AK-47 (Cloud 9)

Halloween is over but you know the Gentleman has plenty of treats left in his bag, baby! How ’bout the classic cannabis cultivar AK-47 (above), available today from I71 delivery fave Cloud 9? Also available today are Blue Cookies, Pina Colada Frosty, Animal Cookies, and the White OG I showed you recently. FYI, there’s an election on Tuesday, in case you’ve found an exceptionally sound-proof rock to cozy under, and even though I am not personally running- I’ll give you a moment to compose yourselves- and am instead playing Red Dead Redemption 2 for another term, I still encourage you to go out and vote for people that are not me. Next time, maybe. But I’m not kissing your gross-ass drooling snotty crying babies, you can forget it.

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