters of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development TODAY to protest policies that evict people from public housing for cannabis. (DCMJ)

10/26/17: The Washington, D.C. Council Health Committee will hold a hearing on legislation to allow medical cannabis patients to self-certify and to create social use areas on November 9. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

10/23/17: Eventbrite Is Pulling Some Cannabis Events From Its Site, Leaving Organizers Frustrated (FORBES) RUH-ROH, SHAGGY! I’m kidding, this is just an opportunity for somebody else to make a lot of money.

10/20/17: St. Elizabeths Hospital: Government testing at the asylum briefly explored using marijuana as a “truth serum” on Nazi prisoners of war. (ATLAS OBSCURA) WOW!

10/18/17: Can Legal Weed Still Stop You from Getting a Job in D.C.? (AFRO.COM)

10/16/17: Federal Employees, Smoking Pot and Working in DC (FEDSMITH.COM) THE CLAP BACK!

10/12/17: Profile of the Cannabis Consumers within the D.C. Market Influencing Federal Government (GREEN MARKET REPORT)

10/12/17: 11% Of Government Employees In D.C. Area Have Bought Legal Marijuana, Survey Suggests (FORBES)

10/12/17: Which Famous Stoner Would You Want For President? D.C. Tourists Weigh In (MERRY JANE)

10/11/17: Cyber Platform Highlights Weed Culture (AFRO.COM)



SYNOPSIS: Virginia legalized CBD or THC-A oil for epilepsy earlier this year. A CBD store, the first of its kind, recently opened in Manassas- District Hemp is located at 9023 Church St! The Commonwealth is also doing a study of decriminalization. Check out VA NORML‘s blog for further insights as proto-legalization takes shape and here’s a more in-depth look at the CBD law from Marijuana Policy Project.

11/22/17: Pain over politics: How this Staunton Republican became an advocate for medical marijuana (NEWS LEADER)

11/22/17: Virginia Commission Supports Prescription Cannabis (MARTINSVILLE DAILY)

11/20/17: Advocates Weigh in on Role Cannabis Policy Played in New Jersey & Virginia Governor Races (GANJAPRENEUR)

11/14/17: Sen. Tim Kaine Wants More Marijuana Research (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

11/14/17: Senator Tim Kaine Supports Medical Cannabis Research Bills in Congress (MERRY JANE)

11/9/17: Marijuana Legalization 2017: States and Cities Where Weed Won This November (INVERSE)

11/8/17: Marijuana Won Tuesday’s Election (FORBES)


11/8/17: Election 2017: Cannabis Reform & Progressive Politics Win Big Across the Board (MERRY JANE)

11/7/17: New Virginia Governor Pledges Marijuana Decriminalization (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

11/7/17: Election 2017: Legalization Candidates and Measures Win Big (LEAFLY)

11/6/17: Gastañaga and Sinha column: ACLU Directors: New Jersey and Virginia Can Show What Resistance In the States Looks Like (RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH)

11/6/17: How Do Virginia Election Candidates Feel About Cannabis Policy? (WEEDNEWS.CO)

11/3/17: Holmberg: Decriminalize marijuana in Virginia; legalization inevitable (WTVR)

11/2/17: Here’s how much Virginia taxpayers are spending to jail marijuana users (THE MORNING SUN)

11/1/17: Virginia Marijuana Decrim Push Gets Boost Ahead Of Governor Election (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

10/31/17: Virginia State Crime Commission Holds Hearing On Decriminalization (NORML BLOG)

10/30/17: Virginia Senate majority leader’s bill would decriminalize marijuana for first offenders (THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT)

10/30/17: University of Virginia researching hemp, medical marijuana (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

10/30/17: The State Crime Commission released a report on decriminalization’s effects. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

10/29/17: Virginia State Crime Commission to take public comment on marijuana possession decriminalization (RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH)

10/29/17: UVa harvesting first results from hemp, medical marijuana project (THE DAILY PROGRESS)


10/19/17: 22nd Century Completes Successful Hemp Field Trials with University of Virginia (BUSINESS WIRE)

10/17/17: FERGUSON: Keep marijuana illegal in Virginia (CAVALIER DAILY) FUCK YOU, THOMAS FERGUSON. THAT IS ALL.

10/16/17: Community Criminal Justice Days brings people together to discuss criminal and social justice issues (NEWSLEADER.COM)

10/16/17: ACLU Pennsylvania: Blacks Eight Times More Likely Than Whites To Be Arrested For Marijuana Possession (NORML BLOG) It mentions VA is the same.

10/13/17: Gooden: Virginia working on industrial hemp (THE ROANOKE TIMES)

10/12/17: Virginia Municipal League Endorses Marijuana Decrim and Access to Medical (ALTDAILY.COM)

10/6/17: Parents of children with epileptic seizures tread into unknown territory with medical marijuana (THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT)

10/6/17: Marijuana Is A Big Issue In Next Month’s Elections (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

10/6/17: The Virginia State Crime Commission will hold a meeting on marijuana decriminalization on October 30. (RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH)

9/28/17: Watch: Virginia gubernatorial candidates hold forum in Richmond (WTKR)

9/27/17: The Wide Ranging Opinions on Marijuana Legalization Among Virginia’s Lawmakers (WVTF)

9/27/17: Editorial: Virginia needs to act now to grow a hemp industry (ROANOKE TIMES)

9/25/17: Valley would be good area for growing hemp, marijuana, Libertarian governor candidate says (NEWS LEADER)

9/21/17: Norfolk, Virginia included marijuana decriminalization and limited medical cannabis expansion in a draft of its 2018 state legislative agenda. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

9/18/17: Tillis backs medical marijuana study bill (RICHMOND COUNTY DAILY JOURNAL)

9/18/17: Hemp one step closer to legalization (NEWSLEADER.COM)

9/13/17: Virginia Republican Pushes for Decriminalization and Individual Rights (MARIJUANA.COM)

9/7/17: Gillespie proposal would ease up, a bit, on the drug war (WASHINGTON POST)

9/6/17: Virginia Republican gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie vaguely endorsed broader marijuana and medical cannabis law reforms (MARIJUANA MOMENT)