Gelato (PuffPuff DC)

PuffPuff DC is one of my favorite I71 pick-up services. They’ve always got a terrific selection of gifts, which you can peruse beforehand on their website, and contact is straightforward. Today we’re talking about PuffPuff DC’s Gelato!

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This is a newer strain recently popularized out in Cali, a cross between Thin Mint GSC & Sunset Sherbet. This batch features is light green with vibrant patches of purple, covered with shaggy red hairs and glistening with trichomes. The buds are fresh enough that they can easily be pulled apart or smooshed onto your grinder.

A strong sour aroma is the primary scent, but it’s a little woodsy, too, putting me in mind of flowers with a high percentage of the terpene humulene. The smoke is heavy, kinda harsh, and will definitely incite a coughing fit or two.

PuffPuff DC’s Gelato flowers are definitely a delicacy best reserved for the evening. The potency on these is enough to have my head, not swimming, but happily treading water for an hour or so before the cannabinoids leave me naught but exhaustion.

Since you’re locked into your own head, socializing isn’t happening. Unless your friends are cool with you smiling vacantly as you ponder what, precisely, they had asked you.

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