The Gentleman has helpfully categorized his Reviews and Daily (Now Available) Posts by  type for your convenience:

DELIVERY: DC marijuana from I71 delivery gifting favorites

PICK UP: DC weed from I71 gifters where you pick up (location is generally available after you’ve made arrangements)

DISPENSARY: cannabis products from any dispensary I’ve visited, recreational or medical

MEDICAL: products from DC and Maryland’s medical marijuana programs

EVENT: DC pot from I71 pop-up shop gifters along with articles & photos of popular local & national cannabis events

Flowers– Reviews and Daily Posts of what you’d typically think of as marijuana, dried cannabis flowers

CBD– Reviews and Daily Posts for anything packing the cannabinoid sweeping the nation. CBD is gonna be bigger than The Beatles, man.

Vape Cartridges– Reviews and Daily Posts of super-stealthy vape pens and cartridges

Concentrate– Reviews and Daily Posts of marijuana extracts. The Gentleman’s personal favorite!!!

Edibles– Reviews and Daily Posts of marijuana-infused foods, beverages, elixirs, tinctures, tablets, troches, whatever- if you’re ingesting it, look here.