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Maryland’s medical marijuana program has been rolling since Dec ’17! Residents can officially sign up as a patient using the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission’s website, you’ll just need to set up a doctor’s visit. There are dispensaries open in most counties across the state (Anne Arundel has been resistant) and still more to come. Prices and quality of products are decent and improving rapidly- check out my reviews of Maryland cannabis here! FYI, getting a patient ID card is no longer optional. New sign-ups have to pay the $50 fee to the MMCC to get their card and existing patients have until April 1. Get on it now!

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3/14/19: The Problem With Withholding Cannabis From Elderly Opioid Users (FORBES) “Another writer, who works in a Maryland cannabis dispensary, described how her own use of cannabis to overcome alcohol addiction inspired her to find a job in the field.”

3/12/19: Maryland Senate poised to ease ownership limits on marijuana dispensaries, despite outcry from small firms (BALTIMORE SUN)

3/12/19: Maryland bill could mean bigger ownership groups of medical cannabis dispensaries (WUSA 9)

3/8/19: North Carolina man caught in confusion over Baltimore’s policy on marijuana arrests, attorney says (BALTIMORE SUN)

3/6/19: Key Maryland Committee Holds Hearing On Two Marijuana Legalization Bills (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

3/5/19: Senate committee kills bill prohibiting medical marijuana in Maryland’s local jails (HERALD MAIL-MEDIA)

3/5/19: Cannabis in Maryland – 7 Laws to know (BALTIMORE POST-EXAMINER)

3/4/19: Anne Arundel council debates medical marijuana bill that could loosen county restrictions (CAPITAL GAZETTE)

3/3/19: An easy call on edibles (FREDERICK NEWS-POST)

3/3/19: Man arrested with Ravens RB Alex Collins had a previous arrest with a football player in 2016 (BALTIMORE SUN)

3/1/19: Hemp’s next step: Salisbury University signs on to research pilot program (DELMARVA.NOW)

2/28/19: ‘They’re focusing on Tyrone in West Baltimore and not Tommy in Canton’: Mosby explains policy to end pot cases (BALTIMORE SUN)

2/28/19: Maryland delegate says she won’t resign after House censures her for ‘racist and hateful slur’ (BALTIMORE SUN) “The last member of the House of Delegates to be publicly disciplined was Dan Morhaim, who was reprimanded in 2017 for not disclosing his paid work for a medical marijuana company while he advocated for legislation affecting the industry.”

2/27/19: Marijuana makes $100 million in Maryland–Is more to come? (THE BAYNET.COM)

2/26/19: Our Say: State lawmakers must carefully consider the business of selling marijuana (CAPITAL GAZETTE)

2/26/19: Police arrest suspect believed to be leader of largest drug network in Eastern Shore (WTOP)

2/24/19: Training aims to help minorities learn about medical marijuana careers (WBAL)

2/22/19: Tuesday is medical marijuana day in Maryland Senate (CAPITAL GAZETTE)

2/22/19: I applaud the Baltimore state’s attorney’s decision to stop prosecuting marijuana cases (BALTIMORE SUN) Op-ed from LEAP

2/21/19: Vindictive anti-marijuana Maryland congressman presses felony charges against activist for live-streaming meeting with staffer (ALTERNET.ORG)

2/21/19: Editorial: Consider medical cannabis dispensaries in commercial zones, but keep them away from schools (CARROLL COUNTY TIMES)

2/21/19: Marijuana And Increased Violence Op-ed (THE DISPATCH)

2/20/19: MOMS uses billboard to ask Baltimore Mayor Pugh to end marijuana arrests, prioritize homicide investigations (BALTIMORE SUN)

2/19/19: Marijuana-impaired driving spikes in Maryland, police say (WTOP)

2/19/19: Maryland lawmakers to study legalizing recreational marijuana in 2020 with state law or by referendum (BALTIMORE SUN)

2/19/19: Cambridge Opens First Medical Marijuana Dispensary (WBOC)

2/19/19: Maryland Beauty Queen Advocates the Healing Power of Medical Marijuana (NBC 4)

2/18/19: Md. lawmakers hear bills on police body cameras, marijuana use in cars (WTOP)

2/18/19: New poll finds Marylanders support legalizing marijuana, banning Styrofoam (WBAL)

2/18/19: Spike in Marijuana-Impaired Driving in Maryland, Police Say (NBC 4)

2/15/19: Md. marijuana activist charged with wiretapping for recording meeting with congressional staffer (WASHINGTON POST)

2/15/19: With opioid deaths up, Maryland looks to medical marijuana as possible treatment (WASHINGTON POST)

