2/27/19: Virginia medical cannabis to expand to full therapeutic-strength products (STAUNTON NEWS LEADER)

2/27/19: School nurses to dispense medical cannabis to students bill passes VA Senate (STAUNTON NEWS LEADER)

2/27/19: Bill to ensure access for medical cannabis patients set to become law (STAUNTON NEWS LEADER)

2/23/19: Unlawful entry prompts reversal of marijuana conviction (VIRGINIA LAWYERS WEEKLY)

2/22/19: Virginia’s General Assembly Governed This Year Amid Scandal. Here’s What Passed And Didn’t. (WAMU)

2/19/19: Virginia dentists suspended for alleged drug activity in exchange for dental work (WTVR) 

2/18/19: Most parents don’t want medical marijuana dispensaries near their kids (WSLS) Awesome, I don’t want kids near my dispensary. Those things are rife with germs.

2/17/19: Pitch for Pot: Mother of child with cancer, local delegate want marijuana reform in Va. (WAVY)

2/14/19: New Virginia law would protect students who use CBD and THC-A Oils (WTKR) Plus laws were passed to double the amount of allowable THC to 10% and to allow for caregivers to possess on behalf of a patient.

2/12/19: Black Officials In Virginia Send Demands If Governor, Attorney General Refuse To Resign (ESSENCE.COM)

1/30/19: Virginia CBD program chided as multistate medical cannabis firms gain edge (MJ BIZ DAILY)

1/30/19: Virginia farmers see lots of promise in hemp, though uncertainty around economic benefits remains (VIRGINIA MERCURY)

1/30/19: Naked man high on marijuana bites his dog then FBI agent in Virginia, police say (WUSA 9)

1/25/19: 7 medical cannabis companies appeal Virginia board’s “prejudicial” decision (THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT)

1/25/19: Today is the Grand Opening of District Hemp’s second location in Leesburg! The new shop is located at 19 Wirt St SW. You can also visit them online!

1/24/19: Virginia Medical Cannabis Bills Clear Senate Committee (NORML)

1/24/19: Five Virginia Politicians Thwart the People and Democracy in Marijuana Reform Legislation (BACON’S REBELLION)

1/18/19: What Principles Govern Virginia’s Approach to Tobacco, Vaping, Marijuana? (BACON’S REBELLION)

1/17/19: Perryman: While the feds take first step, Virginia continues to crawl (THE ROANOKE TIMES)

1/17/19: Virginia marijuana bills die in House committee (THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT)

1/17/19: Va. House panel snuffs out marijuana bills (FREDERICKSBURG.COM)

1/14/19: Advocates seek more access to medical marijuana (VIRGINIA BUSINESS.COM)

1/14/19: Va. News: Bristol offers Medical Cannabis classes, Norfolk stops prosecuting Marijuana Possession (WVTF)

1/14/19: Bill sponsor says legal marijuana is example of limited government, personal liberty (WATCHDOG.ORG)

1/12/19: Virginia advocates seek more access to medical marijuana (WTKR)

1/10/19: Virginia firm says it has license to study medical marijuana (WASHINGTON POST)

1/10/19: Virginia lawmakers introduce bills to legalize marijuana use (WTVR)

1/9/19: Gov. Northam renews calls to decriminalize marijuana in speech to General Assembly (VIRGINIA MERCURY)

1/9/19: Alexandria senator reintroduces marijuana decriminalization bill in Senate of Virginia (LOCAL DVM)

1/9/19: Local delegate introduces bill to legalize marijuana in Virginia (WAVY)

1/8/19: Virginia prosecutor to stop prosecuting misdemeanor marijuana possession cases (WISHTV.COM)

1/8/19: Supreme Court orders Virginia to hear appeal of Justin Wolfe, who pleaded guilty to murder (WASHINGTON POST)

1/5/19: Marijuana decriminalization, Norfolk casino topics as local lawmakers prep for General Assembly (WAVY)

1/4/19: Virginia to again consider marijuana decriminalization (RICHMOND FREE PRESS)

1/4/19: Cannabis, gambling interests drive up Virginia lobbying registrations (ABC 13)

1/4/19: Marijuana Goes Mainstream in Virginia with More Legislative Action Expected at 2019 General Assembly (ALT DAILY)

1/3/19: Surry Co. students facing charges after marijuana found in vehicles during search (WAVY) This is pretty fucked up right here.

