Super Blue Nebula (Spaced Out DC)

Check out the Super Blue Nebula flowers from gift weed delivery service Spaced Out DC! And they’ve got plenty more gifts where that came from- here’s today’s list: Purple PunchDiamond OGPineappleShiatsu KushRuthless OGGolden LemonAlien Berry KushRainbow KushDyno BreathPurple CandyBlack WaterMendo Purple Kush MonsterPineapple JaegerJ1OG TITSPennywiseBlue SkunkLemon KushClementineBirthday CakeSour TITSOGOrange CookiesTriangle…

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Dyno Breath (HashApp)

Happy Double Friday, baby! DynoBreath is now available from DC gift weed delivery service HashApp! Other flowers available today include: Cinex Purple Punch Rainbow Kush DynoBreath MPK/Monster Squirrel Bait Chocolope Hades Lemon Kush Chem Scout Highlander OG Sticky Monkey #4 Super Glue Headband Sage N’ Sour Pineapple Kush Grape Inferno…

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Cannabis Science Con East ’19 Experience

Cannabis Science Conference East 2019 just wrapped up at the Baltimore Convention Center and the Gentleman had a fantastic experience. Not only did I learn a lot, but the networking opportunity for the local industry was simply unparalleled. I found groups from many Maryland & DC medical dispensaries, cultivators, and…

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Chocolate Diesel (Green Label Grinders)

Green Label Grinders has a new Sativa to share with you today, Chocolate Diesel! Gifts from Green Label are available exclusively by pick-up. Set your appointment online today! Other available flowers include: Birthday Cake (Hybrid) Blackwater (Indica) Blue Dream (Hybrid) Cheese (Hybrid) Dynamite (Indica) Dynobreath (Hybrid) Hades OG (Indica) Classic…

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Squirrel Bait (Select Co-Op)

Squirrel Bait flowers are now available for delivery (and pick-up) in Washington DC from our friends at Select Co-Op! Here’s all the flower gifts Select Co-Op has for you to choose from today: Limited Sour Cookies Grape Inferno Orange Crush Squirrel Bait Presidential Kush Black Diamond OG Spacecake Pineapple Jaeger…

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Trainwreck OG (Diamond City Delivery)

Check out Trainwreck OG, now available from our friends at DC gift weed delivery & pick-up fave Diamond City Delivery! You can schedule your appointment online or via text at 202-509-9624. Other flowers available today: Blue Cheese Purple Ayahuasca Billy Kimber OG Animal G4 Wedding Cake Review: Alien OG More…

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Blueberry Muffin (Select Co-Op)

Blueberry Muffin flowers are now available for delivery (and pick-up) in Washington DC from our friends at Select Co-Op! The photo above is au naturale totally unassisted lighting by the way- these flowers are really that purple. Also available from Select Co-Op today: Limited Blueberry Muffin Sour TITS Orange Crush…

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Blue Cheese (Diamond City Delivery)

Blue Cheese DC weed

Welcome to the Jungle, baby! You’re gonna get friiiiiiiiiiiied! Today our friends at DC gift weed delivery & pick-up fave Diamond City Delivery are sure to whet your Appetite for Destruction with this Blue Cheese! Also available today are Purple Diesel, Animal G4, & Purple Punch. You can visit Diamond…

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Purple Punch (Spaced Out DC)

Purple Punch weed

 Purple Punch Delivery & Pick-Ups Washington, DC Mon-Thurs 11am-7pmFri-Sat 11:30am-9:30pmSun 11am-7pm Happy Saturday, baby! Check out these gorgeous Purple Punch flowers that Spaced Out DC has to share with you today! Purple Punch is a cross of Larry OG and Ken Estes’ seminal Grandaddy Purp. This indica is totally…

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Mint Julep (Green Label Grinders)

Mint Julep weed

Mint Julep Pick-Ups by Appointment in Washington, DC Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday from 10am-8pm. Our friends at Green Label Grinders have some spectacular Mint Julep to share with you today! The sweet mint aroma smells just like chewing gum, smokes incredibly smooth, and grinds down to the soft,…

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Purple Urkle (PuffPuff DC)