2/15/19: How to Minimize Taxable Income through Proper Classification of Business Costs (JD SUPRA) For cannabusinesses

2/15/19: Reactions to legalizing cannabis mixed (SO MD NEWS)

2/14/19: Student charged with wiretapping after livestreaming meeting at Maryland Rep. Harris’ office, prosecutors say (BALTIMORE SUN)

2/14/19: Woman with medical marijuana card tells police she sold her product ‘because it gives her something to do’ (BALTIMORE SUN)

2/13/19: Medical marijuana dispensaries might be allowed in Carroll’s commercial districts soon (CARROLL COUNTY TIMES)

2/12/19: Recent Report from Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission on Compassionate Use Fund Highlights Disparate Tax Treatment of Cannabusinesses (JD SUPRA)

2/11/19: Hundreds of minority businesspeople want piece of Maryland’s cannabis industry (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

2/11/19: Southern Maryland reacts to bills to legalize marijuana (THE CALVERT RECORDER)

2/10/19:  Activists Pledged To Openly Smoke Marijuana in Front of Police in Protest (CBS BALTIMORE)

2/7/19: Hagerstown joint venture sees big profits in medical marijuana (BALTIMORE POST EXAMINER)

2/7/19: Medical Marijuana ‘Can Help Everyone,’ Says Director at Maryland Cannabis Facility (PARKINSON’S NEWS TODAY)

2/6/19: Maryland Lawmakers Introduce Marijuana Legalization Bills (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

2/4/19: Md. lawmakers, not voters, should decide on marijuana, key legislators say (THE DAILY RECORD)

2/1/19: Pot brownies, and other edibles, could be next for Maryland’s medical marijuana industry (WASHINGTON POST)

2/1/19: Baltimore Police arrest about 1 person a day for marijuana possession, as Mosby promises to end prosecutions (BALTIMORE SUN)

2/1/19: Baltimore prosecutor files rarely used petition to erase marijuana convictions (BALTIMORE SUN)

2/1/19: Lobbying Firm Grows With Addition of Cannabis Association Leader (MARYLAND MATTERS)

1/31/19: Looking to Change Careers? The Cannabis Industry Wants You (FORTUNE.COM)

1/31/19: Pet poisoning from marijuana on the rise, say veterinarians (NEWS CHANNEL 9)

1/30/19: Oregon marijuana regulators fail to meet even basic standards, state audit finds (OREGON LIVE) “Maryland, for instance, found that 30 percent of all marijuana samples had yeast, mold and chromium when the state first started to test for those.”

1/29/19: Baltimore will stop prosecuting marijuana possession, Mosby announces (BALTIMORE SUN)

1/25/19: Maryland Farmers Discuss Ag Policy (LANCASTER FARMING)

1/25/19: ‘The people have spoken’: Pot dispensary pulls out of proposal to buy historic diner in Laurel (WASHINGTON POST)

1/25/19: Green Leaf Medical On Launching A Marijuana-Infused Beer (FORBES)

1/24/19: World Series of Poker player pleads guilty to supplying pot to Baltimore County drug crew (BALTIMORE SUN)

1/24/19: Vape pen marijuana use on the rise, cops say (FOX 5)

1/23/19: Family searching for answers after 19-year-old dies in police custody in Maryland (WJLA) “As the struggle continues, the officer says Anton Black had smoked marijuana laced with something.”

1/18/19: State Accepting Applications for Industrial Hemp Pilot Program (SOUTHERN MARYLAND ONLINE)

1/18/19: From pot to cellphones: Dogs train to sniff out trouble (HERALD MAIL-MEDIA)

1/17/19: Brian Griffiths: Maryland lawmakers still dazed and confused on marijuana laws (CAPITAL GAZETTE) Pro Big Canna. Hmm.

1/17/19: Cannabis-infused beer? Flying Dog is seeking approval to brew one (BALTIMORE SUN)

1/16/19: Flying Dog Brewery Gets Into The Marijuana Beverage Game (FORBES)

1/11/19: Aboard the ‘canna crawl’ bus, Maryland marijuana patients find community, resources (POST BULLETIN)

1/10/19: Maryland regulators: Is medical marijuana effective for treating opioid addiction? Answer: It’s complicated (BALTIMORE SUN)

1/9/19: Maryland marijuana regulators look to General Assembly to help resolve ownership controversy (BALTIMORE SUN)

1/9/19: Weed for classrooms? Md. lawmakers to debate issue in General Assembly

1/9/19: Md. legislature opens amid questions about health of longtime Senate president (WASHINGTON POST)

1/9/19: Miller, Busch see different paths on marijuana legalization (THE DAILY RECORD)

1/8/19: Pro: It’s time for Maryland to decriminalize marijuana (THE DAILY RECORD) B I G R E A D from Del. Moon!

