So this is actually my very first review of an Initiative 71 delivery brand. It’s pretty dang short, only around 250 words. This must have been right before I started ranting on the regular. is no longer around, they didn’t last much longer than this review in this iteration, unless maybe somebody else took the name? Nah, Google says no.

You’ll notice I took things like how long it took for my delivery to arrive into account here, which I no longer do. There’s several reasons for that, but mostly I’m not writing reviews of random companies any more. Brands that are interested in promotion engage me as a private consultant, so to speak, and if the bud meets my quality standards I write a review. That’s the deal. Also, it quickly became the case that anybody on my site got crazy busy so my experience before and yours after weren’t 1:1. And frankly, after some of the early gifts I saw, I decided that gift quality was of ultimate importance. Who cares if it got there in an hour if it wasn’t up to par when it arrived?

I recently got to try out Pineapple Express DC’s delivery service and was satisfied with the experience. These guys have set the bar for convenience. Their website is simple and intuitive, they accept credit cards through their online store for their hand-painted smell-proof jars (just a mason jar), delivery on a Friday night took only 45 minutes which was EXACTLY within the delivery window I was told to expect, the courier was friendly and quick.

IMG_0609I was excited when I read the label on the jar- Berry White! I love this strain from Abatin Wellness (available in the DC medical dispensaries) and can give a direct comparison.

The flowers look great, well trimmed. The smell is muted, however, and still smell faintly of compost tea. The buds are not well cured, they are still moist and do not come apart easily. I was disappointed, but the proof is in the toking, which was better than I expected. These buds delivered a very similar experience to that offered by Abatin Wellness- an uplifting, peaceful buzz that leaves you ready to take life as it comes. It is not as potent as the dispensary version, but it’s very decent.

IMG_0611 use

Overall, I would definitely recommend this service to those that don’t have access to better quality meds or anyone for whom convenience is paramount. If these folks figure out the curing & flush, which I hope they do, they are going to be the people to beat for flower in DC!