Blue Cookies (Diamond City Delivery)

Blue Cookies close-up

Hello, sunshine! Today our friends at gift weed delivery & pick-up fave Diamond City Delivery have Blue Cookies (above photo and close-up below) to share with you! Also available today are Platinum Bubba, Animal G4, Purple Punch, Banana OG and Wedding Cake. You can visit Diamond City on the web or…

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Roger Boyd Vapes Weed Across the World on a Bicycle

Hello, fellow Tokers! My name is Roger Boyd. Well, actually it isn’t, but that’s the pseudonym I use for the project I’ve been working on since October 2013, The fake name was given to me by an American journalist called Bart Blasengame in his article in the November 2014 edition…

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Runtz (Dope City Supreme)

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! Did you forget??? Not to worry, my hopeful Romeos, our friends at DC gift weed delivery & pick-up fave Dope City Supreme anticipated exactly this scenario and stocked the shelves with enough Roses, Candles, and Bath Bombs to fuel a localized population surge tomorrow. Naturally, the gifts…

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