Purple Urkle weed

Today our friends at gift weed pickup fave PuffPuff DC have Purple Urkle (pictured above) to share with you! Call 202-374-2962 to schedule your appointment now. Also available today: SATIVASour GrapeIce TrayGrapefruit Power PlantSticky MonkeyCrystal Coma HYBRIDChocolate DropOGCherry TrainCookies INDICADurga MataPurple PunchOG Purple MaceTahoe OGGrandaddy Purp Review: Alien OG More…

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Blueberry Kush (Cloud 9)

Blueberry Kush weed

Happy Saturday, my warbling, wassailing wildebeests! Today our friends at DCvgift weed delivery service Cloud 9 have these Blueberry Kush flowers to share with you! PS they also do pick-ups. Other gifts available today include Green Fairy, Afgoo, Lemonade, Master Kush, and Berry White. Schedule your appoint now and we’ll see you in…

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Blue Cookies (Diamond City Delivery)

Blue Cookies close-up

Hello, sunshine! Today our friends at DC gift weed delivery & pick-up fave Diamond City Delivery have Blue Cookies (above photo and close-up below) to share with you! Also available today are Platinum Bubba, Animal G4, Purple Punch, Banana OG and Wedding Cake. You can visit Diamond City on the web…

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Roger Boyd Vapes Weed Across the World on a Bicycle

Hello, fellow Tokers! My name is Roger Boyd. Well, actually it isn’t, but that’s the pseudonym I use for the project I’ve been working on since October 2013, The fake name was given to me by an American journalist called Bart Blasengame in his article in the November 2014 edition…

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Runtz (Dope City Supreme)

Runtz Dope City Supreme DC Marijuana Flowers Dc image photography weed

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! Did you forget??? Not to worry, my hopeful Romeos, our friends at DC gift weed delivery & pick-up fave Dope City Supreme anticipated exactly this scenario and stocked the shelves with enough Roses, Candles, and Bath Bombs to fuel a localized population surge tomorrow. Naturally, the gifts…

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Lemon Meringue (Illuminate DC)

Lemon Meringue weed DC

The Gentleman’s back with just the cure for those sleety snowy rainy Monday blues, baby! FURRY PARTY!!! Whoops, heheh, wrong website. What I meant to say was ‘stay inside and snack on this super frosty Lemon Meringue’ available today from DC’s favorite candlestick-makers (and gift weed delivery service!) Illuminate DC.  They…

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Platinum Bubba (Diamond City Delivery)

Platinum Bubba weed!

Today our friends at gift weed delivery & pick-up fave Diamond City Delivery have Platinum Bubba (above photo) to share with you! Also available today are Wedding Cake, Animal Glue, and Zkittles. You can visit Diamond City on the web or schedule your appointment via text at 202-509-9624. Review: Alien OG More…

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Hidden Leaf DC Expands to NYC!

Skywalker Weed Marijuana DC OG Hidden Leaf

Positively jubilant news, my pernicious pack of phantasmic piranha! Hidden Leaf DC has expanded and is now available in NYC! Whether you’re roaming the Nation’s Capital or the Big Apple, the jonin of the Hidden Leaf are holding you down with high quality buds like the classic Skywalker OG flowers…

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Hades OG (Green Label Grinders)

Green Label Grinders DC Hades OG marijuana flowers

Behold Hades OG, my razor-fanged harpies! Freshly reclaimed from The Pit by our friends at I71 weed pick-up service Green Label Grinders. Schedule your appointment to get yours now! Here’s the full list of flowers they have available to share with you today: SATIVA Blue Magic INDICA Hades OG (above) Forbidden…

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Blackberry Kush (Cloud 9)

Blackberry Kush Flowers DC Cloud 9 Local Business

Merry Super Bowl’s Eve, everybody! Schedule your appointment with I71 delivery fave Cloud 9 before the game so you don’t have to miss a single commercial getting up to answer the door! Today they have Blackberry Kush flowers to share with you today (pictured above) along with White Tahoe Cookies, Afgoo, and Classic Cookies.…

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Chocolate Drop (PuffPuff DC)

Puff Puff Marijuana Flowers DC

Happy Snowy Friday, baby! Those hardy souls brave enough to venture out into this winter wonderland will find some positively deelish Chocolate Drop flowers (pictured above) from our friends at I71 pickup fave PuffPuff DC. Call 202-374-2962 to schedule your appointment now! Also available today: SATIVASour GrapeCherry TrainCrystal ComaLemoncelloIce TrayGrapefruit…

