Three Kings (PuffPuff DC)

Awright, awright, it’s back to werrk wiff yew slags on Monday. Ya got til then to muck about in yer drawers and such! I71 pick-up fave Puff Puff DC has the stuff that’ll put the hair on yer chest fer certain. Above we’ve got Three Kings, but don’t forget that somebody’s gonna win a free quarter-ounce of their Pine 2k1 flowers tonight! Oooh, I got the chills, baby. If you want in, you better hurry and sign up for the newsletter! Oh darn it, I dropped the accent thing. Can I start over? Darn it.

Pine 2k1
Three Kings (above)
Sour Diesel
Sticky Monkey #1
Sour Purple Band
Platinum OG
Sour GSC Band

Alien OG
Sour Kush

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