Washington Vape Co & Golden State Labs

Alright, alright, I found my DC pals some great vape carts for delivery. You can stop @ing me! Please don’t, it’s the only human interaction I get on a daily basis, but I’m just gonna point you toward this review of Washington Vape Co. And probably get a cat or whatever. His name shall be Mister Sprinkles and I’ll get him a little kitty three-piece suit oh squeee! This is gonna be so fun. I’ll have to get a leash so I can take him on walks and I’ll need a new suit, too, of course, or Mister Sprinkles will look overdressed. Oh! And we’ll both get pirate costumes for Halloween, a little eye patch, that’ll be adora- Oh! Review. We’re reviewing the Girl Scout Cookies vape cart from Washington Vape Co now (and the Golden State Labs shatter they have available). We’ll go look at adorable pictures of adoptable kitties from Crumbs & Whiskers later. Yes, I promise!

Man, I can’t wait til I can write more so I’m not five days late talking about the Mayweather/McGregor fight. McGregor acquitted himself well, I was expecting a Carrie-like bloodbath in the first few rounds, and it turned into a decent fight. The undercards weren’t bad, either, except the first one. A solid evening of entertaining man-punching all ’round. The Game of Thrones finale wasn’t too shabby, either, but swapping a dragon for a wight is the worst trade I’ve seen since RG3 came to town. Ba-dum-ching. A fact Cersei even acknowledges in a way- what’s her army gonna do that dragons can’t? Better question, what can the dragons even do after one got jobbed to the Night King within five minutes? In case you’re not a total comics nerd, getting “jobbed” means losing to an inferior opponent, like Thanos, the wrinkly purple nutsack chin of Death, getting his ass handed to him by Squirrel Girl. But back to GoT, it didn’t take the Night King a year of questing to make that ice spear, he did it in thirty seconds out of thin fucking air! Logically, he should be able to take out the remaining two in less time than it takes to order Dominos.

You know what else you could get delivered to go along with that ‘za, brah? Premium quality, distillate-based, organic terpene added vape cartridges from Washington Vape Co (www.washingtonvapeco.com). Everybody likes carts, why not? Super discreet, especially with people smoking e-cigarettes around to provide camoflauge, nobody even knows you’re medicating, if they even notice you hit it! Slip it back in your pocket and blend right back in to the crowd like the end of the Thomas Crown Affair, where they’re all wearing those funny British bowler hats? Vape carts are just like a museum full of bowler hats.

I’ve mentioned my fondness for distillate carts previously– done properly, the potency is comparable to a dab. Washington Vape Co’s GSC cart does not disappoint. I take a puff or two and it’s time to slip it back into my pocket. But that’s only half the fun! This leak-proof cartridge also has an airflow regulator, so you can adjust the pull to your comfort. I keep that shit on open blast cuz I want it all, baby! Very classy carts, professionally branded, and locally crafted- I understand the incomparable @PotPixies prepared the carts personally. There’s an awful lot to like here. I like the taste of these organic terps versus the more common artificial candy flavors, too. It’s like a cool puff of quality flower. The effect is a more of a hybrid than I’ve come to expect from Girl Scout Cookies, a strain I’ve often found to be too far sativa for my own needs. Washington Vape Co’s cart calms my anxiety right away. I can still think clearly, but I feel totally calm. No couchlock here, this will make a fine companion to your diurnal adventures, fellow Traveller.

Washington Vape Co is available for delivey, but I actually stopped by their Golden State Labs premier event on Saturday to get my cartridge after learning about it on Instagram. The venue was a very chill, classy joint on H St. The gorgeous, golden shatter I’d seen online was an instant priority for a Gentleman always on the lookout for awesome new concentrate to share with my fuzzy blue hobbitses! While another patron recommended the Duchess Cookies, I restrained my sweet tooth and went with the Terp Salad instead. The only time a piece of greenery touches my burger it’s cuz somebody screwed up my order, but I’d swear up and down that the terpenes in this Salad taste like lettuce. I’m very curious what strains went into it, and whether they have some Terp Croutons to go with.

The effect is fantastic, a powerful mood-lifter that blocks out my mental static. It inhibits my cognition a bit, but the trade off here is greater intuitive access and visualization ability. If I were a Three-Eyed Raven constantly bitching about my lack of complete omnipresence, then I would order the Terp Salad, see through every dimensional tessellation in one instant, and be able to tell Westeros how to defeat the army of the dead with only two living dragons versus one zombie dragon plus a zombie that kills and make zombie-dragons. Alas, I am but a Four-Eyed Raven, trapped staring at myself staring at myself staring at myself in some cruel, endless mirror game. I certainly don’t remember driving along some country backroad with my best pals one cool summer night after a few too many and running over an old Gypsy woman that hexed me with her last breath oh wait there it is, yep, yep, my bad. How long do death curses usually last, do you know? Oh? Oh.

The Gentleman is very impressed with Washington Vape Co’s cartridge and I’m looking forward to trying out their flower, too. And more flavors from Golden State Labs! Gonna get some lettuce up in this beeeetch. Whether you’re looking for delivery or prefer to visit an event so you can let @PotPixies guide you through their full menu of gifts, Washington Vape Co’s got ya covered like blankets, baby.