1/3/19: Is Marijuana Decriminalization in VA a Nonstarter? (PUBLIC NEWS SERVICE)

1/3/19: Pro-marijuana group believes decriminalization is DOA in Virginia this year (WFIR)

1/2/19: Upstart candidates for prosecutor hope to bring reform wave to Northern Virginia (WASHINGTON POST) Love love love this!

12/30/18: Pot Decriminalization on Assembly’s Agenda (THE NEWS & ADVANCE)

12/28/18: Hemp Legal Again in the United States (NEWS ADVANCE)

12/27/18: Virginia to again consider marijuana decriminalization (WHSV)

12/21/18: VA Voters Want A More Fair, Effective Criminal Justice System (IDEA STATIONS)

12/20/18: Editorial: Hemp, Hemp Hooray! The farm bill passes (PARKER PIONEER)

12/20/18: Mother arrested after cocaine found in crib next to 5-month-old daughter, police say (FOX5 DC) Ah, the old crib stash. A classic ruse.

12/18/18: Lawmakers In Two States Pre-File Bills To Allow Medical Marijuana At Schools (MARIJUANA MOMENT) “The Virginia bill, authored by Delegate Chris Hurst (D), specifies that students may only use cannabidiol (CBD) or THC-A, which are non-intoxicating components of cannabis that are legal in the state for medical use.”

12/18/18: Court docs: Police believe Va. Beach teen was fatally shot in attempt to steal marijuana (WAVY)

12/17/18: 11-month term imposed for trafficking 110 pounds of marijuana from California to Virginia (RICHMOND.COM)

12/16/18: Virginia sheriff says gas stations selling CBD were unknowingly hawking ‘pure marijuana’ (NBC 12)

12/16/18: Hopkinton man to again ask Natick selectmen for medical marijuana dispensary (METRO WEST DAILY) “The Winmill Group, a private security company based in Alexandria, Virginia, would provide security at the Natick facility”

12/13/18: The Virginia GOP should lead on marijuana reform (WASHINGTON POST)

12/13/18: Latest farm bill could be big boost to Virginia farmers (WSLS)

12/13/18: Virginia entrepreneur wants to start marijuana gifting business in Detroit (DETROIT FREE PRESS)

12/11/18: Lawmakers From Both Parties Celebrate Hemp Legalization In The Farm Bill (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

12/6/18: How pot went upscale so fast (SEATTLE TIMES) Cool open about DC and NoVA.

12/5/18: Region’s only medical marijuana dispensary to open in Portsmouth (WAVY)

12/4/18: A rise in marijuana arrests could impact your wallet. Here’s how (WILLIAMSBURG YORKTOWN DAILY)

12/3/18: Marijuana arrests and racism in Virginia, especially Arlington County (BACON’S REBELLION)

11/28/18: Virginia’s first hemp processing plant to be in Shenandoah Valley (THE BREEZE)

11/22/18: Police crackdown on store shelves products testing positive for marijuana (WRIC) CBD edibles & hemp flower joints testing as marijuana

11/22/18: Survey: Teen cigarette smoking declines in Virginia (THE COALFIELD PROGRESS)

11/14/18: Cigarette usage at all time low among Virginia teens (WSET) According to VA DOH, teens that use: e-cigarettes 11.8%, traditional cigarettes 6.5%, alcohol 5%, marijuana 2%.

11/14/18: Cannabis companies are paying federal taxes in cash and it’s giving the IRS a headache (QUARTZ) “federal spending data reveals the IRS is paying a Virginia company $1.7 million for ‘large cash payments for processing cannabis federal taxes’” called The MITRE Corporation

11/12/18: Virginia to Consider New Marijuana Decriminalization bill in 2019 General Assembly Session (BACON’S REBELLION) NOICE!

11/9/18: Go Green at these Cannabis Related Events in HRVA Next Week (ALT.DAILYCOM) HR= Hampton Roads. Learnin’ stuff everyday at GT!

11/7/18: Virginia mother, 28, who repeatedly gave her three children, ages 7, 11 and 14, marijuana to smoke is sentenced to 10 days in jail (DAILY MAIL)

11/3/18: Letter: Lewis wants to legalize marijuana (THE ROANOKE TIMES)

11/2/18: Man used Airbnb sites to stash marijuana in door-to-door delivery operation, authorities say (WASHINGTON POST) Double Jinkies!

