DC Marijuana Pop-Up Shop FAQ

There has been a surge of interest in DC’s marijuana events since the Associated Press article about CannaMania came out, so I figured a spiffy new guide was in order. As the AP reported, these ganja galas are essentially like pop-up dispensaries. A number of Initiative 71 brands will get together in one place and you can go there to receive weed gifts.

The coolest thing is that you can have a look around the joint before deciding on what you want. The bad thing is you might not want anything after looking around. Stick to my reviews and you’ll be fine- the Pop-Up tag will show you everybody that I have personally checked out and enjoyed. Some of the best weed gifts in the city are available exclusively at pop-up events.

PLEASE BE ADVISED there is a Social Use Ban in place and the raids that started 12/23/17 as I first reported here have continued, with the Washington Post reporting that 22 brands were arrested at a recent raid. A lot of these events are shutting down or trying to figure out how to work better within the boundaries of what I-71 allows right now.

Visit Kinner & McGowan!

How do I find weed pop-ups?

Easy. Instagram is great if you’re looking to find where a particular brand will be at next, but Initiative 71 cannabis brands are on every social media platform, so whichever one you’re currently using to steal money from your employer throughout the day will work. Try searching the hashtag #Initiative71.

XJ-13 from District Connoisseurs

I want to go to the marijuana pop-ups! So who are the best brands to Follow?

Personally, I like District Connoisseurs gifts, which are exclusive to events. I have also enjoyed some great gifts from Phone Homie, Acure by Design Plus, Butter Nugg Cookies, and many more.

The brand isn’t Following me back. Help?

Are you a cop? You have to tell me if you’re a cop.

I’m kidding. It’s probably because you haven’t posted anything personal about yourself yet. Having a dummy account looks shady, Slim. If you don’t want to post anything personal about yourself connected to weed cuz Lockheed Martin pays you to design things that kill people, I get it, and you totally need to smoke with all that horrible death on your conscience.

Well, the good news is not every brand is private, so you can look at their pages without Following them and still get the info. Or maybe you’d just prefer Delivery if you don’t want to show face. The Gentleman is here for ya either way, mon frere!

Are marijuana pop-up parties legal?

Look- I’m a patient and consumer. I’m not a lawyer and Initiative 71 is complicated. I suggest you talk to one of our fine city’s many, many, many lawyers if you have questions about the law.

Ok, are marijuana pop-up events safe?

Everything on this site is very much at-your-own-risk. I am not personally responsible for your safety. Not one bit. The world is a dangerous place and there’s nothing we can do about it because America needs guns to keep us safe from the government that wants to kill us by letting us all shoot each other to death.

That being said, the answer you’re looking for is ‘sort of.’ They’re mostly held in public spaces & not in folks’ basements so much anymore, and you can expect to see security at any event. That being said, a pattern of vehicle break-ins outside these events has come to my attention- thieves are targeting the brands to get a hold of their stash, but visitors often return to smashed windows.

FURTHERMORE- according to this recent Rolling Stone article, some pop-ups are using intimidation tactics to push their gifts. I haven’t heard of anything like this before today, that’s fucked. Again, stick to my reviews and you’ll be fine. I don’t just vet my recommendations on gift quality, y’know.

Don’t forget about the raids!

Seshin with Phone Homie!

Do I need to be a DC resident to attend I71 pop-ups?

Absolutely not. Everyone is welcome- 21+

Do I need a medical card to attend I71 pop-ups?

Absolutely not. Everyone is welcome- 21+.

Do I need a ticket to get in the I71 pop-ups?

Some events do require a ticket, a nominal charge at the door, or at least an RSVP via DM (direct message on social media. No, its the other button, Grandpa. Just give it here). Some have upgraded VIP packages that get you a set of gifts walking in the door, exclusive seating, etc.

I’d suggest you check out the event itself, then spring for a VIP package on your next visit after you decide that you like that party. They usually repeat. In any case, the brand you’re Following will say if you need tickets, pay at the door, or they’ll refer you to another page that explains things. Keep an eye out for ticket links.

Oh! A lot of the time, the addresses are only available 24hrs before the party. Ticket-holders are typically sent the address. In the absence of tickets, the brand (or page they refer you to) will tell you how to obtain the address. It’s a lot less complicated than I’m making it sound with words. You just need to pay attention.

I can smoke weed at pop-ups, right? I mean, right?

Eh, it’s more complicated than that. Some of them do have a designated smoking area- a rooftop or back alley sorta deal. But imagine running an establishment where a hundred people came in and everybody was blazing jays.

It would stink, right? I mean, that good stink we all love, but you’d have a devil of a time getting the smell out. We don’t have many exclusive clubs in the city, they all need to do other business, so there’s generally not much smoking inside.

How do I know if I have a high tolerance?

If you smoke weed and find yourself giggling like a Japanese schoolgirl, so restless you can’t sit still, or your brain turns off followed shortly by your body, then you do not have the tolerance for dabs yet.

Most folks with a high tolerance to flower and/or dabs also exhibit a high tolerance to edibles, but this is not always the case, and as such you should always start your edible experiments with low dosages, slowly building til you know what potency is comfortable for you. The standard advisement I’ve seen repeatedly is to start at a measly ten mg. So keep your tolerance in mind when you get to the pop-ups and people offer you free stuff.