1/8/19: Con: Don’t rush into full commercialization of marijuana (THE DAILY RECORD) Boo hiss you suck get off the stage

1/7/19: Maryland Voters Warming To Legalized Sports Betting, Marijuana (WBAL)

1/7/19: Chart: Maryland’s first-year medical marijuana sales approach $100 million (MJ BIZ DAILY)

1/4/19: Maryland lawmaker proposes bill to combat opioid addiction with medical marijuana (WUSA 9)

1/4/19: New Rules for Medical Cannabis Patients in Maryland (WBOC)

1/4/19: 9 key issues that Maryland lawmakers will address during the 2019 General Assembly session (BALTIMORE SUN)

1/3/19: More blacks still arrested for marijuana charges (BALTIMORE SUN)

1/3/19: Podcast: Dispensary owner talks challenges, future of medical marijuana industry (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

1/2/19: Church claims medical marijuana dispensary allowed to open near children’s camp (WUSA 9)

1/2/19: Offit Kurman announces collaboration with cannabis law firm (THE DAILY RECORD)

1/2/19: Marijuana Decriminalization in Maryland Has Not Stopped Implicit Bias nor Institutional Racism Against Black People (THE ROOT)

1/1/19: Legalizing marijuana, banning ‘ghost guns’ on to-do list for Md. lawmakers (WTOP)



SYNOPSIS: Initiative 71, baby, where ya been? Read my reviews of various cannabis-infused District brands! FYI, fake vape carts are rampant- read my guide here! Want to get a medical card instead? Boom! I can help you decide which dispensary to visit. Who loves ya like GT does?

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3/15/19: Cannabis industry prepares multi-million dollar war chests for Washington (POT NETWORK)

3/14/19: He once gave Jack Evans a joint. Now he’s trying to recall him from the D.C. Council (WASHINGTON POST)

3/12/19: One man killed, another injured in separate shootings at hookah bar, pop-up pot party (WASHINGTON POST)

3/12/19: Septuagenarian Entrepreneur Navigates Challenges to Bring Quality Medical Cannabis to East Coast (NEW CANNABIS VENTURES) interview with Phyto!

3/11/19: DC Police investigating shootings at pop-up pot parties (FOX 5 DC)

3/11/19: Salem marijuana dispensary puts adult use sales on hold (WASHINGTON EXAMINER)

3/10/19: Democrats Push to Make Washington, D.C., the Fifty-first State (THE NEW YORKER)

3/8/19: How safe is legal marijuana? (WJLA)

3/8/19: DC Dispensary Blazes Trail for Race, Gender Equity in Cannabis Industry (WEEDMAPS NEWS)

3/7/19: You Can Now Get Medical Marijuana While Vacationing In Hawaii: The Cannabis Visiting Patient Program (FORBES)

3/5/19: NJ marijuana dealers say black market will be ‘business as usual,’ even with legal weed (APP USA TODAY)

2/28/19: Astro Doughnuts Is Rolling Out Its First CBD Doughnut (DCist)

2/27/19: Some D.C. Employees Say They Face ‘Zero Tolerance’ For Medical Marijuana Use (WAMU)

2/22/19: Wasted Resources? I-Team Finds Most Marijuana Raid Charges Are Dismissed (NBC WASHINGTON)

2/21/19: New marijuana laws in 2019 could help black and Latino drug dealers go legal (CHICAGO SUN TIMES) “in Washington, D.C., where marijuana is legal, a black person is 11 times more likely than a white person to be arrested for public consumption of marijuana, according to Metropolitan Police Department statistics.”

2/21/19: Thousands of People in DC Area Seek Treatment for Marijuana Dependency Each Year (NBC 4)

2/20/19: The Miracle Molecule? Putting CBD Products to the Test (NBC 4) Josh Sanderlin quoted!

