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SYNOPSIS: Maryland’s medical marijuana program has been rolling for more than a year now! Residents can officially sign up as a patient using the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission’s website, you’ll just need to set up a doctor’s visit. There are dispensaries open in most counties across the state (Anne Arundel has been resistant) and still more to come. Prices and quality of products are decent and improving- check out my reviews of Maryland cannabis here! FYI, getting a patient ID card is no longer optional. New sign-ups have to pay the $50 fee to the MMCC to get their card and existing patients have until April 1. Get on it now!


1/18/19: State Accepting Applications for Industrial Hemp Pilot Program (SOUTHERN MARYLAND ONLINE)

1/18/19: From pot to cellphones: Dogs train to sniff out trouble (HERALD MAIL-MEDIA)

1/17/19: Brian Griffiths: Maryland lawmakers still dazed and confused on marijuana laws (CAPITAL GAZETTE) Pro Big Canna. Hmm.

1/17/19: Cannabis-infused beer? Flying Dog is seeking approval to brew one (BALTIMORE SUN)

1/16/19: Flying Dog Brewery Gets Into The Marijuana Beverage Game (FORBES)

1/11/19: Aboard the ‘canna crawl’ bus, Maryland marijuana patients find community, resources (POST BULLETIN)

1/10/19: Maryland regulators: Is medical marijuana effective for treating opioid addiction? Answer: It’s complicated (BALTIMORE SUN)

1/9/19: Maryland marijuana regulators look to General Assembly to help resolve ownership controversy (BALTIMORE SUN)

1/9/19: Weed for classrooms? Md. lawmakers to debate issue in General Assembly

1/9/19: Md. legislature opens amid questions about health of longtime Senate president (WASHINGTON POST)

1/9/19: Miller, Busch see different paths on marijuana legalization (THE DAILY RECORD)

1/8/19: Pro: It’s time for Maryland to decriminalize marijuana (THE DAILY RECORD) B I G R E A D from Del. Moon!

1/8/19: Con: Don’t rush into full commercialization of marijuana (THE DAILY RECORD) Boo hiss you suck get off the stage

1/7/19: Maryland Voters Warming To Legalized Sports Betting, Marijuana (WBAL)

1/7/19: Chart: Maryland’s first-year medical marijuana sales approach $100 million (MJ BIZ DAILY)

1/4/19: Maryland lawmaker proposes bill to combat opioid addiction with medical marijuana (WUSA 9)

1/4/19: New Rules for Medical Cannabis Patients in Maryland (WBOC)

1/4/19: 9 key issues that Maryland lawmakers will address during the 2019 General Assembly session (BALTIMORE SUN)

1/3/19: More blacks still arrested for marijuana charges (BALTIMORE SUN)

1/3/19: Podcast: Dispensary owner talks challenges, future of medical marijuana industry (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

1/2/19: Church claims medical marijuana dispensary allowed to open near children’s camp (WUSA 9)

1/2/19: Offit Kurman announces collaboration with cannabis law firm (THE DAILY RECORD)

1/2/19: Marijuana Decriminalization in Maryland Has Not Stopped Implicit Bias nor Institutional Racism Against Black People (THE ROOT)

1/1/19: Legalizing marijuana, banning ‘ghost guns’ on to-do list for Md. lawmakers (WTOP)

12/31/18: Legal marijuana made big promises on racial equity — and fell short (NBC NEWS) This is straight fyah right here.

12/31/18: Medical Marijuana Industry Blossoms in 2018 (WBOC)

12/30/18: Advocates again hoping to make marijuana legal in Md. (THE DAILY RECORD)

12/28/18: Structural Racism and Cannabis: Black Baltimoreans still disproportionately arrested for weed after decriminalization (BALTIMORE FISHBOWL)

12/26/18: 10 things that can happen after a state legalizes marijuana (INSIDER)

12/24/18: Year in Review: How far Md.’s cannabis industry has come — and where it’s going next (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

12/21/18: Medical cannabis sales top $100 million in Maryland (LOCAL DVM)

12/21/18: Hearing on turning popular Maryland diner into medical-marijuana dispensary postponed (WASHINGTON POST)

12/20/18: Part 6, Best in State: 2018’s Top Cannabis in Maryland (LEAFLY) Liberty for best concentrate- because of how they’re organized? What are you smokin?

