Lemon Meringue (Illuminate DC)

Lemon Meringue weed

The Gentleman’s back with just the cure for those sleety snowy rainy Monday blues, baby! FURRY PARTY!!! Whoops, heheh, wrong website. What I meant to say was ‘stay inside and snack on this super frosty Lemon Meringue’ available today from DC’s favorite candlestick-makers (and gift weed delivery service!) Illuminate DC.  They…

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Platinum Bubba (Diamond City Delivery)

Platinum Bubba weed!

Today our friends at gift weed delivery & pick-up fave Diamond City Delivery have Platinum Bubba (above photo) to share with you! Also available today are Wedding Cake, Animal Glue, and Zkittles. You can visit Diamond City on the web or schedule your appointment via text at 202-509-9624. Read my review of…

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Hades OG (Green Label Grinders)

Behold Hades OG, my razor-fanged harpies! Freshly reclaimed from The Pit by our friends at I71 weed pick-up service Green Label Grinders. Schedule your appointment to get yours now! Here’s the full list of flowers they have available to share with you today: SATIVA Blue Magic INDICA Hades OG (above) Forbidden…

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Blackberry Kush (Cloud 9)

Merry Super Bowl’s Eve, everybody! Schedule your appointment with I71 delivery fave Cloud 9 before the game so you don’t have to miss a single commercial getting up to answer the door! Today they have Blackberry Kush flowers to share with you today (pictured above) along with White Tahoe Cookies, Afgoo, and Classic Cookies.…

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