710KingPen Trainwreck Cartridge (202 Organics)

202 Organics is one of DC’s premier delivery brands- we looked at their Cristal flowers a while back- but they’ve got such an extensive gift menu of concentrates, like the super-popular vape cartridges from 710KingPen, the Gentleman is back for another review. 202 Organics’ site now includes their current menu, a nice upgrade. They’ve also got a sexy new VIP program they’re rolling out to get you high rollers higher, with members-only events, giveaways, and gifts. My fellow terp-chasers and connoisseurs are certain to be satisfied with the exotic solventless options on the standard menu, but will have no choice but to stand in a rainstorm, shaking their fists at the the heaven’s injustice and cursing the gods in their True Names should they miss out VIP exclusive drops like 202 Organics’ GG#4 live heads!

To craft the live heads, classic ice water (solventless) extraction is expertly performed on fresh-frozen buds (the “live” part, as opposed to cured) to parse out the trichome and cannabinoid-rich trichome heads for the ultimate dabbing experience. Do I sound like a commercial for a car, or, like, a really fancy vacuum? That’s what I’m going for, cuz high quality old-school hash like this is an Ultra-Rare find in your I71 booster pack. I don’t have the exact micron unit or star rating, but the sandy color and consistency is exactly what a Gentleman is looking for vis-a-vis hashish. A small dab melts away nearly completely, which is characteristic of the highest grade, full-melt. The nose of these GG#4 (The Plant Formerly Known as Gorilla Glue) live heads exhibit a deep, sour funk, while the flavor is crisp and earthy. The dab itself, from my slick new Cello rig by way of Glasshouse Gallery DC, is very smooth. One is all it takes to put me in a calm, relaxed mood that’s not up for thinking too hard, but is more than happy to join me on the couch to play the new Dragonball Z game. I’m not really into the show- the art is rather kiddie, especially with the bit characters that run around screaming high-pitched nonsense and wasting precious fight-time with their weird side quests, which is further drained by bouts that are at least 50% talking, sneering, & arm-crossing. The game cuts down on all that dead time so it’s a lot more fun, at least til my hands cramp from button mashing my way to victory.

Ah, but you’re an on-the-go chap or lass or person who cannot be defined in binary terms, but you understand the value of a dollar and have no precious time to spare for such trivial pursuits! In that case, maybe the 710KingPen is more your brisk speed. The Gentleman can see why this brand is so popular. The potency is serious and you can pull big clouds of vapor in a single pull, easily enough to have you choking up. 202 Organics let me check out one of their Trainwreck strain vape cartridges. Trainwreck is a very interesting strain that’s become popular recently, bred from landrace cannabis plants- Mexican and Thai sativas crossed with Afghani indica. My previous experience with this hybrid in flower form was a heady, unfocused buzz that was so loud it put me to sleep, and the 710KingPen Trainwreck is similarly indica-leaning. I’d have written this review hours ago but I took too many puffs and needed a nap. It’s got a natural terpene flavor that’s a little harsh at the end, but not a dealbreaker. A lot of distillate-based carts give me- not a headache precisely, but kinda pre-headache blood constriction in my brain, similar to how I feel when I’m dehydrated. I definitely noticed this with the 710KingPen and that’s why I have to give it a pass. The hash was fire though.