12/18/18: Maryland marijuana grower ForwardGro ordered to pay fine for using banned pesticides on cannabis crops (BALTIMORE SUN)

12/13/18: Former DNC And RNC Chairs Join One Of The World’s Largest Marijuana Companies (MARIJUANA MOMENT) Former MD Lt Gov Steele is joining Tilray.

12/12/18: New effort in Maryland to combat upsurge in fentanyl deaths (NEW JERSEY HERALD) “a spokesman for the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Baltimore district office said fentanyl has become so ubiquitous that it’s showing up in laced cocaine, marijuana and counterfeit prescription pills.”

12/12/18: Maryland ‘cultural gem’ won’t be a pot dispensary, but its days as a diner might be numbered (WASHINGTON POST) Boo. I wanted to buy pot at the Tastees.

12/7/18: Medical marijuana sales in Maryland tops $96M as market booms in first year of operation (BALTIMORE SUN)

12/7/18: Marijuana education or illegal drug-selling? Instagram’s not sure. (WASHINGTON POST)

12/7/18: Maryland cannabis industry plans to fight potential ad ban in General Assembly (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

12/7/18: Former NFL player from Edgewater faces drugs, weapons charges (BALTIMORE SUN)

12/6/18: Maryland marijuana panel approves ban on cannabis advertising on billboards, radio, TV and other media (BALTIMORE SUN)

12/6/18: 4 San Jose men arrested, tied to nationwide drug ring; $600K, 800 pounds of marijuana seized (KTVU) Baltimore was included in the ring. Also, these guys were arrested with a rocket launcher! Man that’s cool.

12/5/18: ‘Cooking with cannabis’ classes are teaching Marylanders how to make their own marijuana edibles (BALTIMORE SUN)

12/4/18: Marijuana, minimum wage on Maryland lawmakers’ radar (HERALD MAIL-MEDIA)

12/2/18: Anne Arundel Community College professor awaits green light on medical marijuana program (CAPITAL GAZETTE)

12/1/18: Letters: Which medical cannabis patients are committing crimes? (CAPITAL GAZETTE)

11/30/18: Tastee Diner’s future may go up in smoke (BALTIMORE SUN) Holy schnikes! A dispensary in the old Laurel Tastees? Sign me up, baby!

11/29/18: Billion-dollar company stakes claim on Michigan’s marijuana industry (MLIVE.COM) Leads with a photo of Botanist dispensary in Baltimore, owned by Acreage Holdings. Yep, the guys that hired John Boehner.

11/29/18: US cannabis edibles firm Dixie Brands debuts trading on CSE (MJ BIZ DAILY)

11/28/18: A black man in Maryland was trying to help out his neighbor — then he was arrested (BALTIMORE SUN) “After his arrest, a Montgomery police officer explained to the crowd that another officer speaking with Ahmed had “smelled an odor of marijuana coming from him.”

11/27/18: Owners Plan to Convert Classic Laurel Diner Into a Marijuana Dispensary (EATER.COM)

11/26/18: Edibles and Emerging Cannabinoids: News From Maryland’s Medical Cannabis Forum (LEAFLY)

11/24/18: Medical marijuana takes root in part of Tri-State (HERALD MAIL-MEDIA)

11/21/18: Medical marijuana sales in Maryland set to blow through one expert forecast, reach $100 million (BALTIMORE SUN)

11/19/18: Medical marijuana dispensaries are sprouting up all over the Bethesda area. Who’s using them—and will full legalization be next? (BETHESDA MAGAZINE)

11/16/18: National companies moving to take over Maryland marijuana businesses, despite state law (BALTIMORE SUN)

11/16/18: Judge tosses Ohio medical marijuana license requirements for minority groups (CLEVELAND.COM) references Maryland’s efforts

11/14/18: Gambrills Student Jailed For 8 Months In China Is Home: Report (PATCH.COM) Well I guess I’m not learning kung fu at Shaolin. Sigh. That place in the strip mall looked alright. I’m sure Master Doug knows what he’s doing.