11/1/18: Virginia’s 2018 Marijuana Decriminalization Bill: What Happened and What’s Next? (BACON’S REBELLION) Neat. I’m starting to like this guy.

11/1/18: Chesapeake medical marijuana company wants answers after “improper” state board decision (THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT) Here come the lawsuits again. Sigh.

10/25/18: Powhatan High student taken to hospital after consuming substance that may have contained THC (RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH)

10/24/18: Local law enforcement oppose legalizing marijuana (MARTINSVILLE BULLETIN) How silly. Former LE makes bank in legalization.

10/19/18: The case for legalizing recreational marijuana use in Virginia (BACON’S REBELLION) Dig it.

10/9/18: With Virginia medical cannabis dispensaries opening soon, learn about CBD’s potential health benefits (WTKR)

10/9/18: Long Island poker pro faces federal charges in Maryland for massive pot scheme (BALTIMORE SUN)

10/7/18: More lenient hemp laws could play new role in Virginia agriculture (THE ROANOKE TIMES)

10/5/18: Editorial: Cautious support for cannabis in Virginia (RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH) Watch out now, they’ll shoot you down in Goochland for liking weed. GT

10/4/18: Virginia official apologizes for ‘stupid tweet’ about shooting protesters at Rep. Andy Harris’ office (BALTIMORE SUN) Yikes! See what I mean? GT

10/2/18: Legalized Medical and Recreational Marijuana Use Appear to Hurt Alcohol Sales (BACON’S REBELLION)

9/28/18: Norfolk firm to use cannabidiol for medical research (VIRGINIA BUSINESS)

9/27/18: Educating Virginia Beach on medical marijuana (ABC 13)

9/26/18: State selects its medical cannabis dispensaries, but Hampton start-up not in the mix (DAILY PRESS)

9/26/18: Medical marijuana dispensary for Roanoke region to be located 2 hours away in Bristol (THE ROANOKE TIMES)

9/26/18: Virginia picks 5 companies to dispense medical marijuana (NBC12) CONGRATS!

9/25/18: Virginia marijuana arrests hit highest levels in a decade (VIRGINIA MERCURY)

9/20/18: Norfolk city leaders join panel about marijuana policy reform (ABC 13)

9/18/18: Local prosecutors say they will continue pursuing minor marijuana cases (WINCHESTER STAR) Aaaaand that kinda shit is exactly why I avoid VA. No offense. GT

9/17/18: Virginia Board of Pharmacy to grant five licenses for medical marijuana out of 51 applications (MDJONLINE.COM)

9/17/18: Virginia NORML and O’Connor Brewing hosting marijuana-related forums and events (ABC 13)

9/17/18: Will Virginia Legalize Recreational Marijuana Use? (BACON’S REBELLION)

9/8/18: Legalize Virginia Festival at Norfolk brewery to highlight marijuana reform (ABC 10)

9/5/18: First look at potential marijuana dispensary in Hampton (WAVY 10)

9/4/18: State panel handing out Virginia’s first medical marijuana licenses will conduct work in secret (RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH)

8/27/18: Virginia board now reviewing medical marijuana applications (WDBJ 7)

8/24/18: Hemp Makes a Return to George Washington’s Farm (SMITHSONIAN)

8/21/18: Marijuana News Today: Pot Stock Market Still Roaring, Virginia Opens the Door to CBD Oil (PROFIT CONFIDENTIAL)

8/20/18: Dozens of companies compete for a piece of Va.’s limited medical marijuana market (WASHINGTON POST)

8/16/18: Commission approves zoning changes for medical marijuana dispensary in Hampton (WTKR)

8/16/18: Rx Native Pharmaceuticals Competes for One of Five Medical Marijuana Licenses in Virginia (CANNABIS BUSINESS TIMES)

8/16/18: Legal cannabis is coming to Hampton Roads. The only question, who will get to process it? (THE VIRGNIAN PILOT)

8/16/18: Roanoke Prevention Alliance launches campaign to keep kids away from marijuana (WSLS) Keep the Stigma Alive, eh? Fuck you losers, you probably snort Zoloft. 

