DC Baked Baker

Dusk fell upon Traveller’s Road with a chill wind.  Binding my cloak against it’s bite, my eyes searched the wood ahead for the evening’s shelter.  It was then that the dark clouds overhead, which kept the glow of the heavens for themselves like a tall crowd round the gallows, roared and issued their…

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DC Seed Exchange (INTERVIEW)

Finally!  An Initiative 71-compliant seed exchange has taken root in DC and folks now have a simple, straightforward way to obtain their cannabis garden-starters.  DCSeedExchange.com was established to share top-quality genetics with our District’s ganjapreneurs, patients, & enthusiasts with a strong emphasis on the growing market of CBD-rich strains, but you’ll find plenty of good ole’ fashioned…

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DCMJ March of the Clones

That’s my favorite sign from Saturday’s March of the Clones protest, but the level of art production that went into this thing was really astounding, most especially the Carbonite version of artist Mike Flugennock’s Obama. You can find more on DCMJ’s Twitter feed, if you’re so inclined. I really should…

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Kashmir Red- Unboxing VIDEO (Abatin Wellness)

My latest video, courtesy of Capital Canna News!  Go on and take a gander at Abatin Wellness’ luxury cannabis line, Kashmir!  This is the first part, there’s more to come.  While I’m not a fan of “luxury” medical cannabis that costs $75 for 3.7g, the quality is simply undeniable.  The high is complex- a Herer-esque heightened sense of mental focus, uplifting, and a solid Skunk mental wall.  I really love this as medicine.