11/14/18: MaryMed, a formerly suspended cannabis grower, cleared to begin operations (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

11/9/18: Here’s who stands to profit under a pro-pot governor (CHICAGO BUSINESS) Interesting section on Verano

11/6/18: Legalization On The Ballot: Live Marijuana Election Results (MARIJUANA MOMENT) Jealous lost, but you know that already

11/5/18: Check out Greater Baltimore’s best-selling cannabis products (Photos) (BALTIMORE BIZ JOURNAL) GLeaf getting a lot of love

11/5/18: MariMed Co-Sponsoring Maryland Medical Cannabis Forum Nov. 8 in Baltimore (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)

11/2/18: Still not sure whether to vote for Hogan or Jealous? Here’s where they stand on the issues. (BALTIMORE SUN)

11/1/18: Gubernatorial changes might bode well for marijuana market growth (MJ BIZ DAILY) Get Jealous on Tuesday, baby!



SYNOPSIS: Initiative 71, baby, where ya been? Read my reviews of various cannabis-infused District brands! FYI, the clarification from MPD after the recent pop-up raids regarding what is and is not allowed regarding Initiative 71 means that there won’t be any further reviews of the concentrate, vape cartridges, or edibles from DC besides what’s available from the medical marijuana program on the site, at least until the law can be updated to allow these necessary medicines.Want to get a medical card instead? Boom! I can help you decide which dispensary to visit. Who loves ya like GT does?

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1/18/19: Grosso Pushes Marijuana Legislation with Democratic House in Session (AFRO.COM)

1/17/19: Everything You Need to Know About the Women’s March in DC This Weekend (THRILLIST)

1/15/19: AG nominee Barr has good news for D.C. legal marijuana advocates (WASHINGTON POST)

1/15/19: Desperate Parents and Discount Marijuana: DC in a Shutdown (VOA NEWS)

1/14/19: Cannabis Trade Federation hires 15 DC lobbyists to push for US marijuana law reform (MJ BIZ DAILY)

1/10/19: D.C. Pot Lobbyist : The Future of Marijuana Legalization on Capitol Hill (WGBH)


1/8/19: D.C. Lawmaker Files Bill To Legalize Marijuana Sales Despite Federal Concerns (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

1/8/19: Bill taxing and regulating marijuana sales coming soon to D.C: Mayor Bowser (WASHINGTON TIMES)

1/8/19: “New hope for bill to legalize marijuana sales in D.C.” (PoPville) FYI, Cafe Romeo pictured has terrible pizza.

1/7/19: Mayor Promises A Bill To Legalize Marijuana Sales Is Coming ‘Soon.’ One Councilmember Isn’t Waiting (DCist)

1/7/19: DC Police Seize $2.5M in Heroin, Maserati in Area’s Largest-Ever Drug Bust (NBC 4) 

1/5/19: Fire reported at medical marijuana warehouse in D.C. (WASHINGTON POST) Holistic Remedies/Organic Wellness/Liberty. I feel I should point out I had nothing to do with it.

1/2/19: Medical Marijuana Protected Under Democrats’ Spending Bill, But DC Blocked From Legalizing Sales (FORBES) Not surprising.

