Welcome, fellow galactic traveler! Here’s a guide to what you’ll find on this here website, aside from radioactive cosmic dust mites. They don’t give you super-powers either, I checked already.

How to Get Weed in DC– the definitive guide, often imitated but never duplicated, written by YT

Reviews– welcome to the razzle dazzle, baby! This is what’s it’s all about. I know more about weed than anyone and I WILL GRECO-ROMAN WRESTLE ANYONE WHO THINKS THEY’RE BETTER THAN ME IN A CAGE OF FIRE, AND, LIKE, HUNGRY LIONS! YOU BETTER LUBE UP!!! Ahem. Where was I? I must have gotten distracted.

Now Available– quick-hitting daily posts of I71 gifts, local medical marijuana products, and more goodies from my travels

Which DC Dispensary Do I Choose? You no longer have to choose just one but there’s some helpful info here. FYI, Maryland patients can visit any DC dispensary, too!

You Qualify for a DC Medical Marijuana Card– seriously, any DC resident qualifies.

DC Marijuana Pop-Up Shop FAQ– my latest takes on the scene.

Find Marijuana Pop-Up Events! this will take you to

Best of GT– my personal favorite reviews with some director’s commentary for my nerds out there. Sup nerds!!! One love yall

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