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SYNOPSIS: Ok, residents can officially sign up as a patient for the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. Medicine has been available since December, yay! More dispensaries are coming online almost every day. Supply’s still getting worked out at some of the more remote outposts I’ve been to, but the ones around town generally have plenty of options. It’ll all catch up sooner than later.

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10/12/18: Can a Blue Wave in a Blue State Make Ben Jealous Maryland’s First African American Governor? (AMERICAN PROSPECT) If you want legal adult-use cannabis sales in Maryland, you gotta get Jealous in November, baby! GT

10/12/18: Grassroots Cannabis to Hold Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for New Herbology Dispensary in DuBois, Pennsylvania (PRWEB.COM) Good for them, I dig Grassroots a lot. GT

10/11/18: Maryland puts a hold on medical marijuana from Lothian grower (CAPITAL GAZETTE) Dyaaaaamn. Forward Gro has some serious issues going on. GT

10/11/18: Most House of Delegates District 3A candidates open to legalizing recreational marijuana (THE FREDERICK NEWS-POST)

10/11/18: MedMen acquires Oak Park’s PharmaCann in largest cannabis deal ever (CHICAGO SUN TIMES) PC has a MD license. GT

10/9/18: Long Island poker pro faces federal charges in Maryland for massive pot scheme (BALTIMORE SUN)

10/5/18: Junkin’s novel ‘Bloodsworth’ called a cautionary tale (THE ENTERPRISE)

10/5/18: Reading gets a medical marijuana dispensary (PHILLY.COM) Harvest gets another license. If only one of the qualifiers to getting a license is that patients get to rate your weed first. Le sigh. GT

10/5/18: Don’t count out Ben Jealous in Maryland (FREDERICK NEWS-POST) Ben’s our man! Say, are you signed up to vote yet? GT

10/4/18: Pro-marijuana protesters, Andy Harris clash in DC; arrests made (DELMARVA NOW) Omitted from the article: activist Rachel Donlan is pressing assault charges against Harris for slamming the door on her leg cuz he’s a fuckface. Dude looks like he has a trainset in the basement. GT

10/4/18: Virginia official apologizes for ‘stupid tweet’ about shooting protesters at Rep. Andy Harris’ office (BALTIMORE SUN) Yikes! Ok, this dude looks like he has a trainset in the basement. Harris looks more like a pet turtle guy, now that I think about it. GT

10/4/18: Marijuana Advocates Frustrated With Congressional Members (FORBES)

10/3/18: Maryland OKs marijuana dispensaries in Silver Spring, Bowie (WTOP)

10/3/18: 4Front Announces Opening of Mission™ Medical Cannabis Dispensary in Silver Spring, Maryland (MARKET INSIDER)

10/1/18: Will Maryland cannabis dispensaries have to take down their billboards? (WTOP) Woah, man. Hey, I know this website you can advertise on, I hear the guy who runs it is pretty cool. GT

9/30/18: ‘Boring’ Cannabis Investments Are Growing at Merida (FORBES)

9/28/18: Ben Jealous: Maryland candidate with an ‘instinctive muscle’ for activism (THE GUARDIAN)

9/28/18: As cannabis market heats up, local scientists race to build ‘weed biofactories’ (THE SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE)

9/27/18: Top Democrat Says Marijuana Reform ‘Makes Sense’ But Won’t Commit To Making It Happen (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

9/21/18: Poll: 62% Of Marylanders Support Marijuana Legalization (WCBC)

9/20/18: Metrc software issues spur MD marijuana regulators to enact temporary retail rules (MJ BIZ DAILY) GOOD- GT

9/20/18: Surprise amendment may have poisoned Anne Arundel compromise on medical marijuana (BALTIMORE SUN)

9/20/18: Calvert’s first and only medical cannabis dispensary up and running since March (THE CALVERT RECORDER)

9/17/18: Maryland officials gather to discuss dangers of drugged driving (WBAL 11)

9/17/18: The first store in a national medical marijuana retail chain has opened in Woodlawn (BALTIMORE SUN)

9/14/18: Sowing Success: Harvest of Arizona Aims to Be the Largest U.S. Cannabis Company (PHOENIX NEW TIMES) I had no idea Harvest was from Arizona. That means they should know better than to put out the kind of buds we’ve seen from them in Maryland. Shame on y’all and your terrible weed. GT

9/13/18: Cannabis as Medicine? A New Frontier in Charles County (SOUTHERN MARYLAND NEWS NET)

9/13/18: Temescal Wellness opens medical marijuana dispensary in Framingham (METRO WEST DAILY NEWS) in Massachusetts, nice!

9/11/18: Software to Regulate Legal Marijuana Is Just as Error-Prone as Other Government Software (SLATE) Intro is about Maryland and METRC.