1/2/19: D.C. Police Bragged About Busting an ‘Illegal Narcotics Pop-Up Operation.’ Or As You Might Call It, Some People Selling Weed. (REASON)

1/2/19: D.C. Mayor Bowser takes the oath of office for a second term (WASHINGTON POST)

1/2/19: Gift of pot? Marijuana businesses work in Michigan law’s gray area (THE DETROIT NEWS)

12/20/18: DC Police make ‘substantial’ seizure at marijuana pop-ups (WUSA9) There’s a lot to unpack here. First, Lit City and its neighbor were raided. Second, this quote from MPD: “We have seen other narcotics, like heroin and cocaine at these parties,” he said. “And, at several, we’ve seen firearms and that’s a concern of ours.”

12/19/18: Women’s March 2019: Everything you need to know (ABC NEWS) “Though marijuana was legalized in Washington D.C., it is still illegal on a federal level and the march will be taking place on federal property — the National Mall — so it should be kept at home.” Accurate.

12/16/18: Marijuana Businesses in Michigan Skirt No-Sale Regulations with Cannabis Gifting (CIVILIZED)

12/14/18: Pilot With Cannabis Chocolate Bars Ends Up In DC Circuit Court (GREEN MARKET REPORT)

12/14/18: The CBD Revolution Is Being Led by Women (FREEDOM LEAF)

12/13/18: ‘Buy some chocolate, get some weed,’ says new Ann Arbor business (MLIVE.COM) Looks like they’re gifting in Michigan ahead of retail sales

12/13/18: Virginia entrepreneur wants to start marijuana gifting business in Detroit (DETROIT FREE PRESS)

12/10/18: Trump Official Wants To ‘Legally Permit’ Medical Marijuana In Federally-Subsidized Housing (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

12/7/18: Initiative 77 backers scramble to collect signatures to put tipped wage hike back on D.C. ballot (WASHINGTON POST) Adam Eidinger quoted.

12/6/18: How pot went upscale so fast (SEATTLE TIMES) Cool open about DC and NoVA.

12/6/18: ACLU-DC settles lawsuit against MPD officer accused of anal probe during stop and frisk (WJLA)

11/30/18: A 12-year-old gave out THC-laced gummies, police say. At least five classmates were hospitalized. (WASHINGTON POST) It was in Florida. Also, I think it’s kind of weird to say ‘hospitalized’ when they, uh, just had to wait to not be high anymore. It’s not like they had to get injections of 100cc’s stat! to live or whatever.

11/29/18: Man Stabbed By Two Unknown Suspects In Georgetown: Police (PATCH.COM) Yo WTF??? You gotta read this.

11/13/18: What The 2018 Midterm Results Mean For Legal Marijuana In D.C. (WAMU)

11/13/18: D.C. man arrested on gun charge after relatives alert police to his alleged white nationalist outbursts (WASHINGTON POST) “During his interview with federal agents, he told them he used marijuana nearly every day.” Ugh. I’ve said it before- everybody likes weed, including some really shitty people, which is what led to my Theory of the Even Distribution of Assholes.

11/12/18: ‘Right the ship’: Southern University’s marijuana partner gets new owner who promises production progress (THE ADVOCATE) Ilera Holistice Healthcare, the company working with Southern, recently merged with NHHC

11/9/18: Snoop Dogg Smoked a Blunt Outside the White House to Protest Trump (CIVILIZED) whaaaaa?

11/7/18: Democratic House flip may mean full legalization of marijuana in nation’s capital (WASHINGTON POST) but there’s basically an entire snow level between here and there. Good read.

11/5/18: DC Residents May Finally Be Able To Legally Sell Marijuana If Democrats Win The House (BUZZFEED)

11/2/18: Man used Airbnb sites to stash marijuana in door-to-door delivery operation, authorities say (WASHINGTON POST) Jinkies!

11/2/18: Drug Referrals Triple at Georgetown, Stagnate at Local Universities (THE HOYA)

11/2/18: Lost Village Finds Voice Against Marijuana Store Proposal Here (CHARLESTOWN PATRIOT-BRIDGE) District Growers quoted, lls ensue.

