2/28/19: ‘They’re focusing on Tyrone in West Baltimore and not Tommy in Canton’: Mosby explains policy to end pot cases (BALTIMORE SUN)

2/28/19: Maryland delegate says she won’t resign after House censures her for ‘racist and hateful slur’ (BALTIMORE SUN) “The last member of the House of Delegates to be publicly disciplined was Dan Morhaim, who was reprimanded in 2017 for not disclosing his paid work for a medical marijuana company while he advocated for legislation affecting the industry.”

2/27/19: Marijuana makes $100 million in Maryland–Is more to come? (THE BAYNET.COM)

2/26/19: Our Say: State lawmakers must carefully consider the business of selling marijuana (CAPITAL GAZETTE)

2/26/19: Police arrest suspect believed to be leader of largest drug network in Eastern Shore (WTOP)

2/24/19: Training aims to help minorities learn about medical marijuana careers (WBAL)

2/22/19: Tuesday is medical marijuana day in Maryland Senate (CAPITAL GAZETTE)

2/22/19: I applaud the Baltimore state’s attorney’s decision to stop prosecuting marijuana cases (BALTIMORE SUN) Op-ed from LEAP

2/21/19: Vindictive anti-marijuana Maryland congressman presses felony charges against activist for live-streaming meeting with staffer (ALTERNET.ORG)

2/21/19: Editorial: Consider medical cannabis dispensaries in commercial zones, but keep them away from schools (CARROLL COUNTY TIMES)

2/21/19: Marijuana And Increased Violence Op-ed (THE DISPATCH)

2/20/19: MOMS uses billboard to ask Baltimore Mayor Pugh to end marijuana arrests, prioritize homicide investigations (BALTIMORE SUN)

2/19/19: Marijuana-impaired driving spikes in Maryland, police say (WTOP)

2/19/19: Maryland lawmakers to study legalizing recreational marijuana in 2020 with state law or by referendum (BALTIMORE SUN)

2/19/19: Cambridge Opens First Medical Marijuana Dispensary (WBOC)

2/19/19: Maryland Beauty Queen Advocates the Healing Power of Medical Marijuana (NBC 4)

2/18/19: Md. lawmakers hear bills on police body cameras, marijuana use in cars (WTOP)

2/18/19: New poll finds Marylanders support legalizing marijuana, banning Styrofoam (WBAL)

2/18/19: Spike in Marijuana-Impaired Driving in Maryland, Police Say (NBC 4)

2/15/19: Md. marijuana activist charged with wiretapping for recording meeting with congressional staffer (WASHINGTON POST)

2/15/19: With opioid deaths up, Maryland looks to medical marijuana as possible treatment (WASHINGTON POST)

2/15/19: How to Minimize Taxable Income through Proper Classification of Business Costs (JD SUPRA) For cannabusinesses

2/15/19: Reactions to legalizing cannabis mixed (SO MD NEWS)

2/14/19: Student charged with wiretapping after livestreaming meeting at Maryland Rep. Harris’ office, prosecutors say (BALTIMORE SUN)

2/14/19: Woman with medical marijuana card tells police she sold her product ‘because it gives her something to do’ (BALTIMORE SUN)

2/13/19: Medical marijuana dispensaries might be allowed in Carroll’s commercial districts soon (CARROLL COUNTY TIMES)

2/12/19: Recent Report from Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission on Compassionate Use Fund Highlights Disparate Tax Treatment of Cannabusinesses (JD SUPRA)

2/11/19: Hundreds of minority businesspeople want piece of Maryland’s cannabis industry (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

2/11/19: Southern Maryland reacts to bills to legalize marijuana (THE CALVERT RECORDER)

2/10/19:  Activists Pledged To Openly Smoke Marijuana in Front of Police in Protest (CBS BALTIMORE)

2/7/19: Hagerstown joint venture sees big profits in medical marijuana (BALTIMORE POST EXAMINER)

2/7/19: Medical Marijuana ‘Can Help Everyone,’ Says Director at Maryland Cannabis Facility (PARKINSON’S NEWS TODAY)

2/6/19: Maryland Lawmakers Introduce Marijuana Legalization Bills (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

2/4/19: Md. lawmakers, not voters, should decide on marijuana, key legislators say (THE DAILY RECORD)

2/1/19: Pot brownies, and other edibles, could be next for Maryland’s medical marijuana industry (WASHINGTON POST)

2/1/19: Baltimore Police arrest about 1 person a day for marijuana possession, as Mosby promises to end prosecutions (BALTIMORE SUN)

2/1/19: Baltimore prosecutor files rarely used petition to erase marijuana convictions (BALTIMORE SUN)

2/1/19: Lobbying Firm Grows With Addition of Cannabis Association Leader (MARYLAND MATTERS)

1/31/19: Looking to Change Careers? The Cannabis Industry Wants You (FORTUNE.COM)

1/31/19: Pet poisoning from marijuana on the rise, say veterinarians (NEWS CHANNEL 9)

1/30/19: Oregon marijuana regulators fail to meet even basic standards, state audit finds (OREGON LIVE) “Maryland, for instance, found that 30 percent of all marijuana samples had yeast, mold and chromium when the state first started to test for those.”

1/29/19: Baltimore will stop prosecuting marijuana possession, Mosby announces (BALTIMORE SUN)

1/25/19: Maryland Farmers Discuss Ag Policy (LANCASTER FARMING)

1/25/19: ‘The people have spoken’: Pot dispensary pulls out of proposal to buy historic diner in Laurel (WASHINGTON POST)

1/25/19: Green Leaf Medical On Launching A Marijuana-Infused Beer (FORBES)

1/24/19: World Series of Poker player pleads guilty to supplying pot to Baltimore County drug crew (BALTIMORE SUN)

1/24/19: Vape pen marijuana use on the rise, cops say (FOX 5)

1/23/19: Family searching for answers after 19-year-old dies in police custody in Maryland (WJLA) “As the struggle continues, the officer says Anton Black had smoked marijuana laced with something.”

1/18/19: State Accepting Applications for Industrial Hemp Pilot Program (SOUTHERN MARYLAND ONLINE)

1/18/19: From pot to cellphones: Dogs train to sniff out trouble (HERALD MAIL-MEDIA)

1/17/19: Brian Griffiths: Maryland lawmakers still dazed and confused on marijuana laws (CAPITAL GAZETTE) Pro Big Canna. Hmm.

1/17/19: Cannabis-infused beer? Flying Dog is seeking approval to brew one (BALTIMORE SUN)

1/16/19: Flying Dog Brewery Gets Into The Marijuana Beverage Game (FORBES)

1/11/19: Aboard the ‘canna crawl’ bus, Maryland marijuana patients find community, resources (POST BULLETIN)

1/10/19: Maryland regulators: Is medical marijuana effective for treating opioid addiction? Answer: It’s complicated (BALTIMORE SUN)

1/9/19: Maryland marijuana regulators look to General Assembly to help resolve ownership controversy (BALTIMORE SUN)

1/9/19: Weed for classrooms? Md. lawmakers to debate issue in General Assembly

1/9/19: Md. legislature opens amid questions about health of longtime Senate president (WASHINGTON POST)

1/9/19: Miller, Busch see different paths on marijuana legalization (THE DAILY RECORD)

1/8/19: Pro: It’s time for Maryland to decriminalize marijuana (THE DAILY RECORD) B I G R E A D from Del. Moon!

1/8/19: Con: Don’t rush into full commercialization of marijuana (THE DAILY RECORD) Boo hiss you suck get off the stage

1/7/19: Maryland Voters Warming To Legalized Sports Betting, Marijuana (WBAL)

1/7/19: Chart: Maryland’s first-year medical marijuana sales approach $100 million (MJ BIZ DAILY)

1/4/19: Maryland lawmaker proposes bill to combat opioid addiction with medical marijuana (WUSA 9)

1/4/19: New Rules for Medical Cannabis Patients in Maryland (WBOC)

1/4/19: 9 key issues that Maryland lawmakers will address during the 2019 General Assembly session (BALTIMORE SUN)

1/3/19: More blacks still arrested for marijuana charges (BALTIMORE SUN)

1/3/19: Podcast: Dispensary owner talks challenges, future of medical marijuana industry (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

1/2/19: Church claims medical marijuana dispensary allowed to open near children’s camp (WUSA 9)

1/2/19: Offit Kurman announces collaboration with cannabis law firm (THE DAILY RECORD)

1/2/19: Marijuana Decriminalization in Maryland Has Not Stopped Implicit Bias nor Institutional Racism Against Black People (THE ROOT)

1/1/19: Legalizing marijuana, banning ‘ghost guns’ on to-do list for Md. lawmakers (WTOP)

12/31/18: Legal marijuana made big promises on racial equity — and fell short (NBC NEWS) This is straight fyah right here.

