The Gentleman’s Christmas Card

I’m not really, um, good at Christmas. The holidays were rough at my house growing up, or motel room, or wherever we happened to reside at the time, when presents for the kids cut into dad’s liquor money. Consequently, I have also not been my best self around the holidays, which…

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Gentleman’s Guide to the Club (Cloudy Tuesdays)

Let’s discuss the elephant in the room.  And the donkey. It is Election Night in the Nation’s Capital which means it is time to PARTY! Especially after this deplorable, pussy-grabbing basket-case of an election cycle is finally brought to heel by our corporate media masters. Whether tonight’s results have you celebrating…

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DC Seed Exchange (INTERVIEW)

Finally!  An Initiative 71-compliant seed exchange has taken root in DC and folks now have a simple, straightforward way to obtain their cannabis garden-starters. was established to share top-quality genetics with our District’s ganjapreneurs, patients, & enthusiasts with a strong emphasis on the growing market of CBD-rich strains, but you’ll find plenty of good ole’ fashioned…

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