Maryland Safe Vape Cart List

Remember a couple weeks back when the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission sent out an advisory to patients regarding potential lead contamination in used vape cartridges? I made a really big deal about it.

Phyto DC Vape Cart

MMCC stated in their advisory that there is no known risk of lead contamination in carts that use ceramic coils instead of metal ones. That tracks! So, since that notice came out, I’ve been researching all the Maryland processors making vapes to find out who is using what, exactly.

The good news is most brands in Maryland are using ceramic coils! Several either told me directly that they use the popular CCELL vape hardware or they list it on their site.

Several haven’t been able to provide a definitive answer yet- they’re noted in a separate category below. I figured I’d rather present the info I have now then wait til I could confirm every last one. Only one brand, Grassroots, has come out to tell me they use metal coils. They are in the process of switching over to CCELL.

FYI, for the sake of this article, “Safe” just means “Hardware uses ceramic coils.” I’m explicitly not making any claims as to their actual safety. Coolsies?

I’m also not saying that the carts listed below meet my quality standards. My vape cart reviews are linked in the brand name where applicable.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Recent news reports suggest there is a risk of severe lung damage associated with vaping. State health authorities are investigating. VAPE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Uses Ceramic Coils

  • Rythm, per RISE Bethesda dispensary
  • Culta, per Culta Baltimore dispensary (CCELL)
  • Verano, per ZenLeaf Jessup dispensary
  • Curio, per Curio Pikesville dispensary
  • Liberty, per Liberty Rockville dispensary
  • Curaleaf, per Curaleaf Reisterstown dispensary
  • Vireo, per Maryland sales team
  • UKU, per their website (CCELL)
  • MPX, per their website (CCELL) and see further statement regarding the advisory here)
  • AiroPro, per RISE Bethesda
  • Evermore, per their website (CCELL)

Unconfirmed Vapes

  • Grassroots, confirmed metal but in process of switching to CCELL
  • gLeaf
  • Kind Therapeutics (Nature’s Heritage & Lucid Mood brands)
  • OG Clear/AFS (haven’t found a way to get a hold of these guys yet)
  • Prime Extracts

I think that’s everyone! Will update this article with confirmations as I receive them. Have a safe and happy 7/10 everybody!