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Presidential Kush (Spaced Out DC)

Spaced Out DC Presidential Kush marijuana flowers

Happy Saturday, mes amis! Today our friends at I71 delivery fave Spaced Out DC have some sparkly Presidential Kush marijuana flowers (pictured above). to share with you! If that don’t float your boat, Cap’n, well I’m sure we can find something on this nearly Baskin Robbins-sized list of gifts that will. If variety…

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Pineapple Mango Kush (Diamond City Delivery)

Diamond City Delivery DC Pineapple Mango Kush marijuana flowers

Check out these pretty Pineapple Mango Kush flowers from I71 delivery & pick-up fave Diamond City Delivery! Our amigos buenos at DCD also have Glookies, High School Sweeheart, and these Purple Headband flowers to share with you today! You can visit Diamond City on the web or schedule your appointment via…

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Purple Headband (Diamond City Delivery)

Diamond City Delivery DC Purple Headband marijuana flowers

Today’s gift selection from I71 delivery & pick-up fave Diamond City Delivery includes the Purple Headband flowers pictured above along with Glookies, Pineapple Mango Kush, High School Sweetheart, Fortune Cookies, Lemon Chem, and Platinum Cookies. You can visit Diamond City on the web or schedule your appointment via text at 202-509-9624. Review: Alien…

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Pineapple Bubba Kush (Dope City)

Dope City Supreme link

Above you’ll find today’s gift selection from I71 delivery & pick-up fave Dope City Supreme. If you’re looking for serious potency, ask about their Platinum Widow and Silver Kush gifts. Oh! If you need some walking-around joints, check out Dope City’s DC 5 Pack. Get a dozen and stash em in your bug-out…

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Sour Cream (Diamond City Delivery)

Diamond City Delivery DC Sour Cream marijuana flowers

Today’s gift selection from I71 delivery & pick-up fave Diamond City Delivery includes the beautiful, locally grown Sour Cream flowers pictured above along with Platinum Cookies, Lemon Chem, and Red Headed Stranger. You can visit Diamond City on the web or schedule your appointment via text at 202-509-9624. Le bon temps roule, baby!…

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Durban Cookies (Dope City Supreme)

Hope y’all had a great holiday! Above you’ll find today’s gift selection from I71 delivery & pick-up fave Dope City Supreme. For those looking for true potency, ask about their Blueberry Kush and Pineapple Flash gifts. Oh! Remember to get yourself one of Dope City’s DC 5 Pack of prerolled joints,…

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Sour Grape (PuffPuff DC)

PuffPuff DC Sour Grape flowers

Today our friends at I71 pick-up fave PuffPuffDC have some frosty and delicious Sour Grape flowers to share with you, Washington! Photo above, naturally, but the internets aren’t scratch’n’sniff for…obvious reasons…so you’ll have to take my word for the second part until you schedule your own appointment to check it out! Review:…

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Exotic Prerolls (Trending Leafs)

Exoitc PreRolls flavors prescription marijuana

Kick back and relax this weekend with Exotic Prerolls, now available in a veritable smorgasbord of your favorite flavors from I71 delivery & pickup fave Trending Leafs! Should you wish to roll your own, presented here is today’s flower list for your consideration, dear patron: SATIVA SourLope HYBRID Mega Wellness Biscotti…

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Diamond OG (DC TeaPad)

DC Teapad Diamond OG flowers image photography weed

Well, my star-children, it has been a week, wouldn’t you say? Congrats to Michigan for legalizing adult-use sales wooooo! And to Utah for passing medical marijuana. Don’t forget about decriminalization measures passing in fourteen Wisconsin counties and five Ohio cities. We see you baby! And progressive cannabis-first voters awkward hate/teeth-clenching…

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Kandy Kush (GoodSmoke420)

marijuana 420 DC Kandy Kush image weed

Halloween weekend continues, baby! Guitar riff!!! Today’s gift selection from I71 delivery fave GoodSmoke420, like Alien OG, Purple Crack, or the Kandy Kush above, wa-laah. Schedule your appointment today so you’re all set for me to come trick-or-treating! You’ll know it’s me cuz I’ll be dressed like Constantine, of course. That’s…