9/8/18: Edgewater medical marijuana dispensary opens its doors with community festival (CAPITAL GAZETTE)

9/7/18: Legal Matters: No pot for Spot; illegal to obtain medical marijuana for pets (CARROLL COUNTY TIMES)

9/6/18: Maryland’s medical cannabis program technically bans food products — yet sells plenty of edible items (BALTIMORE SUN)

9/3/18: Maryland’s youngest black cannabis dispensary owner opens business (WUSA 9)

8/25/18: Maryland universities deny cannabis classes (THE CAMPUS CURRENT)

8/24/18: Frederick cannabis firm Green Leaf Medical raises a third of $18M round (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

8/21/18: Medical marijuana dispensaries find eager patients, growing pains in Harford County (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/20/18: Would taxing marijuana pay for universal pre-K in Maryland? Hogan and Jealous spar over the answer (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/20/18: Bowie Native Becomes Maryland’s Youngest Medical Cannabis Dispensary Owner (NBC 4)

8/16/18: Curio Wellness turns one — take a look inside this Greater Baltimore cannabis growing, processing facility (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

8/15/18: First-Ever Marijuana Breathalyzer Aims To Catch High Drivers (CBS BALTIMORE)

8/15/18: Here’s what a marijuana grow company thinks it can do for South Jersey (THE DAILY JOURNAL) It’s Greenleaf!

8/11/18: Medical marijuana commission alerts patients to how best to report negative reactions (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/11/18: Harris fields questions on marijuana, wind energy at town hall (DELMARVA NOW)

8/11/18: Marijuana Industry – Meet the Cannabis Companies in Maryland (BALTIMORE POST-EXAMINER)

8/9/18: Months into medical marijuana sales, growth has been steady in Howard (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/9/18: Better Marijuana Stock: Aphria vs. MariMed (MOTLEY FOOL)

8/7/18: Medical cannabis industry on the rise in Baltimore County, city and state (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/6/18: Hogan talks Trump; Rockville medical cannabis dispensary approved; HQ2 shortlist and West Wing Weekend on the way? (BETHESDA MAGAZINE)

8/3/18: With more legalization looming, how to talk to your kids about marijuana (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/2/18: Md. medical marijuana users demand action after repeated computer crashes at dispensaries (BALTIMORE SUN)

8/2/18: Marijuana dispensary in danger after appeal, zoning changes (CAPITAL GAZETTE)

8/2/18: Congressman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) called marijuana a “gateway drug” during a TV interview. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

8/1/18: Medical Marijuana Dispensary To Open Near Perry Hall (PATCH.COM)

8/1/18: MPX Receives Licensing Approval for Two Managed Dispensaries (DAILY MARIJUANA OBSERVER)



SYNOPSIS: Initiative 71, baby, where ya been? Read my reviews of various cannabis-infused District brands! FYI, the clarification from MPD after the recent pop-up raids regarding what is and is not allowed regarding Initiative 71 means that there won’t be any further reviews of the concentrate, vape cartridges, or edibles from DC besides what’s available from the medical marijuana program on the site, at least until the law can be updated to allow these necessary medicines.Want to get a medical card instead? Boom! I can  help you decide which dispensary to choose. Who loves ya like GT does?

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10/10/18: The Cheeba Coalition pop-up at Sign of the Whale on M St NW was raided last night. GT

10/9/18: Long Island poker pro faces federal charges in Maryland for massive pot scheme (BALTIMORE SUN)

10/4/18: Pro-marijuana protesters, Andy Harris clash in DC; arrests made (DELMARVA NOW) Omitted from the article: activist Rachel Donlan is pressing assault charges against Harris for slamming the door on her leg cuz he’s a fuckface. GT

10/4/18: Virginia official apologizes for ‘stupid tweet’ about shooting protesters at Rep. Andy Harris’ office (BALTIMORE SUN) Yikes! GT

10/4/18: Marijuana Advocates Frustrated With Congressional Members (FORBES)

9/25/18: Bowser backs bill penalizing dealers of synthetic drugs as overdoses spike in D.C. (WASHINGTON POST) 

9/21/18: D.C. arrests for marijuana use to result in citation, not custody, officials say (WASHINGTON POST)

9/15/18: Washington DC’s budding market for legal pot is rife with potential pitfalls — here’s what you need to know (CNBC)

9/7/18: Pot pop-up shop raided in DC; 27 arrests made (WJLA)

9/7/18: DC police cracking down on illegal marijuana pop-up parties (FOX 5)

8/24/18: Leader of DC-area drug ring nabbed in Operation Tin Panda sentenced to 16 years (WTOP)

8/21/18: DC medical marijuana dispensary Capital City Care sent out an email that a fire on the roof of their building led to water damage that has forced them to close until further notice. GT

8/17/18: Here’s why the term ‘synthetic marijuana’ is misleading (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) THANK YOU. IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME.