8/15/18: Medical marijuana dispensary expected to create jobs in Amelia (NBC 12)

8/9/18: ‘Smell of marijuana’ new police tactic? (RICHMOND FREE PRESS)

8/8/18: UPDATE: Decisions on permits for marijuana oil in Virginia pushed back to this fall (WCYB)

8/8/18: Law reform group pushes for city to stop prosecuting minor pot crimes (WINCHESTER STAR)

8/5/18: Hampton medical marijuana dispensary seeks to be first in Virginia (DAILY PRESS)

8/1/18: Virginia Democratic congressional candidate Elaine Luria tweeted, “The @DeptVetAffairs has largely refused to recommend medical marijuana, citing federal law. That puts the department out of step with most of the country. Veterans deserve access to treatments that work for them.” (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

7/31/18: Medical marijuana dispensaries are coming to Virginia. Here are 6 things to know. (THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT)

7/29/18: Records show marijuana charges, convictions fall more heavily on black Virginians (DAILY PRESS)

7/27/18: Ebbin hopes marijuana-decriminalization bill will be more than token effort (INSIDE NOVA)

7/27/18: Amelia could host regional site for medical marijuana operation (RICHMOND.COM)

7/19/18: $1.3M of marijuana plants seized in Southside (VIRGINIA FIRST)

7/18/18: Griffith speaks out on Southwest Virginia’s drug policy (SWVA TODAY)

7/14/18: Ex-Virginia Tech DB Mook Reynolds charged with marijuana-related felony (COLLEGE FOOTBALL TALK)

7/12/18: Griffith speaks against decriminalizing marijuana (BRISTOL HERALD-COURIER)

7/12/18: Federal prosecutors say that’s not seaweed on Cape Hatteras. It’s weed. (RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH)

7/12/18: New Virginia business aims to be Kickstarter for political influence (THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT) Oooh, interesting! GT

7/11/18: Hemp & Its Controversial Cousin, Marijuana, Face the Future (WVTF)

7/3/18: State delegate updates Virginia Beach City Council on medical cannabis treatments (WTKR)

7/3/18: Virginia Pot Dealer Sends Worst ‘U Up?’ Text Ever (REASON)

7/3/18: Marijuana advocates applaud effort to decriminalize drug on federal level (WHSV)

6/28/18: Virginia postal worker accused of 220-pound marijuana scheme (WTVR)

6/24/18: Letter: Marijuana should be decriminalized (THE ROANOKE TIMES)

6/20/18: Virginia receives 49 cannabis applications, 9 in Southwest (HERALD COURIER)

6/19/18:Five Medical Marijuana Licenses Get Big Attention in Virginia (DELMARVA PUBLIC RADIO)

6/14/18: Hampton to review zoning laws for potential cannabis dispensary (DAILY PRESS)

6/6/18: Virginia: Crime Data Shows Surge In Marijuana Arrests (NORML) been tellin y’all. Be careful out there! GT

6/6/18: Letter: Virginia’s flawed marijuana permitting process (THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT)

6/4/18: Bristol Virginia residents express support of Bristol Mall cannabis project (BRISTOL HERALD-COURIER)

6/4/18: Virginia Republican congressional candidate Denver Riggleman supports decriminalizing marijuana. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

6/4/18: Public weighs in on proposed medical marijuana facility (WJHL)

6/4/18: Bristol Va City Council approves potential multi-million dollar investment for Bristol Mall (WJHL)

6/4/18: Va. News: Charlottesville Therapy for Mental Illness, Medical Marijuana Processor Licenses (WVTF)

6/2/18: Cannabis business leaders opine on budding business (THE ROANOKE TIMES)

5/31/18: Brookings debuts its first documentary-short on medical marijuana in DC (BROOKINGS.EDU) About how an epileptic Virginia teen helped get VA’s marijuana law changed GT

5/30/18: State to thoroughly review cannabidiol processor applicants (BRISTOL HERALD COURIER)

5/29/18: Congressman Tom Garrett (R-VA), the chief sponsor of a marijuana descheduling bill, says he won’t run for reelection, citing alcoholism. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

5/28/18: Virginia Democratic congressional candidates voiced support for marijuana law reform in a forum. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

5/28/18: U.S. Sens. Mark Warner (D-VA) and Tim Kaine (D-VA) sent a press release about their support for legalizing hemp. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

5/24/18: Rep. Tom Garrett (R-Va.) affirms he will continue reelection bid (WASHINGTON POST)

5/23/18: Report: Violent crimes down; thefts, drug arrests, hate crimes up in Virginia (WSET) “Where type of drug was known, 71 percent of all drug arrests were for marijuana. Marijuana arrests increased 20.6 percent compared to the previous reporting period.”

