National Cannabis Festival Pics!

Discussions legal challenges in Cannabis at the Weedmaps tent with speakers from Drug Policy Alliance & Students for Sensible Drug Policies

The DC Medical Cannabis Trade Association- DC’s medical marijuana dispensary owners speak on local challenges

Looks who’s reppin for Rythm! Congrats, Kylie!

Lots of Maryland medical dispensaries at NCF. Here’s ZenLeaf, a vertically integrated store (two, in fact) owned by the Verano growers

The promo work around NCF was simple, yet elegant. Also, someone playing guitar.

Blunts are very popular in DC. Found this guy mid-roll by the stage and he was kind enough to let me get a pic.

Barrels of fertilizing fun! No, that doesn’t sound right…

The Munchie Zone had a tremendous selection of food trucks. Plus Chocolate Freaking Bacon!

I thought Cottonmouth Bar was quite clever- Lagunitas on deck.

Alternative Solutions panel speaks about cultivating cannabis in DC. Here, Joey Lewis threatens to cast Meteor on the audience. Or he was talking about pheno-hunting. Can’t remember.

Bulb Wellness, minutes before it was razed to the ground by attendees shrieking for freebies. It was a bloodbath. I havent slept since.

DCMJ’s portable prison with a lumpy sack of constipated potatoes.

Schiller (left) and Eidinger, the DCMJ leadership, rousing the rabbles

It aint a DC party without the Mambo Sauce! Hi Sam!

The Glassblowing Exhibition from DC Glass Gallery artists was a highlight of NCF.

See-I on the NCF stage minutes after Councilmember At-Large Robert C. White, Jr. spoke about the need for DC statehood