THE CLEAR (Mahatma) Vape Cartridge

Mahatma The Clear Vape Denver

Cannabis Station wasn’t originally on the Gentleman’s list of dispensaries to check out in Denver, but getting my dainty, be-gloved hands on some of The CLEAR brand concentrate most definitely was! As I meandered the streets near Mile High Stadium in search of some refreshment, a bright, beautiful hummingbird mural along the…

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Super Gold Shatter from Phone Homie DabberHashery

Phone Homie, host of The Slab Hour on and an original, driving force in the District’s cannabis event scene, is as renown for his dashing haberdashery as his personal brand of concentrates. His thread designs strike a balance between heady and stealth, while the DabberHashery strikes Super Gold in their latest shatter…

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Sour Diesel, Gorilla Glue #4 Flowers & Live Resin from Da DoGooders

Da DoGooders is a premium-quality delivery brand that you might have missed running around the manic landscape of District’s cannabis scene following Initiative 71 unless you use LeafedIn, one of my favorite ways to find weed gifts and my go-to recommendation to tourists, who may not have a location in the…

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