5/8/18: COLUMN: Driving while high makes for a potentially lethal cocktail (FREDERICKSBURG.COM)

5/6/18: These States Have the Worst Medical Marijuana Policy in America (THE CHEAT SHEET) VA represent lolz

5/3/18: A New Documentary Shows The Life-Changing Effects Of Medical Marijuana For Epilepsy Sufferers (CIVILIZED)

5/1/18: HB 1251 expands use of medical marijuana (WHSV) YO! Read this one. Doctors will now be be able to write you a certificate you can keep with your THCa or CBD oil. GT

4/27/18: Inside Bipartisan Push for Legal Weed Research (ROLLING STONE)

4/27/18: Legal Review: Cannabidiol Continues to Gain Support (ARL NOW)

4/25/18: Medical marijuana bill sponsor says conservative Virginia Republican Rep. Goodlatte is a supporter (RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH)

4/24/18: Northam gets a B- grade from marijuana group (NBC 12)

4/20/18: Editorial: Virginia makes plans to grow medical marijuana (THE ROANOKE TIMES)

4/20/18: Can you smoke weed here? A look at the DC, Maryland and Virginia laws (WUSA 9)

4/20/18: The State Of Weed In The Washington Region: What’s Legal, What’s Not, And What’s Changing (WAMU)

4/18/18: Why the US needs federal marijuana reform: Q&A with Congressman Tom Garrett (MJ BIZ DAILY)

4/18/18: I don’t usually post busts, which make up a lot of Virginia headlines. I will say, however, that at the moment there are more bust headlines than usual- 4 came up in today’s search- and there’s generally been 1-2/week in the past couple of months. PSA, it don’t pay to play in VA. GT

4/9/18: Fisher: Virginia legislators are hypocritical on marijuana (THE ROANOKE TIMES)

4/9/18: Virginia Governor Passes New MMJ Law (WEED READER)

4/2/18: Richmond woman, Longwood student among 4 arrested in connection with drug bust (WRIC)

3/31/18: No, Virginia didn’t legalize medical marijuana. But supporters say the state is going ‘surprisingly far’ with cannabis oils (THE ROANAOKE TIMES)

3/28/18: Man Who Threatened Taylor Held Because of ‘Ease’ of Getting Gun (ROLL CALL)

3/26/18: Editorial: Law on cannabis oil a good start (THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT)

3/23/18: Anti-marijuana Virginia man accused of threatening to kill congressman (THE CANNABIST)

3/23/18: Virginia just made it legal to prescribe THCA and CBD for any diagnosed condition (HERB.CO)

3/20/18: CBD limits loosening in states written off by marijuana reformers (MJ BIZ DAILY)

3/19/18: Roanoke prevention advocates concerned about Virginia medical marijuana law (WSIS)

3/15/18: Gov. Northam Signs Medical Cannabis Oil Bill Into Law (NBC 29)

3/12/18: Virginia medical marijuana law takes effect (STAUNTON NEWS-LEADER)

3/11/18: Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) signed into law a bill allowing doctors to recommend CBD/THC-A medical cannabis oil for any condition. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

3/11/18: Ralph Northam approves groundbreaking medical marijuana legislation (WTKR)

3/8/18: 44 people charged in drugs, cash, guns crimes in Virginia (FOX NEWS)

3/8/18: Marijuana Series: Virginia Legislature Approves Expanded Use Of Cannabis-Derived Oils (LEXOLOGY)

3/7/18: Virginia State Police charge 57 people during drug round-up in Montgomery and Floyd Counties (WDBJ 7) 

3/6/18: Video Gamer Is Banned From Gaming Events After Sharing Cannabis Edible (WEED NEWS)

3/5/18: Speedrunner Says He’s Banned From All GDQ Events After Sharing His Medical Marijuana (KOTAKU)

3/5/18: The Virginia House Courts of Justice Committee will hold a hearing on a bill to let people expunge first-time cannabis charges. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

3/3/18: Fisher: Virginia legislators are hypocritical (THE ROANOKE TIMES)

3/2/18: Drug Task Force Seizes Marijuana, Cocaine After Executing Search Warrant (NBC 29)

