Jack Herer (Green Label Grinders)

Green Label Grinders has JACK HERER flowers to share with you today! Green Label now offers Pickup AND Delivery. Whatever works best for you, snookums! You can set your appointment on their site here. Other available flowers include: Grandaddy Purple (Indica) Sticky Monkey #4 (Hybrid) Jack Herer (Sativa) Lemon Haze…

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Chocolate Diesel (Green Label Grinders)

Green Label Grinders has a new Sativa to share with you today, Chocolate Diesel! Gifts from Green Label are available exclusively by pick-up. Set your appointment online today! Other available flowers include: Birthday Cake (Hybrid) Blackwater (Indica) Blue Dream (Hybrid) Cheese (Hybrid) Dynamite (Indica) Dynobreath (Hybrid) Hades OG (Indica) Classic…

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Mint Julep (Green Label Grinders)

Mint Julep weed

Mint Julep Pick-Ups by Appointment in Washington, DC Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday from 10am-8pm. Our friends at Green Label Grinders have some spectacular Mint Julep to share with you today! The sweet mint aroma smells just like chewing gum, smokes incredibly smooth, and grinds down to the soft,…

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Hades OG (Green Label Grinders)

Green Label Grinders DC Hades OG marijuana flowers

Behold Hades OG, my razor-fanged harpies! Freshly reclaimed from The Pit by our friends at I71 weed pick-up service Green Label Grinders. Schedule your appointment to get yours now! Here’s the full list of flowers they have available to share with you today: SATIVA Blue Magic INDICA Hades OG (above) Forbidden…

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Superman OG (Green Label Grinders)

Green Label DC Superman weed photography HD

Look, up in the sky- is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s YOU, my mild-mannered reporters, with a little help from Superman OG, now available from I71 delivery & pickup fave Green Label Grinders! They also have Blackwater, Candyland, Do-si-dos, Grease Monkey, San Fernando Valley OG, Sticky Monkey #4, Somango,…

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Candy Apple (Green Label Grinders)

Delivery/pick-up brand Green Label Grinders has consistently impressed your Gentleman with the quality of their locally grown flowers. If you haven’t checked ’em out yet, you’re missing out, mijo! Today’s gift selection include sexy new flavors like the Candy Apple sativa (above) and Blackwater indica (below) along with the Blue Rhino…

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