12/31/18: Medical Marijuana Industry Blossoms in 2018 (WBOC)

12/30/18: Advocates again hoping to make marijuana legal in Md. (THE DAILY RECORD)

12/28/18: Structural Racism and Cannabis: Black Baltimoreans still disproportionately arrested for weed after decriminalization (BALTIMORE FISHBOWL)

12/26/18: 10 things that can happen after a state legalizes marijuana (INSIDER)

12/24/18: Year in Review: How far Md.’s cannabis industry has come — and where it’s going next (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

12/21/18: Medical cannabis sales top $100 million in Maryland (LOCAL DVM)

12/21/18: Hearing on turning popular Maryland diner into medical-marijuana dispensary postponed (WASHINGTON POST)

12/20/18: Part 6, Best in State: 2018’s Top Cannabis in Maryland (LEAFLY) Liberty for best concentrate- because of how they’re organized? What are you smokin?

12/18/18: Maryland marijuana grower ForwardGro ordered to pay fine for using banned pesticides on cannabis crops (BALTIMORE SUN)

12/13/18: Former DNC And RNC Chairs Join One Of The World’s Largest Marijuana Companies (MARIJUANA MOMENT) Former MD Lt Gov Steele is joining Tilray.

12/12/18: New effort in Maryland to combat upsurge in fentanyl deaths (NEW JERSEY HERALD) “a spokesman for the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Baltimore district office said fentanyl has become so ubiquitous that it’s showing up in laced cocaine, marijuana and counterfeit prescription pills.”

12/12/18: Maryland ‘cultural gem’ won’t be a pot dispensary, but its days as a diner might be numbered (WASHINGTON POST) Boo. I wanted to buy pot at the Tastees.

12/7/18: Medical marijuana sales in Maryland tops $96M as market booms in first year of operation (BALTIMORE SUN)

12/7/18: Marijuana education or illegal drug-selling? Instagram’s not sure. (WASHINGTON POST)

12/7/18: Maryland cannabis industry plans to fight potential ad ban in General Assembly (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

12/7/18: Former NFL player from Edgewater faces drugs, weapons charges (BALTIMORE SUN)

12/6/18: Maryland marijuana panel approves ban on cannabis advertising on billboards, radio, TV and other media (BALTIMORE SUN)

12/6/18: 4 San Jose men arrested, tied to nationwide drug ring; $600K, 800 pounds of marijuana seized (KTVU) Baltimore was included in the ring. Also, these guys were arrested with a rocket launcher! Man that’s cool.

12/5/18: ‘Cooking with cannabis’ classes are teaching Marylanders how to make their own marijuana edibles (BALTIMORE SUN)

12/4/18: Marijuana, minimum wage on Maryland lawmakers’ radar (HERALD MAIL-MEDIA)

12/2/18: Anne Arundel Community College professor awaits green light on medical marijuana program (CAPITAL GAZETTE)

12/1/18: Letters: Which medical cannabis patients are committing crimes? (CAPITAL GAZETTE)

11/30/18: Tastee Diner’s future may go up in smoke (BALTIMORE SUN) Holy schnikes! A dispensary in the old Laurel Tastees? Sign me up, baby!

11/29/18: Billion-dollar company stakes claim on Michigan’s marijuana industry (MLIVE.COM) Leads with a photo of Botanist dispensary in Baltimore, owned by Acreage Holdings. Yep, the guys that hired John Boehner.

11/29/18: US cannabis edibles firm Dixie Brands debuts trading on CSE (MJ BIZ DAILY)

11/28/18: A black man in Maryland was trying to help out his neighbor — then he was arrested (BALTIMORE SUN) “After his arrest, a Montgomery police officer explained to the crowd that another officer speaking with Ahmed had “smelled an odor of marijuana coming from him.”

11/27/18: Owners Plan to Convert Classic Laurel Diner Into a Marijuana Dispensary (EATER.COM)

11/26/18: Edibles and Emerging Cannabinoids: News From Maryland’s Medical Cannabis Forum (LEAFLY)

11/24/18: Medical marijuana takes root in part of Tri-State (HERALD MAIL-MEDIA)

11/21/18: Medical marijuana sales in Maryland set to blow through one expert forecast, reach $100 million (BALTIMORE SUN)

11/19/18: Medical marijuana dispensaries are sprouting up all over the Bethesda area. Who’s using them—and will full legalization be next? (BETHESDA MAGAZINE)

11/16/18: National companies moving to take over Maryland marijuana businesses, despite state law (BALTIMORE SUN)

11/16/18: Judge tosses Ohio medical marijuana license requirements for minority groups (CLEVELAND.COM) references Maryland’s efforts

11/14/18: Gambrills Student Jailed For 8 Months In China Is Home: Report (PATCH.COM) Well I guess I’m not learning kung fu at Shaolin. Sigh. That place in the strip mall looked alright. I’m sure Master Doug knows what he’s doing.

11/14/18: MaryMed, a formerly suspended cannabis grower, cleared to begin operations (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

11/9/18: Here’s who stands to profit under a pro-pot governor (CHICAGO BUSINESS) Interesting section on Verano

11/6/18: Legalization On The Ballot: Live Marijuana Election Results (MARIJUANA MOMENT) Jealous lost, but you know that already

11/5/18: Check out Greater Baltimore’s best-selling cannabis products (Photos) (BALTIMORE BIZ JOURNAL) GLeaf getting a lot of love

11/5/18: MariMed Co-Sponsoring Maryland Medical Cannabis Forum Nov. 8 in Baltimore (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)

11/2/18: Still not sure whether to vote for Hogan or Jealous? Here’s where they stand on the issues. (BALTIMORE SUN)

11/1/18: Gubernatorial changes might bode well for marijuana market growth (MJ BIZ DAILY) Get Jealous on Tuesday, baby!

10/31/18: Maryland medical marijuana growers group hires lobbyist (BALTIMORE SUN)

10/31/18: These medical marijuana patients are petitioning Maryland to allow cannabis as a treatment for opioid addiction (BALTIMORE FISHBOWL)

10/30/18: State officials block sale of medical marijuana products from grower Forwardgro amid investigation (BALTIMORE SUN)

10/28/18: Md. marijuana recall: ForwardGro products ordered off the shelves, commission won’t say why (WASHINGTON POST)

10/25/18: Your Maryland Voter Guide To Who And What Is On The November Ballot (WAMU)

10/25/18: First medical marijuana dispensary sets to open in Hagerstown (LOCAL DVM.COM)

10/24/18: Marijuana advocate files claim against Maryland Rep. Andy Harris, saying she was injured when he slammed door (BALTIMORE SUN)

10/24/18: Marijuana tech firm Metrc gets $50M with help from Snoop Dogg, Tiger Global (MJ BIZ DAILY) Sweet! So they can afford to fix the jacked up product delivered to Maryland now, or…?

10/24/18: Capital Infusion Will Allow Illinois Cannabis Company To Expand Facilities (BISNOW.COM) It’s Verano! We like them.

10/23/18: Marijuana midterms: Why legal weed advocates think ‘all the pieces are coming together’ this year (NBC NEWS) but you gotta vote, baby! Wooo! U-S-A! U-S-A!

10/23/18: Teen Convicted in Hit-And-Run Over Drugs Gets 25 Years (USNEWS.COM)

10/22/18: Md. halts sale of medical cannabis from ForwardGro (THE DAILY RECORD)

10/19/18: NJ medical marijuana: Who in South Jersey wants to build sites to sell, grow weed (COURIER POST ONLINE) MD grower GreenLeaf will be involved in NJ

10/17/18: As Canada enters recreational marijuana market, Colorado tries to stem a brain drain on its cannabis industry (CNBC) Interesting insight regarding MD’s MMJ market toward the end.

10/17/18: Medical marijuana dispensary planned for Hagerstown (HERALD-MAIL MEDIA) Noice!

10/16/18: Letters: Alderwoman continues opposition to marijuana dispensary; readers discuss Hogan’s popularity (CAPITAL GAZETTE) I, uh, wow. Hmm. I skimmed through the brief and it’s mostly crap, like using the fact that they’re opening a weed store at all as a failure to meet the “good character” requirement. Doesn’t look like there’s any specifics about the “allegations from the Latino community” against one of the dispensary’s operators they’re talking about. Needs more diggin.

10/16/18: Guns and Medical Marijuana: An Illegal Mix, According to Feds (FOX5  BALTIMORE)

10/15/18: First look: New medical marijuana dispensary to open in Somerville (BOSTON BUSINESS JOURNAL) It’s Liberty!