2/18/19: New problem for legal weed: Exploding pot factories (POLITICO)

2/14/19: House Subcommittee Addresses Money Matters for Marijuana Transactions (WEEDMAPS)

2/14/19: SAFE Banking Act Gains Cannabis-Friendly Spotlight In Congress (PYMNTS.COM)

2/7/19: Here’s Who Will Testify About Marijuana On Capitol Hill Next Week (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

1/31/19: National Holistic Healing Center announces price drops across the board as part of their Affordable Healthcare initiative, including Alternative Solutions strains at $12/gram everyday indefinitely (GT)

1/25/19: Legal cannabis gifts lead to new business practice in Michigan (MJ BIZ DAILY)

1/24/19: D.C. political insider opens first medical marijuana dispensary east of the river (WASHINGTON POST)

1/24/19: Greene’s Thumb: Politically Connected Figure to Open Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Ward 8 (WASHINGTON CITY PAPER)

1/24/19: Medical marijuana dispensary is first of its kind in Southeast DC (WTOP)

1/23/19: Businesses gift marijuana with snacks within State Law (MICHIGAN DAILY)

1/22/19: DC Lawmaker Proposes Same-Day Medical Marijuana Access And Social Use Spaces (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

1/18/19: Grosso Pushes Marijuana Legislation with Democratic House in Session (AFRO.COM)

1/17/19: Everything You Need to Know About the Women’s March in DC This Weekend (THRILLIST)

1/15/19: AG nominee Barr has good news for D.C. legal marijuana advocates (WASHINGTON POST)

1/15/19: Desperate Parents and Discount Marijuana: DC in a Shutdown (VOA NEWS)

1/14/19: Cannabis Trade Federation hires 15 DC lobbyists to push for US marijuana law reform (MJ BIZ DAILY)

1/10/19: D.C. Pot Lobbyist : The Future of Marijuana Legalization on Capitol Hill (WGBH)


1/8/19: D.C. Lawmaker Files Bill To Legalize Marijuana Sales Despite Federal Concerns (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

1/8/19: Bill taxing and regulating marijuana sales coming soon to D.C: Mayor Bowser (WASHINGTON TIMES)

1/8/19: “New hope for bill to legalize marijuana sales in D.C.” (PoPville) FYI, Cafe Romeo pictured has terrible pizza.

1/7/19: Mayor Promises A Bill To Legalize Marijuana Sales Is Coming ‘Soon.’ One Councilmember Isn’t Waiting (DCist)

1/7/19: DC Police Seize $2.5M in Heroin, Maserati in Area’s Largest-Ever Drug Bust (NBC 4) 

1/5/19: Fire reported at medical marijuana warehouse in D.C. (WASHINGTON POST) Holistic Remedies/Organic Wellness/Liberty. I feel I should point out I had nothing to do with it.



You can register to be a patient in Virginia now, hooray! Five companies have been licensed to grow and dispense CBD and THCa cannabis oils, each of which has its own jurisdiction, just like Jan Michael Vincents. Dispensaries are tentatively gonna open late 2019. Check out Virginia NORML’s FAQ for more info on signing up or my MMJ Card page for the TLDR version. FYI, there’s a CBD store with locations in Manassas and Leesburg called District Hemp that’s open now you should totally check out.

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3/15/19: 28 arrested, 15 wanted in huge area drug bust; 24 pounds of drugs seized (WSET)

3/8/19: Virginia is still expanding its medical cannabis program. But some see a collision course with the hemp-based CBD industry. (RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH)

3/8/19: Marijuana Legalization Measures Gaining Momentum In Several States (NORML)

3/8/19: Bill Would Broaden Scope of Medical Marijuana in Virginia (IDEA STATIONS)

3/8/19: Virginia lawmakers allow medical marijuana to be dispensed in lollipops and lozenges (THE ROANOKE TIMES)

3/8/19: Op-Ed: State-By-State Breakdown Of Marijuana’s Retail Potential (PSFK)

3/7/19: UPDATE: Proposed CBD oil facility looking at new site in Bristol, Virginia (WCYB)

3/7/19: EDITORIAL: Taking baby steps on marijuana (FREDERICKSBURG.COM)

3/7/19: Virginia looks more like it has a full-blown medical marijuana program (NBC 12)

3/7/19: House Bill Introduced to Remove Marijuana from List of Controlled Substances (ROLLING STONE)

3/6/19: Does CBD oil get you high? (STAUNTON NEWS-LEADER)

3/1/19: Altria makes big bets on vaping, cannabis (VIRGINIA BUSINESS) Altria is the parent company of tobacco giant Phillip Morris

3/1/19: Beginning of a new era: Medical cannabis dispensary to open in Staunton (VIRGINIA BUSINESS)

3/1/19: Opinion/Editorial: Future looks brighter for useful hemp (THE DAILY PROGRESS)

2/27/19: Virginia medical cannabis to expand to full therapeutic-strength products (STAUNTON NEWS LEADER)