2/26/18: Virginia Democratic congressional candidate Justin Santopietro supports legalizing marijuana (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

2/26/18: Virginia Poised to Make History With Expansion of Medical Cannabis Oil (CANNABIS BUSIINESS TIMES)

2/24/18: How Virginia turned around on medical cannabis (STAUNTON NEWS LEADER)

2/23/18: Medical cannabis bill heads to Virginia governor’s desk; what happens next (NEWS LEADER)

2/19/18: Virginia lawmakers unanimously back expanding use of medical cannabis oil (WHSV)

2/15/18: Virginia girl suffering from epilepsy receives marijuana oil treatments (WJLA)

2/13/18: Virginia Senate Passes Bill to Allow Expungement of First Marijuana Charge (CANNABIS BUSINESS TIMES)

2/13/18: Virginia Likely to Expand Medical Marijuana (ALT DAILY)

2/8/18: Virginia NORML Considered Instrumental in Passage of Medical Marijuana Expansion Legislation (NORML)

2/7/18: Virginia Paves Road for Medical Marijuana in Conservative States (THE DAILY CHRONIC)

2/7/18: Poll: Virginia Voters Support Marijuana Reform, Medicaid Expansion Compromise (NBC 29)

2/7/18: Virginia likely to expand medical marijuana (WTVR)

2/6/18: Medical marijuana is coming to Virginia (THE WEEK MAGAZINE)

2/5/18: Medical marijuana bill passes Virginia Senate 40-0 (STAUNTON NEWS LEADER)

2/5/18: Medical cannabis oil bill approved by all Virginia lawmakers (WUSA9)

2/3/18: Va. House of Delegates Passes Bill to Allow Use of Medical Cannabis Oils (WNBC)

2/3/18: Virginia moves closer to legalizing a form of medical marijuana (WUSA)

2/2/18: Marijuana oil use likely to expand in Virginia (WTOP)

2/2/18: Virginia House passes medical marijuana bill (WDBJ7)

2/1/18: Virginia moves toward approving cannabis oil as a medical treatment (WASHINGTON POST)

1/30/18: The Virginia Senate Courts of Justice Committee voted along party lines to kill a marijuana decriminalization bill. The panel approved a more modest bill that lets first-time cannabis offenders get their charges dismissed. It also voted in favor of legislation to allow doctors to recommend CBD or THC-A oil for any condition. Separately, the state Crime Commission released a report on decriminalization. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

1/30/18: Virginia Lawmakers Kill Marijuana Decriminalization Bill (HIGH TIMES)

1/29/18: Virginia mother with M.S. says cannabis oil helps: ‘It worked like nothing else’(WTVR)

1/29/18: Virginia Senate Republicans kill bill to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana (RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH)

1/29/18: The Virginia Senate Committee on Courts of Justice will hear several bills on marijuana decriminalization and medical cannabis expansion on Monday. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

1/26/18: Group Disappointed with Rejection of Marijuana Legalization Legislation (NBC29)

1/26/18: Medical marijuana bill passes Va House subcommittee (NEWS LEADER)

1/26/18: Virginia unlikely to decriminalize marijuana this year; Virginia NORML reacts (WSLS)

1/26/18: Virginia House Committee Votes Against Decriminalizing Cannabis Possession (MERRY JANE)

1/25/18: House Panel Backs Expansion Of Medical Marijuana Oils (WVTF)

1/24/18: House panel defeats bill to decriminalize simple possession of marijuana (RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH)

1/24/18: Medical Marijuana the Focus of Reform Efforts at 2018 Virginia General Assembly (BLUE VIRGINIA)

1/24/18: Disappointed by Norment bill, marijuana law reform advocates refocus agenda (HENRICO CITIZEN)

1/24/18: Virginina House Courts of Justice subcommittee will hold a Wednesday hearing on legislation to decriminalize marijuana and reform the state’s limited CBD medical cannabis program. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

1/23/18: Virginia Marijuana Advocates Disappointed by Proposed Bill, Refocusing Agenda (CANNABIS BUSINESS TIMES)

1/22/18: Virginia legislators consider marijuana-related bills (WNBC 12)

1/22/18: Advocates to lobby for marijuana legalization (THE SOUTHWEST TIMES)

1/22/18: Virginia’s Senate majority leader filed a bill to replace jail time for first-time marijuana possession with a fine. The bill stops short of removing cannabis criminalization, maintaining it as a misdemeanor. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