11/2/18: Backlash to Elissa Silverman’s D.C. Council first term fuels campaign to unseat her (WASHINGTON POST) Eidinger quoted



SYNOPSIS: The bill to expand Virginia’s medical marijuana program (still limited to CBD and THCa oil) to any condition has taken effect. Hooray! Five companies have been licensed to grow and dispense cannabis oils, each of which has its own jurisdiction, just like Jan Michael Vincents. Look for more details super soon! FYI, there’s a CBD store in Manassas called District Hemp that’s open now you should totally check out. YOU CAN GET A DOCTOR’S CERTIFICATE TO KEEP WITH YOUR THCA OR CBD OIL! That may offer some legal protection if you end up in trouble. Read this.


1/18/19: What Principles Govern Virginia’s Approach to Tobacco, Vaping, Marijuana? (BACON’S REBELLION) “What’s she smoking? Is it anybody’s business? In an era in which health care costs are socialized, it’s everybody’s business.” Actually, no. That’s some 1984 shit, boss. And who gets to determine what’s “healthy?” Doctors? You mean the folks hooking kids on meth and adults on heroin? Those guys? Fuck off with that.

1/17/19: Perryman: While the feds take first step, Virginia continues to crawl (THE ROANOKE TIMES)

1/17/19: Virginia marijuana bills die in House committee (THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT)

1/17/19: Va. House panel snuffs out marijuana bills (FREDERICKSBURG.COM)

1/14/19: Va. News: Bristol offers Medical Cannabis classes, Norfolk stops prosecuting Marijuana Possession (WVTF)

1/14/19: Bill sponsor says legal marijuana is example of limited government, personal liberty (WATCHDOG.ORG)

1/12/19: Virginia advocates seek more access to medical marijuana (WTKR)

1/10/19: Virginia firm says it has license to study medical marijuana (WASHINGTON POST)

1/10/19: Virginia lawmakers introduce bills to legalize marijuana use (WTVR)

1/9/19: Gov. Northam renews calls to decriminalize marijuana in speech to General Assembly (VIRGINIA MERCURY)

1/9/19: Alexandria senator reintroduces marijuana decriminalization bill in Senate of Virginia (LOCAL DVM)

1/9/19: Local delegate introduces bill to legalize marijuana in Virginia (WAVY)

1/8/19: Virginia prosecutor to stop prosecuting misdemeanor marijuana possession cases (WISHTV.COM)

1/8/19: Supreme Court orders Virginia to hear appeal of Justin Wolfe, who pleaded guilty to murder (WASHINGTON POST)

1/5/19: Marijuana decriminalization, Norfolk casino topics as local lawmakers prep for General Assembly (WAVY)

1/4/19: Virginia to again consider marijuana decriminalization (RICHMOND FREE PRESS)

1/4/19: Cannabis, gambling interests drive up Virginia lobbying registrations (ABC 13)

1/4/19: Marijuana Goes Mainstream in Virginia with More Legislative Action Expected at 2019 General Assembly (ALT DAILY)

1/3/19: Surry Co. students facing charges after marijuana found in vehicles during search (WAVY) This is pretty fucked up right here.

1/3/19: Is Marijuana Decriminalization in VA a Nonstarter? (PUBLIC NEWS SERVICE)

1/3/19: Pro-marijuana group believes decriminalization is DOA in Virginia this year (WFIR)

1/2/19: Upstart candidates for prosecutor hope to bring reform wave to Northern Virginia (WASHINGTON POST) Love love love this!

12/30/18: Pot Decriminalization on Assembly’s Agenda (THE NEWS & ADVANCE)

12/28/18: Hemp Legal Again in the United States (NEWS ADVANCE)

12/27/18: Virginia to again consider marijuana decriminalization (WHSV)

12/21/18: VA Voters Want A More Fair, Effective Criminal Justice System (IDEA STATIONS)

12/20/18: Editorial: Hemp, Hemp Hooray! The farm bill passes (PARKER PIONEER)

12/20/18: Mother arrested after cocaine found in crib next to 5-month-old daughter, police say (FOX5 DC) Ah, the old crib stash. A classic ruse.