10/12/18: Can a Blue Wave in a Blue State Make Ben Jealous Maryland’s First African American Governor? (AMERICAN PROSPECT) If you want legal adult-use cannabis sales in Maryland, you gotta get Jealous in November, baby! GT

10/12/18: Grassroots Cannabis to Hold Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for New Herbology Dispensary in DuBois, Pennsylvania (PRWEB.COM) Good for them, I dig Grassroots a lot. GT

10/11/18: Maryland puts a hold on medical marijuana from Lothian grower (CAPITAL GAZETTE) Dyaaaaamn. Forward Gro has some serious issues going on. GT

10/11/18: Most House of Delegates District 3A candidates open to legalizing recreational marijuana (THE FREDERICK NEWS-POST)

10/11/18: MedMen acquires Oak Park’s PharmaCann in largest cannabis deal ever (CHICAGO SUN TIMES) PC has a MD license. GT

10/9/18: Long Island poker pro faces federal charges in Maryland for massive pot scheme (BALTIMORE SUN)

10/5/18: Junkin’s novel ‘Bloodsworth’ called a cautionary tale (THE ENTERPRISE)

10/5/18: Reading gets a medical marijuana dispensary (PHILLY.COM) Harvest gets another license. If only one of the qualifiers to getting a license is that patients get to rate your weed first. Le sigh. GT

10/5/18: Don’t count out Ben Jealous in Maryland (FREDERICK NEWS-POST) Ben’s our man! Say, are you signed up to vote yet? GT

10/4/18: Pro-marijuana protesters, Andy Harris clash in DC; arrests made (DELMARVA NOW) Omitted from the article: activist Rachel Donlan is pressing assault charges against Harris for slamming the door on her leg cuz he’s a fuckface. Dude looks like he has a trainset in the basement. GT

10/4/18: Virginia official apologizes for ‘stupid tweet’ about shooting protesters at Rep. Andy Harris’ office (BALTIMORE SUN) Yikes! Ok, this dude looks like he has a trainset in the basement. Harris looks more like a pet turtle guy, now that I think about it. GT

10/4/18: Marijuana Advocates Frustrated With Congressional Members (FORBES)

10/3/18: Maryland OKs marijuana dispensaries in Silver Spring, Bowie (WTOP)

10/3/18: 4Front Announces Opening of Mission™ Medical Cannabis Dispensary in Silver Spring, Maryland (MARKET INSIDER)

10/1/18: Will Maryland cannabis dispensaries have to take down their billboards? (WTOP) Woah, man. Hey, I know this website you can advertise on, I hear the guy who runs it is pretty cool. GT

9/30/18: ‘Boring’ Cannabis Investments Are Growing at Merida (FORBES)

9/28/18: Ben Jealous: Maryland candidate with an ‘instinctive muscle’ for activism (THE GUARDIAN)

9/28/18: As cannabis market heats up, local scientists race to build ‘weed biofactories’ (THE SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE)

9/27/18: Top Democrat Says Marijuana Reform ‘Makes Sense’ But Won’t Commit To Making It Happen (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

9/21/18: Poll: 62% Of Marylanders Support Marijuana Legalization (WCBC)

9/20/18: Metrc software issues spur MD marijuana regulators to enact temporary retail rules (MJ BIZ DAILY) GOOD- GT

9/20/18: Surprise amendment may have poisoned Anne Arundel compromise on medical marijuana (BALTIMORE SUN)

9/20/18: Calvert’s first and only medical cannabis dispensary up and running since March (THE CALVERT RECORDER)

9/17/18: Maryland officials gather to discuss dangers of drugged driving (WBAL 11)

9/17/18: The first store in a national medical marijuana retail chain has opened in Woodlawn (BALTIMORE SUN)

9/14/18: Sowing Success: Harvest of Arizona Aims to Be the Largest U.S. Cannabis Company (PHOENIX NEW TIMES) I had no idea Harvest was from Arizona. That means they should know better than to put out the kind of buds we’ve seen from them in Maryland. Shame on y’all and your terrible weed. GT

9/13/18: Cannabis as Medicine? A New Frontier in Charles County (SOUTHERN MARYLAND NEWS NET)

9/13/18: Temescal Wellness opens medical marijuana dispensary in Framingham (METRO WEST DAILY NEWS) in Massachusetts, nice!

9/11/18: Software to Regulate Legal Marijuana Is Just as Error-Prone as Other Government Software (SLATE) Intro is about Maryland and METRC.

9/8/18: Edgewater medical marijuana dispensary opens its doors with community festival (CAPITAL GAZETTE)

9/7/18: Legal Matters: No pot for Spot; illegal to obtain medical marijuana for pets (CARROLL COUNTY TIMES)

9/6/18: Maryland’s medical cannabis program technically bans food products — yet sells plenty of edible items (BALTIMORE SUN)

9/3/18: Maryland’s youngest black cannabis dispensary owner opens business (WUSA 9)

8/25/18: Maryland universities deny cannabis classes (THE CAMPUS CURRENT)

8/24/18: Frederick cannabis firm Green Leaf Medical raises a third of $18M round (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

8/21/18: Medical marijuana dispensaries find eager patients, growing pains in Harford County (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/20/18: Would taxing marijuana pay for universal pre-K in Maryland? Hogan and Jealous spar over the answer (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/20/18: Bowie Native Becomes Maryland’s Youngest Medical Cannabis Dispensary Owner (NBC 4)

8/16/18: Curio Wellness turns one — take a look inside this Greater Baltimore cannabis growing, processing facility (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

8/15/18: First-Ever Marijuana Breathalyzer Aims To Catch High Drivers (CBS BALTIMORE)

8/15/18: Here’s what a marijuana grow company thinks it can do for South Jersey (THE DAILY JOURNAL) It’s Greenleaf!

8/11/18: Medical marijuana commission alerts patients to how best to report negative reactions (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/11/18: Harris fields questions on marijuana, wind energy at town hall (DELMARVA NOW)

8/11/18: Marijuana Industry – Meet the Cannabis Companies in Maryland (BALTIMORE POST-EXAMINER)

8/9/18: Months into medical marijuana sales, growth has been steady in Howard (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/9/18: Better Marijuana Stock: Aphria vs. MariMed (MOTLEY FOOL)

8/7/18: Medical cannabis industry on the rise in Baltimore County, city and state (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/6/18: Hogan talks Trump; Rockville medical cannabis dispensary approved; HQ2 shortlist and West Wing Weekend on the way? (BETHESDA MAGAZINE)

8/3/18: With more legalization looming, how to talk to your kids about marijuana (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/2/18: Md. medical marijuana users demand action after repeated computer crashes at dispensaries (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/2/18: Marijuana dispensary in danger after appeal, zoning changes (CAPITAL GAZETTE)

8/2/18: Congressman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) called marijuana a “gateway drug” during a TV interview. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

8/1/18: Medical Marijuana Dispensary To Open Near Perry Hall (PATCH.COM)

8/1/18: MPX Receives Licensing Approval for Two Managed Dispensaries (DAILY MARIJUANA OBSERVER)

7/27/18: Baltimore, Maryland’s health commissioner tweeted, “We owe an apology to generations of black and brown communities for our failed ‘War on Drugs.'” (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

7/27/18: More Maryland medical marijuana firms approved as industry continues to grow (BALTIMORE SUN)

7/27/18: Leggett not ready to endorse Jealous; some other Democrats are tepid (WASHINGTON POST) Umm…in case you hadn’t noticed…this is not an appropriate time for party divisiveness. GT

7/26/18: National firms are starting to snap up Maryland’s medical marijuana licenses. Regulators want to prevent that (BALTIMORE SUN)

7/26/18: Marijuana firms, Maryland regulators grapple over law to limit ownership of multiple licenses (BALTIMORE SUN)

7/26/18: Baltimore Co. Dispensary Teaching Customers How To Make Marijuana Products (CBS BALTIMORE)

7/25/18: Maryland proposes rules to allow pesticide use by cannabis growers (THE DAILY RECORD)

7/25/18: Cannabis tech company Leafly opens East Coast hub in Baltimore (TECHNICAL.LY)

7/24/18: From Chemistry To Culinary: 10 Educational Programs For Students Eager To Learn About Cannabis (FORBES)

7/23/18: Chart: Maryland medical marijuana sales head toward $100 million in first year (MJ BIZ DAILY)

7/20/18: Budding tech troubles hamper medical marijuana dispensaries (BALTIMORE SUN)

7/20/18: Companies from Israel, Maryland pitch Jeannette medical marijuana grower (TRIB LIVE)

7/19/18: Awaiting a marijuana business license? It’s possible to defray building rental costs (MJ BIZ DAILY)

7/18/18: Maryland medical marijuana company has license reinstated (MJ BIZ DAILY)

7/17/18: Maryland medical cannabis panel allows firm to compete again as charges linger against 2 former executives (WASHINGTON POST)

7/17/18: MPX Secures Approval to Open First Managed Dispensary in Maryland (DAILY MARIJUANA OBSERVER)

7/13/18: Hoping to halt cannabis industry outages, regulators disable automated patient-tracking tool for dispensaries (BALTIMORE FISHBOWL)

7/12/18: METRC keeps going down, preventing dispensaries from selling patients their medicine, as reported by moi right here.