1/20/18: After backing marijuana decriminalization, Sen. Norment stops short with bill (RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH)

1/11/18: Hemp State Highlight: Virginia’s changing hemp model could pay big dividends (MJ BIZ DAILY)

1/11/18: Virginia congressman pitching marijuana “home run ball” (LOWELL SUN)

1/11/18: Virginia delegate filed a marijuana decriminalization bill. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

1/9/18: Virginia delegate introduced a bill to allow doctors to recommend CBD and THC-A oil for any condition. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

1/9/18: Norment to seek change in marijuana law (DAILY PRESS)

1/8/18: Major Virginia City Calls For Marijuana Decriminalization (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

1/8/18: MMJ Files Patent on Part-cannabinoid and Part-non-cannabinoid Treatment for MS (MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS NEWS TODAY)

1/3/18: Speeding driver had marijuana in his car, police say (READING EAGLE)

12/26/17: Virginia’s experimental hemp research program still “a work in progress” (THE CANNABIST)

12/22/17: Born a Stoner, always been a Stoner: Dentist produces cannabis-flavored spirits at Virginia Beach distillery (SOUTHSIDE DAILY)

12/21/17: Summit to be held to prepare for potential future hemp industry in Southside (WSLS)

12/20/17: Local Legislators Propose Marijuana Decriminalization Bills (ARL NOW)

12/20/17: Virginia representative filed a bill to extend that state’s current affirmative defense protection for CBD or THC-A oil to people with cancer. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

12/18/17: Virginia senator introduced a marijuana decriminalization bill. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

12/14/17: GOP Congressman: Legal Marijuana Has “Possibility To Create Jobs” (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

12/9/17: Goochlanders help guide farming legislation (RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH) briefly discusses the cannabis workshop

12/5/17: Teachers Accused of Smoking Marijuana Inside Elementary School (WNBC)

12/1/17: The Virginia State Crime Commission will discuss marijuana decriminalization on Monday (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

11/29/17: Cannabis could be boost for state farmers (THE VIRGINIA GAZETTE)

11/26/17: Veterans, grappling with PTSD, are helping to boost public support for medical marijuana (CNBC) Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access is based in Virginia- GT

11/22/17: Pain over politics: How this Staunton Republican became an advocate for medical marijuana (NEWS LEADER)

11/22/17: Virginia Commission Supports Prescription Cannabis (MARTINSVILLE DAILY)

11/21/17: Support in Virginia is growing for medical marijuana (NEWS LEADER)

11/20/17: Virginia farmers to gather for annual convention (WSET) with cannabis on the agenda! GT

11/20/17: Advocates Weigh in on Role Cannabis Policy Played in New Jersey & Virginia Governor Races (GANJAPRENEUR)

11/14/17: Sen. Tim Kaine Wants More Marijuana Research (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

11/14/17: Senator Tim Kaine Supports Medical Cannabis Research Bills in Congress (MERRY JANE)

11/9/17: Marijuana Legalization 2017: States and Cities Where Weed Won This November (INVERSE)

11/8/17: Marijuana Won Tuesday’s Election (FORBES)


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10/31/17: Virginia State Crime Commission Holds Hearing On Decriminalization (NORML BLOG)

10/30/17: Virginia Senate majority leader’s bill would decriminalize marijuana for first offenders (THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT)

10/30/17: University of Virginia researching hemp, medical marijuana (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

10/30/17: The State Crime Commission released a report on decriminalization’s effects. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

10/29/17: Virginia State Crime Commission to take public comment on marijuana possession decriminalization (RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH)

10/29/17: UVa harvesting first results from hemp, medical marijuana project (THE DAILY PROGRESS)


10/19/17: 22nd Century Completes Successful Hemp Field Trials with University of Virginia (BUSINESS WIRE)

10/17/17: FERGUSON: Keep marijuana illegal in Virginia (CAVALIER DAILY) FUCK YOU, THOMAS FERGUSON. THAT IS ALL.

10/16/17: Community Criminal Justice Days brings people together to discuss criminal and social justice issues (NEWSLEADER.COM)

10/16/17: ACLU Pennsylvania: Blacks Eight Times More Likely Than Whites To Be Arrested For Marijuana Possession (NORML BLOG) It mentions VA is the same.

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