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Platinum Cookies (DC TeaPad)

image Dc platinum flower photography marijuana

DC TeaPad’s Platinum Cookies aren’t just another sparkly face. This hybrid has a phenomenal nose, sugary and cinnamony and YUM. Get your gift now before they’re all gone! Also available from this I71 delivery fave is the classic sativa-dominant hybrid Blue Dream and indica-dominant hybrid Silverback Gorilla. Ooh, that sounds…

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Grape Grenades (Diamond City Delivery)

Diamon DC Delivery HQ image grape grenade flowers weed marijuana

FIRE IN THE BOWL!!! Now available from I71 delivery & pick-up fave Diamond City Delivery is their gorgeous signature strain Grape Grenades (above) along with Vanilla Gelato, Sour Diesel, and Wedding Cake flower gifts. You can visit Diamond City on the web or schedule your appointment via text at 202-509-9624. Oh, right! As…

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Blackberry Lemonade (DC Green Kings)

DC Blackberry Lemonade flowers image weed photography Green Kings

Today’s gift selection from I71 delivery fave DC Green Kings includes their new Blackberry Lemonade (pictured above) along with Do-si-dos, Forbidden Fruit, Blackwater, TITS, Platinum Bubba, Jagoo, Gelato, Platinum OG, Gorilla Cookies, Blueberry OG, Sticky Monkey #4, OG Chem, and Zkittles. Whew! That’s a long list. Time for a smoke break!…

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Wedding Cake (Diamond City Delivery)

HD photography DC wedding cake flowers images marijuana

LET US SMOKE CAKE! Now available from I71 delivery & pick-up fave Diamond City Delivery is the very popular Wedding Cake strain along with White Alien OG, Banana Do-si-dos, and God’s Green Crack flower gifts. You can visit Diamond City on the web or schedule your appointment via text at 202-509-9624. Review: Alien…

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Purple Punch (Diamond City Delivery)

HD Purple Punch Flowers Image DC Diamond Delivery Business Local marijuana

Alright, alright, the hurricane’s off (“What’s ‘e say?” “Sez ‘erricane’s off, mother.” “Oh, shame, and I had me nice poncho picked out an’ everythin.”), but you can still stock up on quality buds, my luvs. Just look at that pretty Purple Punch! Now available from I71 delivery & pick-up fave…

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Superman OG (Green Label Grinders)

Green Label DC Superman weed photography HD

Look, up in the sky- is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s YOU, my mild-mannered reporters, with a little help from Superman OG, now available from I71 delivery & pickup fave Green Label Grinders! They also have Blackwater, Candyland, Do-si-dos, Grease Monkey, San Fernando Valley OG, Sticky Monkey #4, Somango,…

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White Cheese (Dope City Supreme)

Your Saturday gift selection from I71 delivery & pick-up fave Dope City Supreme includes: TIER 1 White Cheese (above, Hybrid) Jack Herer (Sativa) Critical Kush (Indica) TIER 2 Mango Kush (Hybrid) Cinderella 99 (Sativa) Lemon Sour Diesel (Sativa) Review: Platinum Gelato More Dope City Photos!  VISIT DOPE CITY ONLINE!

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Grape Pie (Diamond City Delivery)

Diamond City Delivery DC Grape Pie flowers image marijuana

How does a fat slice of Grape Pie from I71 pick-up/delivery fave Diamond City Delivery sound to get you over Hump Day, baby?  Visit their swanky new website or text to schedule your appointment at 202-509-9624. More flowers available from Diamond City today include: Citrus Clementine (Sativa) Blue Cookies (Indica) Phantom Cookies (Hybrid,…

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High Octane OG (Bagged Buds)

Pardon the interruption in your regular review programming, friends, but I had to let y’all know about this High Octane OG that just dropped from I71 delivery fave Bagged Buds (pictured above). Their impressive selection of flower gifts also includes Pink Cookies, Incredible Hulk, Wedding Cake, Cherry Pie, Mendo Breath, Sunset…

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July Gelato (Diamond City Delivery)

You made it to Friday, baby! Now you can kick back and enjoy this beautiful weather with some equally beautiful buds, like this Gelato from I71 pick-up/delivery fave Diamond City Delivery. Visit their swanky new website or text to schedule your appointment at 202-509-9624. More flowers available from Diamond City today include:…