7/12/18: Innovative Industrial Properties Acquires Massachusetts Property and Enters Into Long-Term Lease with Holistic Industries (STAR HERALD)

7/12/18: Washington County faces its first case of bleeding after synthetic cannabinoids (LOCAL DVM.COM)

7/11/18: Owner appeals decision to reject medical marijuana dispensary near Pasadena (BALTIMORE SUN)

7/10/18: Regulators investigate Maryland medical marijuana grower for alleged pesticide use (WASHINGTON POST) It’s ForwardGro GT

7/9/18: Regulators investigating Maryland medical marijuana grower for alleged pesticide use (BALTIMORE SUN) Just reminding you it’s ForwardGro GT

7/8/18: These 4 Marijuana Stocks Made The Best Moves in 2018 So Far (POT NETWORK)

7/6/18: Maryland’s medical cannabis commission approves another 7 dispensaries (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

7/5/18: Bill to Allow Weed Businesses to Put Their Money in Banks Under Consideration (LA WEEKLY) says Severn Savings Bank has opened accounts for cannabis businesses in Maryland. Interesting. GT

6/29/18: Marijuana smell provides probable cause to arrest, Md. court says (THE DAILY RECORD) Just ugh. GT

6/26/18: Voters In Two States Nominate Marijuana Legalization Supporters for Governor (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

6/26/18: Ben Jealous wins Maryland Democratic primary race for governor (BALTIMORE SUN)

6/25/18: Is Ben Jealous What Progressives Want? (THE ATLANTIC)

6/20/18: Medical marijuana dispensary opens in Mount Vernon, co-owned by Hopkins medical professor (BALTIMORE SUN)

6/20/18: Jealous-Baker fight in Maryland exposes divisions over how Democrats can win (WASHINGTON POST)

6/18/18: Dave Chappelle Convinces Maryland Gubernatorial Candidate to Support Marijuana Legalization (CIVILIZED)

6/18/18: MariMed Inc (OTCMKTS:MRMD) Is A Pullback Play After 200% Surge (INSIDER FINANCIAL) Comments on MD MMJ market are interesting. GT

6/14/18: Pot, polls and pizza: Maryland Democratic candidates for governor end debate on high note (THE BALTIMORE SUN)

6/14/18: The Pot Industry Is Overwhelmingly White, and One Congresswoman Wants to Change That (ROLLING STONE) I haven’t seen the Strange Fruit strain they’re talking about but that is fucked up. GT

6/14/18: 1 death reported in Md. linked to synthetic marijuana (WBAL)

6/13/18: Medical marijuana dispensary coming to Abingdon (BALTIMORE SUN)

6/11/18: 6 Months On, Maryland Patients Struggle With Limited Selection and Supply (LEAFLY)

6/11/18: Ben Jealous Talks Marijuana, Dave Chappelle And His Campaign For Maryland Governor (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

6/11/18: Jim Shea: Dark-horse Maryland gubernatorial candidate with lots of cash (WASHINGTON POST)

6/10/18: Valerie Ervin: A career in politics based on fighting unfair treatment (WASHINGTON POST)

6/8/18: Growing marijuana wholesale firm enters East Coast market through Maryland (BALTIMORE BIZ JOURNAL)

6/5/11: New feature stalls Maryland medical marijuana online system (WTOP)

6/5/18: Kent’s 1st medical marijuana clinic opens near Kennedyville (KENT COUNTY NEWS)

6/5/18: Democrats Vying for Governor Find Much to Agree on at Debate (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

6/5/18: Companies Get Marijuana Dispensary Licenses (BUSINESS JOURNAL DAILY) MD medical grower GLeaf got a license, congrats!

6/4/18: Overwhelmed computer system stalls medical marijuana sales over weekend in Maryland (BALTIMORE SUN)

6/1/18: Maryland Cannabis Policy Coalition Releases General Assembly Voter Guide, Grades Candidates’ Marijuana Policy Positions Ahead of June Primary (THE DAILY CHRONIC)

5/31/18: Greenhouse Wellness, a Maryland Medical Marijuana Dispensary, First in Industry to Win Best Workplace Award (PR NEWSWIRE)

5/30/18: Maryland Democratic gubernatorial candidate Rich Madaleno, currently a state senator, said he would sign marijuana legalization into law. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

5/30/18: How MPX Bioceutical Fuels Growth Through Cannabis Extraction (POT NETWORK)

5/24/18: Why the Marijuana Industry Wants Friends Like John Boehner (SLATE)

5/23/18: Medical marijuana: Former Vireo Health officer wants smuggling case tossed, new details (LOHUD.COM)

5/21/18: Maryland Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous wants to fund universal pre-k with marijuana tax revenue. (BENJEALOUS.COM)

5/20/18: Synthetic Marijuana Still Causing Concerns In Maryland, Nationwide (CBS BALTIMORE)

5/20/18: Cosmetic facial salons, medical marijuana and more on Anne Arundel County Council agenda (BALTIMORE SUN)

5/18/18: Ensuring Communities Harmed by Marijuana Laws can Benefit from Legalization (AFRO.COM)

5/18/18: HerbaFi latest shop to open in Maryland’s growing medical pot industry (THE DAILY RECORD)

5/17/18: Medical marijuana growing facilities to be in Fargo, Bismarck (AG WEEK) Maryland cultivator Grassroots will be operating in North Dakota, nice!

5/9/19: Holistic Industries CEO describes plans to sell Monson-grown marijuana at Easthampton dispensary (MASSLIVE)

5/8/18: Lineage Expands From Coast to Coast With Aggressive Nationwide Dispensary Strategy (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Quinsam’s interest in Burtonsville, MD dispensary Herbiculture is being sold to Lineage- GT

5/7/18: Some see ‘green rush’ in Maryland’s medical marijuana industry (WBAL 11)

5/7/18: Partaking in Maryland’s Medical Cannabis Trade (JMORE)

5/3/18: What is student marijuana use like at Hopkins? (THE JOHN HOPKINS NEWS-LETTER)

5/3/18: Medical Marijuana Dispensary ‘HerbaFi’ Opens May 19 (PATCH SILVER SPRING)

5/2/18: Not all Democrats running to be Maryland governor support legalizing marijuana. Here’s why. (THE DIAMONDBACK)

4/27/18: Harford’s first medical marijuana dispensary opening in Joppa today (BALTIMORE SUN)

4/26/18: Unlike most Democrats running for Md. governor, Baker doesn’t back legalizing pot (WASHINGTON POST)

4/26/18: Police: Woman had hundreds of grams of marijuana, edibles in her car during traffic stop (FREDERICK NEWS POST) read where she got it from- GT

4/26/18: DC’s Cannabis Confusion Could Be Solved by Maryland Voters (LEAFLY)

4/24/18: MariMed Introduces Licensed Nature’s Heritage Cannabis® Brand in Maryland (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)

4/23/18: Gubernatorial Candidate Ben Jealous Wants Full Legalization of Marijuana (DELMARVA PUBLIC RADIO)

4/23/18: Police: Synthetic Marijuana Brownies At High School Sicken 4 (CBS13)

4/23/18: Md. high court finds trunk search constitutional (THE DAILY RECORD)

4/20/18: On 4/20, Maryland’s Democratic candidates for governor push plans to legalize marijuana (BALTIMORE SUN)

4/20/18: Can you smoke weed here? A look at the DC, Maryland and Virginia laws (WUSA 9)

4/20/18: The State Of Weed In The Washington Region: What’s Legal, What’s Not, And What’s Changing (WAMU)

4/19/18: 4/20 is here: Maryland dispensaries roll out discounts, events for ‘the black Friday of the cannabis industry’ (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

4/18/18: Former Anne Arundel hearing officer says he was fired for granting variances to marijuana dispensaries (BALTIMORE SUN)

4/18/18: County patients finding relief with medical marijuana (CECIL DAILY)

4/17/18: Maryland’s Anne Arundel County Council Holds Medical Marijuana Bill After Hearing (CANNABIS BUSINESS TIMES)

4/16/18: Three more patients hospitalized for bleeding from synthetic marijuana in Maryland (BALTIMORE SUN)

4/12/18: Seven new medical marijuana dispensaries approved in Maryland — including two in Baltimore (BALTIMORE SUN)

4/12/18: Anne Arundel, Prince George’s zoning regulations holding up marijuana dispensary businesses (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

4/12/18: Eight more Md. marijuana businesses cleared to open as demand continues to grow (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

4/11/18: Md. prosecutor: Marijuana frequently at heart of violence, killings (WTOP) It won’t be if you legalize it- GT

4/11/18: Rally held for the rights of medical marijuana patients (WMDT)

4/11/18: Marijuana Initiative Part of Mixed Legacy of 2018 Legislative Session (AFRO.COM)

4/10/18: Proposed Legislation Will Allow Pesticides on Medical Marijuana (CARE2.COM) Oh snap for real? Hmm. GT

4/10/18: Business Notes: Owner of Bethesda and Silver Spring Medical Marijuana Shops To Receive Grow License (BETHESDA MAGAZINE) Congrats, GTI!