8/7/18: Congressional Ban On D.C. Marijuana Sales Drives Arrests, New Police Data Suggests (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

8/7/18: Police: 86% of people arrested for marijuana in DC are black (WUSA 9)



SYNOPSIS: The bill to expand Virginia’s medical marijuana program (still limited to CBD and THCa oil) to any condition has taken effect. Hooray! Five companies have been licensed to grow and dispense cannabis oils, each of which has its own jurisdiction, just like Jan Michael Vincents. Look for more details super soon! The Commonwealth has rejected decriminalization this year, though I suspect that has more to do with the rescinded Cole memo in this purple state than a lack of public support or government will to get it done. YOU CAN GET A DOCTOR’S CERTIFICATE TO KEEP WITH YOUR THCA OR CBD OIL! That may offer some legal protection if you end up in trouble. Read this.


10/9/18: With Virginia medical cannabis dispensaries opening soon, learn about CBD’s potential health benefits (WTKR)

10/9/18: Long Island poker pro faces federal charges in Maryland for massive pot scheme (BALTIMORE SUN)

10/5/18: Editorial: Cautious support for cannabis in Virginia (RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH) Watch out now, they’ll shoot you down in Goochland for liking weed. GT

10/4/18: Virginia official apologizes for ‘stupid tweet’ about shooting protesters at Rep. Andy Harris’ office (BALTIMORE SUN) Yikes! See what I mean? GT

10/2/18: Legalized Medical and Recreational Marijuana Use Appear to Hurt Alcohol Sales (BACON’S REBELLION)

9/28/18: Norfolk firm to use cannabidiol for medical research (VIRGINIA BUSINESS)

9/27/18: Educating Virginia Beach on medical marijuana (ABC 13)

9/26/18: State selects its medical cannabis dispensaries, but Hampton start-up not in the mix (DAILY PRESS)

9/26/18: Medical marijuana dispensary for Roanoke region to be located 2 hours away in Bristol (THE ROANOKE TIMES)

9/26/18: Virginia picks 5 companies to dispense medical marijuana (NBC12) CONGRATS!

9/25/18: Virginia marijuana arrests hit highest levels in a decade (VIRGINIA MERCURY)

9/20/18: Norfolk city leaders join panel about marijuana policy reform (ABC 13)

9/18/18: Local prosecutors say they will continue pursuing minor marijuana cases (WINCHESTER STAR) Aaaaand that kinda shit is exactly why I avoid VA. No offense. GT

9/17/18: Virginia Board of Pharmacy to grant five licenses for medical marijuana out of 51 applications (MDJONLINE.COM)

9/17/18: Virginia NORML and O’Connor Brewing hosting marijuana-related forums and events (ABC 13)

9/17/18: Will Virginia Legalize Recreational Marijuana Use? (BACON’S REBELLION)

9/8/18: Legalize Virginia Festival at Norfolk brewery to highlight marijuana reform (ABC 10)

9/5/18: First look at potential marijuana dispensary in Hampton (WAVY 10)

9/4/18: State panel handing out Virginia’s first medical marijuana licenses will conduct work in secret (RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH)

8/27/18: Virginia board now reviewing medical marijuana applications (WDBJ 7)

8/24/18: Hemp Makes a Return to George Washington’s Farm (SMITHSONIAN)

8/21/18: Marijuana News Today: Pot Stock Market Still Roaring, Virginia Opens the Door to CBD Oil (PROFIT CONFIDENTIAL)

8/20/18: Dozens of companies compete for a piece of Va.’s limited medical marijuana market (WASHINGTON POST)

8/16/18: Commission approves zoning changes for medical marijuana dispensary in Hampton (WTKR)

8/16/18: Rx Native Pharmaceuticals Competes for One of Five Medical Marijuana Licenses in Virginia (CANNABIS BUSINESS TIMES)

8/16/18: Legal cannabis is coming to Hampton Roads. The only question, who will get to process it? (THE VIRGNIAN PILOT)

8/16/18: Roanoke Prevention Alliance launches campaign to keep kids away from marijuana (WSLS) Keep the Stigma Alive, eh? Fuck you losers, you probably snort Zoloft. 

8/15/18: Medical marijuana dispensary expected to create jobs in Amelia (NBC 12)

8/9/18: ‘Smell of marijuana’ new police tactic? (RICHMOND FREE PRESS)

8/8/18: UPDATE: Decisions on permits for marijuana oil in Virginia pushed back to this fall (WCYB)

8/8/18: Law reform group pushes for city to stop prosecuting minor pot crimes (WINCHESTER STAR)

8/5/18: Hampton medical marijuana dispensary seeks to be first in Virginia (DAILY PRESS)

8/1/18: Virginia Democratic congressional candidate Elaine Luria tweeted, “The @DeptVetAffairs has largely refused to recommend medical marijuana, citing federal law. That puts the department out of step with most of the country. Veterans deserve access to treatments that work for them.” (MARIJUANA MOMENT)