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Sherbet Gelato (Diamond City Delivery)

Your weekend gift selection from I71 delivery fave Diamond City Delivery includes the sparkly Sherbet Gelato pictured above, AKA Sherbato, AKA Sherblotto, AKA Sherlock Gelatolmes, AKA Sher-Hand ‘Lato, AKA Sir Sherbs-a-lat, and so on, you get the idea, a new cross of Sunset Sherbet and Gelato. They’ve also got Citrus…

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Lemon Haze (PuffPuff DC)

Today’s gift selection from longtime I71 pick-up fave Puff Puff DC includes the beautiful, bright green Lemon Haze sativa buds pictured above along with: Super Skunk (Sativa)Candyland (Sativa)Blue Dream (Hybrid)Blueberry (Indica)Monster Cookies (Indica)Aurora Borealis (Indica)Vida Cork (Indica) Review: Alien OG More PuffPuff DC Photos here! 

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Bubba OG (Diamond City Delivery)

Today’s gift selection from I71 delivery/pick-up fave Diamond City Delivery includes the gorgeous Bubba OG pictured above along with Blueberry Skunk (very blueberry-y) and J1 (Jack Herer x Skunk #1). Text Diamond City today to schedule your appointment at 202-509-9624. Ask about the Orange Cookies if you’re looking for a real punch…

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Cookies & Cream (Diamond City Delivery)

It’s Friday, baby, you made it! Why don’t you Treat Yo Self to some of these gorgeous, frosty Cookies & Cream hybrid flowers from I71 delivery/pickup fave Diamond City Delivery? Mmm-mmm, looks good, don’t it? Seriously, click that link. Oh, right! The other gifts that Diamond City Delivery has to choose…

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Candy Apple (Green Label Grinders)

Delivery/pick-up brand Green Label Grinders has consistently impressed your Gentleman with the quality of their locally grown flowers. If you haven’t checked ’em out yet, you’re missing out, mijo! Today’s gift selection include sexy new flavors like the Candy Apple sativa (above) and Blackwater indica (below) along with the Blue Rhino…

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Blueberry Cereal (Temescal Wellness)

Temescal Wellness lured the Gentleman out to Baltimore suburb Pikesville with a wide selection of concentrates offered at $50/half-gram, which is one of your most affordable options for the Maryland medical program thus far. They’re vertically integrated throughout, meaning they grow their own flowers, perform their own extractions, and sell…

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Alien OG (Diamond City Delivery)

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but they’re about to be everybody’s newest I71 BFF. Meet Diamond City Delivery, everybody! My newest favorite weed gifting service offers delivery and pick-up so you can get your cannabis gifties in whatever way is most convenient for you, my precious, summer snowflake. It…

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Lemon HashPlant (PuffPuffDC)

You made it to Friday, baby, congrats! Now, here’s today’s gift selection from PuffPuff DC to get your weekend started: Lemon Hashplant- Indica (pictured)Mendo X Pineapple- IndicaPure Vida- IndicaFire OG- HybridSour Blueberry- HybridT.I.T.S. X (Indoor)- HybridChemdawg- SativaTangerine- SativaLemon OG- Sativa Review: Alien OG More PuffPuff DC Photos here! 

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White Gold (Diamond City Delivery)

I couldn’t wait to let you know about the latest I71 activist group offering delivery and pick-up options to earn the Gentleman’s much-vaunted blessing, Diamond City Delivery! Their signature flower strain is the White Gold pictured above, a cross between White Widow and Himalayan Gold. Here’s their full list of…

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Washington DC & Maryland Dispensary 420 Deals!

You’re a busy so and so, why should you have to dig through pages and pages and pages of Washington DC and Maryland dispensaries to find the best deals to celebrate 420? That’s my job. So I threw on the 80s station and got to it. Have you heard this…

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JenniCannAdventures is a new ganja-touristing service with excursions to Alaska to see the Northern Lights (and smoke some), enjoy infused s’mores while you camp under the stars in Maine, and retreats right here in the Nation’s Capital. Therefore, I was certain to join JenniCannAdventures for their recent DC launch to…

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Limoncello (Dope City Supreme)

Book your delivery with Dope City Supreme today through their website and the DCS team will contact you for order details! Today’s gift selection includes: TIER 1 FLOWERS Limoncello- Hybrid (pictured, very frosty) Sour Diesel- Sativa BANJO (Hybrid) Platinum Gelato (Hybrid) *ASK ABOUT… OG Kush (Hybrid) Cherry Pie (Hybrid) Dutch…

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DC Medical Marijuana Reciprocity!