4/10/18: Fake pot likely tainted with rat poison kills 3, sickens 100 (WTOP)

4/10/18: Maryland just took a big step to reduce racism in the medical marijuana industry (THE DIAMONDBACK)

4/10/18: Maryland to issue more medical marijuana business licenses (MJ BIZ DAILY)

4/9/18: Lawmakers strip ‘hardship waiver’ from marijuana bill citing Anne Arundel ‘situation’ (CAPITAL GAZETTE)

4/9/18: Md. Senate OKs Medical Cannabis Reform Act, Goes to Governor’s Desk for Signature (WASHINGTON INFORMER)

4/9/18: One of the First Maryland Cannabis Dispensaries Releases Patient Case Studies (MARKETS INSIDER)

4/8/18: Jimmy DeButts: Anne Arundel bungling medical marijuana relief (CAPITAL GAZETTE)

4/8/18: DC cannabis activist moves to Md. to vote congressman out of office (WTOP)

4/7/18: Maryland lawmakers reach deal on medical marijuana licenses, making minority owners likely (BALTIMORE SUN)

4/6/18: Anne Arundel rejects marijuana dispensary, Schuh to launch review of zoning rules for clinics (CAPITAL GAZETTE)

4/5/18: First Maryland case of bleeding from synthetic marijuana reported (BALTIMORE SUN) OK 1- do not call a random assortment of dangerous chemicals sprayed on potpourri “synthetic marijuana,” it is not. 2- DON’T SMOKE THAT SHIT, MAN!!! GT

4/5/18: NORML Chapters Continue State-Level Push for Marijuana Law Reforms (NORML BLOG)

4/5/18: Maryland: Bills That Would Improve Cannabis Decrim. Law Stuck In Judiciary Committee (WEEDNEWS.CO)

4/4/18: After a dramatic failure, effort to diversify Maryland’s medical marijuana industry moves closer to passage (WASHINGTON POST)

4/3/18: Maryland gubernatorial hopeful Alec Ross talks transportation and technology at UMD event (THE DIAMONDBACK) and cannabis! GT

4/3/18: Zirkin’s bill to decriminalize more pot stirs debate (THE DAILY RECORD)

3/31/18: Efforts To Diversify Medical Marijuana in Maryland Move Forward (HIGH TIMES)

3/30/18: Senate panel wants to further expand Maryland’s medical marijuana industry (BALTIMORE SUN)

3/29/18: Take a look inside Reisterstown’s new medical marijuana dispensary (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

3/27/18: Second Medical Marijuana Shop To Open In Silver Spring This May (PATCH)

3/27/18: No Congressional Couch Lock: State Medical Marijuana Laws Protected Through September 30th (ABOVE THE LAW)

3/23/18: Marijuana in the Workplace: What Maryland Employers Should Know (JD SUPRA)

3/23/18: Curaleaf Officially Opens First Medical Cannabis Dispensary in Reisterstown (BUSINESS NEWSWIRE)

3/22/18: Marijuana group confident despite Anne Arundel’s turn against cannabis business (CAPITAL GAZETTE)

3/22/18: A medical marijuana dispensary in Maryland banned patients for online complaints (WASHINGTON POST) ROFLMAO- GT

3/22/18: Funding For Prospective Black Marijuana Growers Cut (AFRO.COM)


3/20/18: State Lawmakers Want To Triple The Limits of Marijuana Possession (HIGH TIMES)

3/20/18: Annapolis doctor in marijuana business tied to Anne Arundel opioid lawsuit (CAPITAL GAZETTE)

3/20/18: Bill that would raise marijuana decriminalization limit to 1 ounce advances (BALTIMORE FISHBOWL)

3/20/18: More medical marijuana dispensaries open in Maryland (FREDERICK NEWS POST)

3/20/18: Overhaul of Md.’s medical marijuana law proves elusive (THE DAILY RECORD)

3/19/18: Are Maryland’s Black Entrepreneurs Being Shut Out of the Marijuana Industry? (ATLANTA BLACK STAR)

3/17/18: Former NBA player Glen “Big Baby” Davis arrested on marijuana charges (THE CANNABIST)

3/16/18: Ocean City gets its second medical cannabis dispensary (OCEANCITY.COM)

3/15/18: 39 medical marijuana dispensaries ready in Maryland — over 60 still to come (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

3/15/18: A First Timer’s Account of Testifying at the Maryland State Capitol (NORML)


3/15/18: MariMed Raises $2.83 Million in Equity for Maryland and Massachusetts Legal Cannabis Facilities (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)

3/15/18: Maryland Might Vote on Legalizing Cannabis This Year (THE MARIJUANA TIMES)

3/12/18: Green Leaf Medical Partners With Leafly (PR NEWSWIRE)

3/12/18: Plan to diversify Maryland medical marijuana market might boost white firms instead (BALTIMORE SUN)

3/12/18: How Maryland shuts down Black entrepreneurs from obtaining marijuana licenses (THE GRIO)

3/12/18: Diversity in Maryland’s medical marijuana industry stalls (WTOP)

3/12/18: Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) claimed during congressional testimony that marijuana is being laced with fentanyl. Separately, the state Senate passed a bill to create a legal presumption that people who have less than 10 grams of marijuana should not be charged with possession with intent to distribute. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

3/12/18: Medical marijuana pharmacies: See possible locations, ownership groups for Baton Rouge, elsewhere (THE ADVOCATE) “The leading candidate for the New Orleans area is Rx Greenhouse, whose majority owner and CEO, Dr. Sajal Roy, currently owns and operates a medical marijuana dispensary in Maryland.” GT

3/11/18: Salisbury University students accused of dealing drugs (ABC 2)

3/8/18: Maryland House OKs adding medical marijuana grower licenses (WASHINGTON POST)

3/8/18: Bill expanded to exempt all Maryland jails from medical marijuana program (HERALD MAIL MEDIA)

3/8/18: Green Health Docs Certifies it’s 5,000th Patient for Maryland’ds Cannabis Program! (MARKETS INSIDER) Congrats, guys!

3/8/18: Md. House votes to add medical marijuana grower licenses (WTOP)

3/7/18: Cannabis Activists Release Report Card Grading Candidates For Governor In Maryland (WEED NEWS)

3/7/18: Cure worse than alfliction? [Editorial] (BALTIMORE SUN) Leaving their typo in the header cuz this Ed. is Ewwww. I’d argue with their crap premise but I’m on vakay. Calm thoughts, baby. GT

3/6/18: Proposed bill would allow medical marijuana users to own guns (WMAR)

3/6/18: Wicomico Co. medical marijuana dispensary holds open enrollment days (WMDT)

3/5/18: A Maryland lieutenant governor hopeful talks community college and health care at UMD (THE DIAMONDBACK) Ervin also expressed her support for cannabis legalization- GT

3/5/18: Maryland Launches Medical Cannabis Program, Considers Voter Initiative for Adult-Use Legalization (CANNABIS BUSINESS TIMES)

3/4/18: Industrial properties going to pot (PENSIONS & INVESTMENTS)

3/2/18: Ellicott City medical cannabis dispensary set to open (THE DAILY RECORD)

3/1/18: No medical marijuana dispensaries in Harford yet, but two could be on the way (BALTIMORE SUN)

3/1/18: Bill would outlaw medical marijuana at Washington County’s detention center (HERALD MAIL MEDIA)

2/28/18: Employers Grapple With Medical Marijuana in the Workplace (WBOC)

2/28/18: Trilogy Wellness of Maryland, LLC to Open Medical Cannabis Dispensary in Ellicott City, Maryland (MARKETS INSIDER)

2/27/18: It’s not whether Maryland will legalize marijuana but when. How matters, too. (BALTIMORE SUN)

2/27/18: Medical marijuana industry sprouts in Maryland (FOX 45)

2/27/18: Bill expanding medical marijuana licenses advances (DELMARVA NOW)

2/27/18: Maryland lawmakers consider 11 bills to battle opioid epidemic (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

2/26/18: Maryland Democratic gubernatorial candidates debated marijuana legalization (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

2/26/18: Legalizing marijuana, other pot proposals await action in Maryland General Assembly (BALTIMORE SUN)

2/23/18: Black Entrepreneurs Locked Out Of The Burgeoning Marijuana Business (AFRO.COM)

2/22/18: This State Could Be Next To Vote On Recreational Marijuana (HIGH TIMES)

2/20/18: Bill To Legalize Recreational Marijuana Reigniting Debate In Maryland (CBS BALTIMORE)

2/20/18: Lawmakers talk about legalizing recreational use of marijuana (ABC 2)

