Super Silver Hazeland (DC TeaPad)

Super Silver Haze x Candyland

Oh, this is a particularly joyous Friday, my ferocious, feral frogmen! The weather’s beautiful, the government is gonna stay open for a while (at least long enough to get your resume over to Amazon), and no doubt best news of all, gift weed delivery & pick-up service¬†DC TeaPad has Super Silver Hazeland to share with you! Super Silver Hazeland is a cross of the classic Super Silver Haze with modern favorite Candyland. Also available today are Doc OG, Grapefruit Power Plant, and Slurricane!

And Mr. Bezos, if you’re listening, I have a low-budget scifi horror movie series that’d be perfect for your Prime viewers, but I can’t talk about it here where everybody can hear me. Have your people call my people! My people is me. I’m waiting by the phone. But text first, please, I don’t answer numbers I don’t know.

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