Today is the day, my pretty penguins! DC Medical Marijuana Reciprocity has officially begun. If you have your Maryland medical card– or a print out of your certification- you can visit any DC dispensary right meow! Be sure to check out the Gentleman’s Guide to DC Dispensaries before you go.…

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DC Medical Marijuana Dispensary Restriction Lifted!

Okay, this is Part 1 of the exciting changes coming to Washington DC’s medical marijuana program. As of yesterday (see my News page), the District’s medical marijuana patients are no longer limited to the dispensary printed on their card. That’s right, you can just walk right in to any of…

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DCMJ/DCCBA Weed Giveaway Tomorrow!

DCMJ, if you’re unfamiliar, was the driving force behind Initiative 71, the District law that allows for growing, possession, and sharing of ganja. In the post-I71 blissful chaosalypse, they continue their important work to advance the rights of cannabis enthusiasts and medical patients alike. DCCBA is one of the business…

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NOW AVAILABLE- Umm, Just Flowers, Guys

Bad news, everyone. As of today, the clarification from MPD after the recent pop-up raids regarding what is and is not allowed regarding Initiative 71 means that there won’t be any further reviews of the concentrate, vape cartridges, or edibles from DC besides what’s available from the medical marijuana program on the site, at least…

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Free Weed Friday- DC Grrl Power Edition!

Happy Friday, baby, it’s time for the next free weed giveaway! Quick FYI about the DC cannabis scene that doesn’t get enough mention in the media, roughly 75% of the brands featured on are minority, female, or veteran-owned- sometimes all three. Opportunities to own a cannabis business are mostly…

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Grape Diamonds (Real Deal Farmz)

Incredible Bulk DC weed

It’s been a while since we checked in on Real Deal Farmz, hasn’t it? One of DC’s most talented growers in my own not-so-humble opinion, RDF’s organic, hydroponic flowers are consistently excellent, with wonderful scent profiles and terrific potency. We’ve already looked at his fantastic Grape Ape, Tangerine Dream, and…

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VapeMaster Sunset Sherbet Cartridge (Canamelo)

Canamelo has long been one of the Gentleman’s favorite DC delivery brands. Their current batch of premium outdoor flowers is excellent, especially the Jesus OG I smoked before I got around to taking pictures. Sometimes Daddy ain’t got time for cameras! The Gelato Pie was especially sparkly and even though…

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NOW AVAILABLE- Holiday Gift Box (Joint Delivery Co)

Ho ho ho, my rambunctious, red-nosed reindeer! Imagine the glee on your favorite stoner’s face when they open your present Christmas morning and it’s weed. They’re gonna be so happy! Oooh, I’m smiling just thinking about it! Joint Delivery Co is promoting their new Bulb Wellness brand with their Holiday Gift…

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NOW AVAILABLE Pineapple Kush from High Focus

Our amigos at the High Focus delivery service asked the Gentleman to let y’all know about a couple of special strains they have available in limited quantities- their extra-kiefy Pineapple Kush and a very interesting sativa cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and Strawberry Cough called, you guessed it, Gorilla Cough. Catch it…

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Slabbin Fresh Clementine Shatter

Hell, yes! Despite the bitter cold and pouring rain, Virginians turned out to repudiate experimental mini-Trump Gillespie, electing another Democratic governor over threats that MS-13 would rape their babies and tear down all their statues of dead racist traitors. The only Confederacy I’m down with is “of Dunces,” but let’s…

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Holy Grail Kush Terp Sugar (Washington Vape Co)

Buenos dias, my carnal chupacabras! It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! Halloween Weekend, woot! Finally time to let my beautiful, brown curls down and have some fun. The Gentleman is a fan of Washington Vape Co’s vape cartridges already, as you’ll recall from my previous review, but I was really…

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