2/20/18: MD Senate Committee to Conduct Hearing On Marijuana Legalization (WCBC)

2/20/18: The Medical and Legal Cannabis Market Projected to Have Positive Future Estimates (PR NEWSWIRE)

2/18/18: Women create cannabis media company to cash in on green rush (NBC NEWS)

2/16/18: Maryland Lawmakers Make Big Play Toward Legalizing Marijuana (THE WESTERN JOURNAL)

2/15/18: Pot companies settle lawsuit that threatened to upend Maryland’s medical marijuana industry (BALTIMORE SUN)

2/15/18: Frederick dispensary launches home delivery service for clients (FREDERICK NEWS POST)

2/15/18: Sponsor of Bill to Legalize Hemp in Maryland Thinks This is the Year (SOUTHERN MD ONLINE)

2/14/18: Maryland Medical Marijuana Users Can’t Get A Gun Permit, But Senate Bill Could Change That (WAMU)

2/13/18: Maryland Workers and Legal Medical Marijuana (BALTIMORE SUN)

2/13/18: First Medical Marijuana Dispensary In Anne Arundel County Opens (CBS BALTIMORE)

2/13/18: Full legalization? And other marijuana-related bills being considered by Md. legislators (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

2/12/18: A long time coming: Linthicum medical marijuana dispensary opens (CAPITAL GAZETTE)

2/12/18: Quinsam Announces Receipt of Maryland Medical Cannabis Dispensary License by Herbiculture (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)

2/9/18: TOUR: Maryland man turns pipe dream into access to medical marijuana (WJLA)

2/9/18: Two medical marijuana dispensaries open in Baltimore with little fanfare (BALTIMORE SUN)

2/9/18: A Maryland professor wants his school to pursue a credit-bearing cannabis program (WASHINGTON POST)

2/9/18: Sponsor of Bill to Legalize Hemp Thinks This Is the Year (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

2/8/18: Moon Hopes Maybe This Is The Year for Marijuana Legalization in Maryland (BETHESDA MAGAZINE)

2/8/18: How the uncertainty surrounding cannabis is being felt in other industries (INLANDER)

2/7/18: State Lawmakers Push Marijuana Referendums (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

2/7/18: Pot legalization could be on November ballot (WBAL)

2/6/18: Editorial: Medical cannabis providing industrial, job growth in Carroll County (CARROLL COUNTY TIMES)

2/6/18: Maryland Cannabis Policy Reform Coalition to Hold Citizen Lobby Day in Support of Legalization Referendum Bill, News Conference at the State Capitol on Wednesday (INVESTOR IDEAS)

2/5/18: Maryland Del. Dan Morhaim to retire from the General Assembly after 24 years (WASHINGTON POST)

2/4/18: Washington County Sheriff: Medical marijuana poses problems for law enforcement (HERALD MAIL MEDIA)

2/3/18: Room to grow: Grassroots brings cannabis and jobs to Taneytown (BALTIMORE SUN)

2/2/18: Maryland has 8 more licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. Take a look at where they are opening. (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

2/2/18: Doctors backing out of recommending medical marijuana in response to Sessions memo (WASHINGTON POST)

2/2/18: Industrial hemp advocates hope this is their year in Annapolis (BALTIMORE SUN)

2/1/18: More than 500 certified as medical marijuana patients in Washington County (HERALD MEDIA MAIL)

1/31/18: Maryland Legislative Session Begins With Marijuana Policy On The Agenda (WEED NEWS)

1/31/18: Apple store or marijuana shop? Maryland’s new dispensaries spend big to rebrand. (WASHINGTON BUSINESS JOURNAL)

1/31/18: MPX Bioceutical Expands Maryland Medical Cannabis Operations (NEW CANNABIS VENTURES)

1/29/18: Maryland delegate filed legislation to prevent medical cannabis patients from being denied access to guns. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

1/27/18: AACC professor pursuing credit-bearing cannabis program (BALTIMORE SUN)

1/26/18: An old hippie buys pot in Md. — legally (BALTIMORE SUN)

1/26/18: Spelman alum youngest black woman marijuana dispensary owner in the country (ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION)

1/25/18: West OC dispensary opens (OCEAN CITY TODAY)

1/24/18: Father Charged in Middle School Pot Gummies Incident (SOUTHERN MARYLAND ONLINE)

1/23/18: Federal actions to factor into Maryland policies this year (HERALD MEDIA MAIL)

1/23/18:  Getting to know Maryland’s youngest medical cannabis entrepreneur (WUSA9)

1/23/18: Public hearing sees support for Westminster cannabis dispensary (CARROLL COUNTY TIMES)

1/22/18: Md.’s top US prosecutor will not target medical marijuana growers (THE DAILY RECORD)

1/22/18: Scores of medical cannabis dispensaries remain unlicensed in Md. (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

1/22/18: Angela Rye: Legalizing Marijuana Doesn’t Go Far Enough (THE FRESH TOAST)

1/20/18: Dr. Elaine Crain: Are Maryland’s medical cannabis providers asking the right questions? (CAPITAL GAZETTE)

1/19/18: The Youngest Black Dispensary Owner In The U.S. Wants To Help You Understand Weed (HUFFINGTON POST)

1/19/18: Medical marijuana dispensary opens in Pikesville (WBAL)

1/18/18: A study requested by Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) recommended “the use of race- and gender-based measures to remediate discrimination affecting minority- and women-owned businesses in the types of industries relevant to the medical cannabis business.” (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

1/18/18: Report Supports Help for Minorities in Medical Cannabis Industry (LEAFLY)

1/17/18: Report: Maryland can give minorities a leg-up in entering legal marijuana market (WASHINGTON POST)

1/16/18: AG Frosh joins call for allowing banks to support medical marijuana (BALTIMORE SUN)

1/16/18: Here’s how to fix Md.’s medical marijuana program (BALTIMORE SUN)

1/15/18: Medical marijuana compromise hits snags over timing, moratorium (BALTIMORE SUN)

1/15/18: Md. lawmakers debate cannabis bill that includes moratorium on licenses (THE DAILY RECORD)

1/11/18: Maryland credit union to cannabis businesses: We’re open (MARIJUANA BUSINESS DAILY)

1/11/18: Editorial Advisory Board: Promote diversity, competition in cannabis program (THE DAILY RECORD)

1/10/18: Maryland’s House speaker said it’s too soon to have a “serious discussion” about legalizing marijuana. Meanwhile, A Legislative Black Caucus member says she is confident a bill to ensure minority ownership in medical cannabis businesses will be passed by the end of the month. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

1/10/18: Why Maryland cannabis businesses, lawyers aren’t worried about DOJ changes (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

1/8/18: Medical cannabis dispensary set to open (THE DUNDALK EAGLE)

1/8/18: Some Maryland patients will face a choice: medical marijuana or their gun (BALTIMORE SUN)

1/8/18: MPX Expands Cannabis Operations in Maryland (NEW CANNABIS VENTURES)

1/7/18: High demand: How a Md. marijuana dispensary is doing 1 month after opening (WTOP)

1/6/18: Sessions’ marijuana decision dead wrong (FREDERICK NEWS POST) 

1/5/18: Local marijuana dispensary not concerned by DOJ’s move to revoke Obama-era pot policy (WTOP)

1/5/18: How will Jeff Sessions’ marijuana memo impact the cannabis industry in D.C. and Maryland? (WASHINGTON BUSINESS JOURNAL)

1/4/18: Frosh: Sessions decision on marijuana legalization ‘inhumane’ (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

1/4/18: Trump policy change on marijuana raises questions in Maryland (BALTIMORE SUN)

1/4/18: Hagerstown cannabis firm eyes first plants, new fed policy (HERALD MAIL MEDIA)

1/3/18: Storylines in 2018: Medical cannabis dispensaries expected in Carroll (CARROLL COUNTY TIMES)

1/3/18: Annapolis bank is one of the first in Maryland to accept medical cannabis business (BALTIMORE SUN)

1/3/18: Fate of Maryland’s medical cannabis industry could depend on single bank (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

1/2/18: How a Maryland bank is quietly solving the marijuana industry’s cash problem (WASHINGTON POST)

1/1/18: New Maryland medical marijuana shops provide insights for Ohio (THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH)

12/29/17: Four years later, Maryland’s medical marijuana program moved forward in 2017 despite frequent controversy (WASHINGTON POST)

12/28/17: Montgomery County Leads State in Number of Patients Who Can Buy Medical Cannabis (BETHESDA MAGAZINE)

12/27/17: MariMed Raises $4M To Finish Maryland Cannabis Cultivation Facility (GREEN MARKET REPORT)

12/27/17: New West Ocean City business dispenses warmth, marijuana (DELMARVA NOW)

12/26/17: Year in Review 2017: Medical cannabis industry finally launches in Maryland (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

12/23/17: A look inside Anne Arundel County’s first upcoming medical cannabis dispensary (CAPITAL GAZETTE)

12/22/17: WOC marijuana dispensary to open Jan. (OCEAN CITY TODAY)

12/21/17: Former Shore hospital CEO takes reins of Md. medical marijuana commission (DELMARVA NOW)

12/20/17: In Maryland, Products and Patients Are Flowing to Dispensaries (LEAFLY)

12/19/17: Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens in Salisbury (WBOC)

12/18/17: Germantown dispensary Bloom Medicinals is hosting a cannabis education event TOMORROW with our friend, Dr. Shivani Amin!