2/27/19: School nurses to dispense medical cannabis to students bill passes VA Senate (STAUNTON NEWS LEADER)

2/27/19: Bill to ensure access for medical cannabis patients set to become law (STAUNTON NEWS LEADER)

2/23/19: Unlawful entry prompts reversal of marijuana conviction (VIRGINIA LAWYERS WEEKLY)

2/22/19: Virginia’s General Assembly Governed This Year Amid Scandal. Here’s What Passed And Didn’t. (WAMU)

2/19/19: Virginia dentists suspended for alleged drug activity in exchange for dental work (WTVR) 

2/18/19: Most parents don’t want medical marijuana dispensaries near their kids (WSLS) Awesome, I don’t want kids near my dispensary. Those things are rife with germs.

2/17/19: Pitch for Pot: Mother of child with cancer, local delegate want marijuana reform in Va. (WAVY)

2/14/19: New Virginia law would protect students who use CBD and THC-A Oils (WTKR) Plus laws were passed to double the amount of allowable THC to 10% and to allow for caregivers to possess on behalf of a patient.

2/12/19: Black Officials In Virginia Send Demands If Governor, Attorney General Refuse To Resign (ESSENCE.COM)

1/30/19: Virginia CBD program chided as multistate medical cannabis firms gain edge (MJ BIZ DAILY)

1/30/19: Virginia farmers see lots of promise in hemp, though uncertainty around economic benefits remains (VIRGINIA MERCURY)

1/30/19: Naked man high on marijuana bites his dog then FBI agent in Virginia, police say (WUSA 9)

1/25/19: 7 medical cannabis companies appeal Virginia board’s “prejudicial” decision (THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT)

1/25/19: Today is the Grand Opening of District Hemp’s second location in Leesburg! The new shop is located at 19 Wirt St SW. You can also visit them online!

1/24/19: Virginia Medical Cannabis Bills Clear Senate Committee (NORML)

1/24/19: Five Virginia Politicians Thwart the People and Democracy in Marijuana Reform Legislation (BACON’S REBELLION)

1/18/19: What Principles Govern Virginia’s Approach to Tobacco, Vaping, Marijuana? (BACON’S REBELLION)

1/17/19: Perryman: While the feds take first step, Virginia continues to crawl (THE ROANOKE TIMES)

1/17/19: Virginia marijuana bills die in House committee (THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT)

1/17/19: Va. House panel snuffs out marijuana bills (FREDERICKSBURG.COM)

1/14/19: Advocates seek more access to medical marijuana (VIRGINIA BUSINESS.COM)

1/14/19: Va. News: Bristol offers Medical Cannabis classes, Norfolk stops prosecuting Marijuana Possession (WVTF)

1/14/19: Bill sponsor says legal marijuana is example of limited government, personal liberty (WATCHDOG.ORG)

1/12/19: Virginia advocates seek more access to medical marijuana (WTKR)

1/10/19: Virginia firm says it has license to study medical marijuana (WASHINGTON POST)

1/10/19: Virginia lawmakers introduce bills to legalize marijuana use (WTVR)

1/9/19: Gov. Northam renews calls to decriminalize marijuana in speech to General Assembly (VIRGINIA MERCURY)

1/9/19: Alexandria senator reintroduces marijuana decriminalization bill in Senate of Virginia (LOCAL DVM)

1/9/19: Local delegate introduces bill to legalize marijuana in Virginia (WAVY)

1/8/19: Virginia prosecutor to stop prosecuting misdemeanor marijuana possession cases (WISHTV.COM)

1/8/19: Supreme Court orders Virginia to hear appeal of Justin Wolfe, who pleaded guilty to murder (WASHINGTON POST)

1/5/19: Marijuana decriminalization, Norfolk casino topics as local lawmakers prep for General Assembly (WAVY)

1/4/19: Virginia to again consider marijuana decriminalization (RICHMOND FREE PRESS)

1/4/19: Cannabis, gambling interests drive up Virginia lobbying registrations (ABC 13)

1/4/19: Marijuana Goes Mainstream in Virginia with More Legislative Action Expected at 2019 General Assembly (ALT DAILY)

1/3/19: Surry Co. students facing charges after marijuana found in vehicles during search (WAVY) This is pretty fucked up right here.

1/3/19: Is Marijuana Decriminalization in VA a Nonstarter? (PUBLIC NEWS SERVICE)

1/3/19: Pro-marijuana group believes decriminalization is DOA in Virginia this year (WFIR)

1/2/19: Upstart candidates for prosecutor hope to bring reform wave to Northern Virginia (WASHINGTON POST) Love love love this!