Bowser to End DC Gifting

Here’s your week in DMV weed news!

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Washington DC

Mayor Bowser has unveiled her long-rumored plan to move forward with legal recreational marijuana sales for the District despite Congressional interference. Lots of interesting details in the WTOP summary, including:

  • five classes of licenses: cultivator, manufacturer, distributor, off-premise retailer and testing facility
  • “We are not going to be a weed destination.” This confirms my expectations that licenses will be fairly restricted. It’s not gonna be like Denver with a dispensary on every block.
  • 17% tax
  • At least 60% of license owners and licensed employees would be District residents
  • current DC medical marijuana dispensaries & cultivators are gonna get a 6 month head start ahead of any other licensees.
  • most upsetting, she announced her intent to shut down the I71 gift market. Her bill will specifically target the loophole brands have used to sell t-shirts, art, you name it, and donate weed as a thank you gift.
  • home-growing will still be legal, though, so I presume some version of sharing will still be okay

We will be neurotically tracking this story as it progresses. Stay tuned!



Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby made big waves when she announced her office would no longer pursue charges against misdemeanor marijuana possession and seek to erase convictions for nearly 5,000 cases of possession.

Unfortunately, the decisions of the Circuit & a District courts last week both deny Mosby’s request for the latter. They said she hadn’t provided evidence that being locked up for weed has ever harmed any of these people. Then that she can’t argue it anyway, that would have to be a defense attorney? Or something.

Wait. Does that mean We the People can sue to have them erased, if we do the homework? Well, sure. They’ll just say no. Ironic, is it not, my Alanis?

Maryland man stopped in Newark with more than a pound of weed. More than a pound, you say? Oh my word! Hold on, lemme adjust my monocle.



Not to be outdone, Virginia’s Supreme Court told the progressive prosecutors in their Norfolk the same thing as Maryland did. They can’t just stop sending people to jail for pot. That’s the laaaaaw.

Which means it’s up to the legislature to make changes. The Virginia one. So good luck with all that.

Prosecutorial discretion is a thing and surely this decision can’t compel any and all future cases be tried, so…same net effect as far as I can see.