12/18/17: FAQ: What you need to know about medical marijuana in Maryland (BALTIMORE SUN)

12/18/17: City of Laurel eyes first medical marijuana dispensary (BALTIMORE SUN)

12/18/17: Medical cannabis industry sees influx of patients in first two weeks (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

12/16/17: For some local mothers, medical cannabis is key to their children’s survival (FREDERICK NEWS-POST)

12/15/17: Medical Marijuana Dispensary To Open in Downtown Bethesda (BETHESDA MAGAZINE)

12/15/17: First medical marijuana dispensary opens in Cecil County (THE STAR-DEMOCRAT)

12/15/17: Md. gives green light to new medical pot shops (WTOP)

12/14/17: Twelve new medical marijuana stores cleared to open in Maryland (WASHINGTON POST)

12/14/17: More than 20 medical marijuana dispensaries in Maryland approved, drug supply low (BALTIMORE SUN)

12/14/17: Medical marijuana taking root in Hancock (HERALD MEDIA MAIL)

12/14/17: Green Health Docs expands Md. medical marijuana business (THE DAILY RECORD)

12/14/17: Purchasing Pot: Here’s How You Can Get Medical Marijuana In Maryland (WAMU)

12/13/17: What you’ll see in a Maryland medical marijuana dispensary (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

12/13/17: Howard County’s first medical marijuana dispensaries ready to open (BALTIMORE SUN)

12/12/17: First medical marijuana dispensary opens in county (CECIL DAILY)

12/12/17: MPX Enters Maryland with Baltimore Dispensary Managed Services Deal (NEW CANNABIS VENTURES)

12/11/17: Westminster medical cannabis hearing scheduled for Thursday (CARROLL COUNTY TIMES)

12/11/17: Maryland’s marijuana industry is open — but supply doesn’t meet demand (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

12/11/17: FAQ: What you need to know about medical marijuana in Maryland (BALTIMORE SUN)

12/8/17: Meet Bloom Medicinals, a new dispensary coming to Germantown, at the Germantown library tomorrow!

12/8/17: RISE Bethesda now has vape cartridges from Rythm and flowers from new cultivators. (FACEBOOK)

12/8/17: Maryland’s Relaxed Medical Marijuana Policy Offers Safe Alternative to Opioids (OBSERVER)

12/7/17: Young Woman Breaks Barriers in Cannabis Industry (AFRO.COM)

12/7/17: CanPay brings a non-cash option to Md. medical marijuana industry (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

12/6/17: Medical marijuana finally available some places in Maryland (BALTIMORE SUN)

12/6/17: Medical marijuana finally available some places in Maryland (BALTIMORE SUN)

12/6/17: Maryland medical marijuana dispensaries are already running out of pot (WASHINGTON POST)

12/6/17: Maryland cannabis commission hires new executive director (BALTIMORE SUN)

12/6/17: Maryland’s New Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Are Unable to Meet the Demand for Weed (MERRY JANE)

12/5/17: MoCo medical marijuana company raises third round in less than a year (WASHINGTON BUSINESS JOURNAL)

12/5/17: 2 medical marijuana dispensaries open in Maryland (WBAL)

12/5/17: Medical Cannabis Flies off the Shelves as Dispensaries Open in Montgomery County (BETHESDA MAGAZINE)

12/5/17: Maryland Dispensaries Are Open for Business But Low on Products (MARIJUANA.COM)

12/5/17: California-based company helping Maryland marijuana store with Green Bits (WBAL)

12/2/17: Sales deplete supply of Montgomery County’s first medical marijuana store (WTOP)

12/2/17: Medical marijuana has arrived in Maryland, and sales have begun (WASHINGTON POST)

12/1/17: Maryland medical marijuana FAQ as sales start: Where to buy, products, doctors and more (THE CANNABIST)

12/1/17: Maryland, after delays, begins the sale of medical marijuana (WABC)

12/1/17: Friday appears to be the day medical marijuana will go on sale in Maryland (WASHINGTON POST)

12/1/17: Weed In Waiting: Years After It Was Made Legal, Medical Marijuana Sales Start In Maryland (WAMU)

12/1/17: Town defines medical marijuana dispensary (BAY TIMES- RECORD OBSERVER)

11/30/17: Maryland Businesses Race to the Starting Line for Legal Marijuana Sales (MARIJUANA.COM) Full list of every dispensary, grower, and processor currently licensed at the bottom!

11/30/17:  Maryland medical marijuana study launched with 70 patients (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)
11/28/17: Marylanders are days away from being able to legally buy medical marijuana (WASHINGTON POST)

11/28/17: Spelman Grad Bringing Prince George’s County, Md., Its 1st Medicinal-Cannabis Dispensary (THE ROOT)

11/28/17: Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Silver Spring Invites Public in for a Look (BETHESDA MAGAZINE)

11/27/17: RISE Silver Spring Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony & Dispensary Tour is from 11am-1pm tomorrow (7900 Fenton St Silver Spring, MD 20910); there’s no medicine available yet, but former Baltimore Ravens OT Eugene Monroe will be there. I’m gonna check it out! GT 

11/25/17: Medical cannabis expected to arrive in Frederick by first week of December (THE STAR-DEMOCRAT)

11/25/17: List of licensed Maryland dispensaries thus far (CANNA CARE DOCS)

11/22/17: Maryland’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Set to Open (WBOC)

11/22/17: Correction: CNS-Medical-Cannabis story (WASHINGTON POST)

11/22/17: Maryland Medical Cannabis Dispensary to Open in Cockeysville (CANNAVATIONS PRESS RELEASE)

11/22/17: Maryland Medical Cannabis Program Nears Full Launch (HEMP GAZETTE)

11/21/17: MariMed Expands to Maryland with Opening of Cannabis Cultivation Facility in Hagerstown (GLOBE NEWS WIRE)

11/20/17: The first medical cannabis was sold in Maryland on Friday to a study group of patients!!! (CANNA CARE DOCS FACEBOOK)

11/20/17: Cannabis Commission director resigns (MY EASTERNSHORE MD)

11/17/17: 2 Maryland companies to study medical marijuana vaping (AP NEWS)

11/15/17: Here Are The Next 15 States To Legalize Marijuana (THE FRESH TOAST)

11/15/17: Steep Hill and Eybna Partner to Commercialize Customized Cannabis Terpene Formulations (BUSINESS INSIDER)

11/14/17: Where Maryland’s marijuana businesses will be located (BALTIMORE BIZ JOURNAL)

11/13/17: Cleaning up cannabis (CHEMICAL & ENGINEERING NEWS) very crunchy article

11/10/17: Bill could boost minorities’ stake as medical cannabis nears (SEATTLE TIMES) It’s about MD and is the same article that everybody’s running today from the AP.

11/10/17: Maryland’s Medical Cannabis Program Just Lost Its Second Director in Two Years (MERRY JANE)

11/9/17: Rough rollout ahead for medical cannabis in Prince George’s Co. (WUSA)

11/9/17: Medical marijuana director resigns, the second in two years (BALTIMORE SUN)

11/8/17: Company promises good chance of pot from a doctor for $200 a pop (DELMARVA NOW)

11/8/17: Jobs, economic spinoff expected from Maryland’s new medical marijuana industry (BALTIMORE SUN)

11/7/17: Medical marijuana dispensaries need to form bond with skeptical local communities like Pikesville (BALTIMORE SUN)

11/6/17: MariMed Expanding Kalm Fusion™ Cannabis Products to Multiple States (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)

11/5/17: Southern Maryland’s medical cannabis store set to open soon (THE BAYNET.COM)

11/3/17: Medical marijuana: Shore medical community slow to embrace it (DELMARVA NOW)

11/2/17: CannaCare Docs statement on MMCC’s out-of-state patient changes (FACEBOOK)

10/30/17: Worcester medical marijuana grower: ‘This is medicine we’re creating’ (DELMARVA NOW)

10/27/17: Medical Cannabis Dispensary Planned for Retail Center in Twinbrook Area (BETHESDA MAGAZINE)

10/26/17: Maryland hopes to begin dispensing medical marijuana soon (WASHINGTON POST)

10/26/17: Linthicum medical marijuana dispensary receives county approval, building permit (CAPITAL GAZETTE)

