Black Friday Extravaganja!

Why risk getting curb-stomped at Wal-Mart over a $99 tablet when you can relax at home where it’s warm and you can get weed delivered from your favorite I71 gifters? That’s right, baby, it’s a Black Friday Extravaganja!!!

Rocket Fuel from DC TeaPad

DC TeaPad
Skywalker OG, Rocket Fuel, Petrol on Fire
GET 15% OFF WITH PROMO CODE: DCTP2018 (thru 11/29)
Review: AK-47

Black Diamond, Purple Thai, Super Saiyan
Review: Platinum Dream

DC Green Kings
Jedi, Sour Jack, 3 Kings, Purple Trainwreck, Sour Diesel, Pure OG, Pink Lemonade, J1, Lemon OG, Sugar Cookie
XL Digital Art Files Discounted to $250 and include a Free Ounce! SHOW OFF YOUR PRIDE! Wear anything with the American flag to get a free preroll all day!
Review: Ghost OG

Green Label Grinders’ Double Barrel OG

Green Label Grinders
$250 GRINDER PACKAGE COMES WITH FREE OUNCE! Mix & Match up to 7 strains:
Alice in Wonderland, Alien OG, Blue Crack, Blue Magic, Double Barrel OG, Durban Cookies, Fire OG, Forbidden Fruit, Jack Skellington, Kashmir Kush, Key Lime Pie, OG Chem, Shiva Skunk
Review: Big Bud

Lime Skunk, Bruce Banner, Snow White, Classic Cookies, Purple Urkle, & Rainbow Jones
Black Friday: 20% off all day
Small Business Saturday: $15 off all orders
Cyber Monday: 25% off all orders
Review: Blue Knight

Bagged Buds
Candy Kush, Midnight Durban, True OG, Sunset Sherbet, Lucky, Tahoe OG, Sour Diesel, Mystery Kush, Mendo Breath, Orange Cookies, Appalachia OG
Review: Sunset Sherbet

Bagged Buds’ Grandaddy Purp

Cloud 9
Blue Cookies, Animal Cookies, Super Glue, Sticky Monkey, Pina Colada Frosty
Free Treats with Ounce Gifts Today (while supplies last)!
Review: Ghost OG

Trending Leafs
SourLope, Mega Wellness, Biscotti, Jet Fuel, Cherry Pie, Purple Urkle, True OG, Purple Punch + Exotic Prerolls!
$80 apparel packages include a free quarter & $150 apparel packages include a free ounce on select strains! Ask about the Gold Member Special!
Review: Monster Cookies

Diamond City Delivery
Gelato, Candyland, Cherry Pie
Get a Free Ounce of Cherry Pie with $200 Accessory Order!
Review: Alien OG

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