Pineapple Mango Kush (Diamond City Delivery)

This morning I stopped in Subway. A cute girl walks in after me and I try to let her go in front of me as the Gentleman is rather particular about his sandwich and if I bite into a cold chunk of chicken it will put me off Subway for two weeks, minimum. The lady making my sandwich informs me that she’s already cooking it longer than usual, of which I am aware, because I can see the microwave from here, thank you, but I assess the situation and decide that trying to argue for proper sandwich prep is of lower priority than pursuing this conversation. So we’re chatting and pause for toppings. I ask for buffalo sauce, the lady gives it a little squirt. “Can I have some more?” I ask, and she informs me that she already has placed buffalo sauce on the sandwich, as I plainly see for myself. We let it go. Another sandwich can be arranged at a later time TBD! I try again to pick up the convo but now I am interrupted by the sandwich lady who, sensing my frustration, but not understanding at all why, proceeds to grill me about where I’m from, question my phrasing, and tell me a story about her son, or something. I didn’t catch it cuz I wasn’t trying to catch it, I was so obviously obviously trying to talk to this girl, will you cut me some slack already, lady? WHY, DEMON, HAST THOU CHOSEN THIS FORM??? I’m out. I get my drink. I put my food at a table. And then I turn around and introduce myself to the cute chick. She seems amenable so I ask if she’d like to get a drink sometime and she said no. Actually, what she said was “I can’t right now” which is not what I’m asking “and I’m moving in with my fiance’ soon but we’ll probably see each other in line again, so maybe.” Which is either a long way of saying no or incredibly confusing. I’m gonna need something stiffer than Dr Pepper before contemplating a polyamorous hookup or some quick side-action before you get serious with your beau or whatever the hell you’re proposing at 11am in a Subway, miss. Nevertheless, ten points were awarded to Gryffindor on this fine day.

Also possibly of interest to you are the pretty Pineapple Mango Kush flowers pictured above from I71 delivery & pick-up fave Diamond City Delivery! Our amigos buenos at DCD also have Glookies, High School Sweeheart, and these Purple Headband flowers to share with you today! You can visit Diamond City on the web or schedule your appointment via text at 202-509-9624.

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