10/26/17: Is medical marijuana safe for children? (WJLA)

10/25/17: Md. pot companies cleared, get licenses after probe of possible conflicts of interest (WASHINGTON POST)

10/25/17: Salisbury medical marijuana dispensary gets state license (DELMARVANOW.COM)

10/25/17: Commissioners remain cautious on medical marijuana (THE BAYNET.COM)

10/25/17: County ponders zoning regs on medical marijuana (THE CALVERT RECORDER)

10/24/17: Pikesville dispensary is latest conflict between medical cannabis providers and neighbors (BALTIMORE SUN)

10/24/17: Baltimore Preps for First Batch of Dispensaries (LEAFLY)

10/24/17: Inside look of the first medical marijuana dispensary on the Eastern Shore (ABC WMDT)

10/24/17: Salisbury Facility Receives Medical Marijuana Dispensary License (MD COAST DISPATCH)

10/24/17: Maryland Medical Marijuana Program Kicks Off as the State Enters the $6.7 Billion Cannabis Craze (MONEYMORNING.COM)

10/18/17: Infographic: The Fastest-Trending Cannabis Strain in Every State in 2017 (LEAFLY)

10/16/17: Medical marijuana case moves forward after requests for resolution (FREDERICK NEWS POST)

10/13/17: Don’t let Sessions turn back the clock on medical marijuana (BALTIMORE SUN)

10/11/17: Marylanders May Get To Weigh-in on Legalization (AFRO.COM)

10/11/17: Case that could disrupt Maryland medical marijuana industry will go to trial (BALTIMORE SUN)

10/10/17: Inaction in Congress threatens Maryland medical marijuana (BALTIMORE SUN)

10/10/17: Online MMJ Card Company Expands to New York, Maryland & Pennsylvania (GANJAPRENEUR)

10/9/17: Doctors to offer veterans free medical marijuana consultations (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

10/7/17: For patients, a wait as medical cannabis industry puts down roots (FREDERICK NEWS POST)

10/6/17: Data Dive: Breaking Down Maryland’s Medical Cannabis Industry By Race & Gender (LEAFLY)

10/6/17: Montgomery County’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Could Open in October (BETHESDA MAGAZINE)

10/6/17: Federal Hill is getting a medical marijuana dispensary (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

10/5/17: Fight For Black Participation in Maryland Cannabis Industry Continues (AFRO.COM)

10/5/17: Grow West Approved for Cumberland Grower Facility (WCBC)


10/4/17: Hagerstown medical marijuana business gets state licenses (HERALD MEDIA MAIL)

10/3/17: First Maryland medical cannabis crop grown but not yet for sale (BALTIMORE SUN)

10/2/17: Maryland law that makes it easier for people to clear past marijuana convictions from their records took effect (MARIJUANA POLICY PROJECT)

10/2/17: The U.S. Supreme Court declined to take up a Maryland court’s ruling that the “odor of marijuana alone emanating from vehicle with multiple occupants does not give rise to reasonable articulable suspicion that vehicle’s occupants are armed and dangerous and subject to frisk.” (MARIJUANA MOMENT)


9/30/17: Black Caucus may ‘take a knee’ if General Assembly leaders don’t swiftly pass medical marijuana expansion (BALTIMORE SUN)

9/27/17: Maryland Legislative Black Caucus will hold public hearings (SF CHRONICLE) Cannabis is on the topic list!

9/26/17: Maryland Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford (R) said he is in favor of medical cannabis but not full marijuana legalization. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

9/25/17: Maryland Still Struggling to Find Footing in Medical Marijuana Landscape (MARIJUANA.COM)

9/22/17: The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission has moved its offices, effective September 22, 2017 (MMCC.MARYLAND.GOV)

9/21/17: Medical marijuana dispensary opening in former Quiznos near BWI (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

9/20/17: Marijuana Education Program Gets Axed By University of Maryland (THE FRESH TOAST)

9/19/17: University of Maryland pharmacy school cancels plans to train medical marijuana workers (WASHINGTON POST)

9/18/17: University of Maryland pharmacy school cancels plans to train medical marijuana workers (BALTIMORE SUN)

9/15/17: Ben Jealous, a Maryland Democratic gubernatorial candidate, is criticizing the state’s current drug policies. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

9/14/17: How Restaurateur Jeff Black Got In The Medical Cannabis Business (WASHINGTONIAN)

9/14/17: Quinsam Acquisition Target Announces LOI With Maryland Medical Cannabis Dispensary to Advance Secured Loan With Bonus 35% Equity Participation (GLOBE NEWS WIRE)

9/8/17: Websites claiming to sell puppies & marijuana at the Maryland fairgrounds (WMAR) 

9/8/17: Hippocratic Growth owners say education biggest challenge (KENT ISLAND BAY TIMES)

9/6/17: Medical cannabis dispensary eyes Perryville property (CECIL DAILY)

9/4/17: Medical marijuana plants growing in Maryland (WMAR)

9/4/17: First Crop Of Legal Weed In Maryland Is Now Growing (GREEN RUSH DAILY)

9/3/17: Meet the companies launching Maryland’s cannabis industry (BALTIMORE SUN)

9/3/17: A guide to medical marijuana in Maryland (WASHINGTON POST)

9/2/17: Maryland’s medical marijuana is finally growing (WASHINGTON POST)

9/2/17: Mary’s Medicinals Products Coming to Maryland Medical Cannabis Patients Through a Continued Partnership with GTI (STL.NEWS)

9/2/17: Marijuana commission head defends review process in light of lawsuit against applicant (CAPITAL GAZETTE)

8/31/17: World’s dumbest drug dealer? Probation for man who sold cannabis at fair (FREDERICK NEWS POST) IT WAS CBD, FOLKS

8/31/17: DeWolfe urges justices to let marijuana-frisk decision stand (THE DAILY RECORD)

8/30/17: Baltimore lawmakers consider zoning regulations for medical marijuana dispensaries (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

8/30/17: Baltimore City Council weighs concerns about cannabis dispensaries (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/30/17: Marijuana panel surprised by federal lawsuit against Annapolis dispensary owner (CAPITAL GAZETTE)

8/29/17: Locations of medical marijuana dispensaries won’t be public until state licenses are issued (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/29/17: Maryland Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous tweeted that “doubling down on failed ‘War on Drugs’ era [policies] would be “dumb on crime” (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

8/28/17: Maryland medical pot companies that missed licensing deadline get a reprieve (WASHINGTON POST)

8/28/17: Despite missing deadline, three medical marijuana growers approved (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/28/17: Baltimore readies for 11 medical marijuana businesses to open (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/28/17: Medical marijuana commission approves three growers and two processors (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

8/28/17: Maryland Medical Marijuana Dispensary To Open Soon, After Years Of Delays (GREEN RUSH DAILY)

8/28/17: How Anti-Mafia Laws Could Bring Down Legal Pot (ROLLING STONE) Not MD specific, but interesting read

8/28/17: Md. medical marijuana commission considers expanding processor licenses (DAILY RECORD)

8/28/17: SunMed Growers receives license to grow medical cannabis (CECIL DAILY)

8/25/17: Amid MMJ Delays, Maryland Approves 8 New Cultivators (LEAFLY)

8/22/17: Want to see proof of institutional racism? Let weed open your eyes. (WASHINGTON POST)

8/21/17: Columbia lab readies to test marijuana products as first growers approved (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

8/17/17: Medical Marijuana Growers Still Missing Black Representation (AFRO.COM)

8/17/17: No licenses yet for Harford Co. medical marijuana dispensaries (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/17/17: Md. marijuana growers that missed Monday deadline could get second chance (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

8/15/17: Maryland regulators approve eight new medical marijuana growers (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/15/17: Maryland’s long-delayed medical marijuana program gets 8 new growers (WASHINGTON POST)

8/15/17: Hancock firm ready to grow medical marijuana (HERALD MAIL MEDIA)

8/14/17: Two medical cannabis growers approved for Frederick County (FREDERICK NEWS POST)

8/14/17: Timonium facility gets license to grow, process medical marijuana (WBAL TV)

8/13/17: Ready or not, Maryland marijuana firms face big deadline (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/11/17: There are other factors contributing to Maryland’s ‘morass’ (WASHINGTON POST)

8/10/17: Maryland Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous criticized the medical cannabis program’s rollout on Twitter, saying “it exludes our black entrepeneurs” (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

8/8/17: Maryland is mired in a medical-marijuana morass (WASHINGTON POST)

8/6/17: Md. Medical marijuana industry needs a diversity strategy (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/4/17: Maryland probes potential conflicts in grading medical marijuana applications (WASHINGTON POST)

7/31/17: State leaders reject call for special session on medical marijuana (BALTIMORE SUN)

7/30/17: Marijuana experts scored prospective Md. pot businesses. Some had ties to them. (WASHINGTON POST) MUST READ!!!