12/18/18: Lawmakers In Two States Pre-File Bills To Allow Medical Marijuana At Schools (MARIJUANA MOMENT) “The Virginia bill, authored by Delegate Chris Hurst (D), specifies that students may only use cannabidiol (CBD) or THC-A, which are non-intoxicating components of cannabis that are legal in the state for medical use.”

12/18/18: Court docs: Police believe Va. Beach teen was fatally shot in attempt to steal marijuana (WAVY)

12/17/18: 11-month term imposed for trafficking 110 pounds of marijuana from California to Virginia (RICHMOND.COM)

12/16/18: Virginia sheriff says gas stations selling CBD were unknowingly hawking ‘pure marijuana’ (NBC 12)

12/16/18: Hopkinton man to again ask Natick selectmen for medical marijuana dispensary (METRO WEST DAILY) “The Winmill Group, a private security company based in Alexandria, Virginia, would provide security at the Natick facility”

12/13/18: The Virginia GOP should lead on marijuana reform (WASHINGTON POST)

12/13/18: Latest farm bill could be big boost to Virginia farmers (WSLS)

12/13/18: Virginia entrepreneur wants to start marijuana gifting business in Detroit (DETROIT FREE PRESS)

12/11/18: Lawmakers From Both Parties Celebrate Hemp Legalization In The Farm Bill (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

12/6/18: How pot went upscale so fast (SEATTLE TIMES) Cool open about DC and NoVA.

12/5/18: Region’s only medical marijuana dispensary to open in Portsmouth (WAVY)

12/4/18: A rise in marijuana arrests could impact your wallet. Here’s how (WILLIAMSBURG YORKTOWN DAILY)

12/3/18: Marijuana arrests and racism in Virginia, especially Arlington County (BACON’S REBELLION)

11/28/18: Virginia’s first hemp processing plant to be in Shenandoah Valley (THE BREEZE)

11/22/18: Police crackdown on store shelves products testing positive for marijuana (WRIC) CBD edibles & hemp flower joints testing as marijuana

11/22/18: Survey: Teen cigarette smoking declines in Virginia (THE COALFIELD PROGRESS)

11/14/18: Cigarette usage at all time low among Virginia teens (WSET) According to VA DOH, teens that use: e-cigarettes 11.8%, traditional cigarettes 6.5%, alcohol 5%, marijuana 2%.

11/14/18: Cannabis companies are paying federal taxes in cash and it’s giving the IRS a headache (QUARTZ) “federal spending data reveals the IRS is paying a Virginia company $1.7 million for ‘large cash payments for processing cannabis federal taxes’” called The MITRE Corporation

11/12/18: Virginia to Consider New Marijuana Decriminalization bill in 2019 General Assembly Session (BACON’S REBELLION) NOICE!

11/9/18: Go Green at these Cannabis Related Events in HRVA Next Week (ALT.DAILYCOM) HR= Hampton Roads. Learnin’ stuff everyday at GT!

11/7/18: Virginia mother, 28, who repeatedly gave her three children, ages 7, 11 and 14, marijuana to smoke is sentenced to 10 days in jail (DAILY MAIL)

11/3/18: Letter: Lewis wants to legalize marijuana (THE ROANOKE TIMES)

11/2/18: Man used Airbnb sites to stash marijuana in door-to-door delivery operation, authorities say (WASHINGTON POST) Double Jinkies!

11/1/18: Virginia’s 2018 Marijuana Decriminalization Bill: What Happened and What’s Next? (BACON’S REBELLION) Neat. I’m starting to like this guy.

11/1/18: Chesapeake medical marijuana company wants answers after “improper” state board decision (THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT) Here come the lawsuits again. Sigh.