How Do I Get Weed in DC?

Alright, alright, you know that cannabis is legal in Washington DC, but thanks to a rider added to a budget by those dickheads in Congress, there’s nowhere you can just walk in and buy weed like Colorado or California or Alaska or Oregon or Washington state or…you get the idea. So just how does one get weed in DC? There’s plenty of options, boss! Enter the Gentleman, at your service. I write Reviews of the marijuana people are gifting under Initiative 71! And I keep you informed about gifts you can find right meow under the Now Available tag. FYI, you do NOT need to be a resident to receive gifts a la ganja or go to the events. Oh! I also aggregate local News regarding legalization for DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Want to know what’s going on with cannabis where you live? I break it down for ya like cardboard, baby! Subscribe to my newsletter for weekly updates right to your inbox.


Ok, so some of my favorite folks are the delivery and pick-up/meet-up brands. Say, do you mind if I Leverage LARP for this part? Yay!

The idea behind Initiative 71 brands is to sell something else and give the ganja as a free gift (NOTE- I don’t give legal advice, but our friends at DC firm Kinner & McGowan specialize in cannabis law, check them out!) Just pick a place they can deliver to you, like your hotel or a cafe, but plan on cooling your heels for an hour or two. Some have convenient appointment-setting features and you’ve got several options if pick-up is more convenient for you. Some accept credit cards, which is awesome. I love earning airline miles for smoking weed! I’ve seen a few that take cryptocurrency now, too. Want more? Just click on the Delivery or Pick-Up tags.

Have you heard about the benefits of a sexy little cannabinoid called CBD and want to try it out yourself? Check out District Hemp! This local CBD-focused health & wellness boutique has a charming little storefront in Manassas and offers shipping anywhere in the US. Here’s my review of their Blueberry CBD Crumble.


Residents of Maryland and DC both have medical marijuana programs and your Gentleman, naturally, writes reviews for both! Here’s just a smidgen of the goodies available at your friendly, neighborhood dispensary in:



Want more info on getting your medical marijuana card in DC or Maryland? Why, I’ve got a page just for you, my fine friend, step right this way. More reviews? Indubitably, young lady, right here under the Medical tag.


The Gentleman is also an avid ganja tourist. You can find weed reviews here from places with recreational retail cannabis sales organized by city- Denver, Seattle, Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and adding more all the time, God bless America. Or at least the parts that won’t throw me in jail just for smoking a doob. Barbarians.


The Gentleman recommends this site to help you find our local gatherings of the cannabis community. PLEASE BE ADVISED there is a Social Use Ban in place and the raids that started 12/23/17 as I first reported here have continued- check out this in-depth article from WAMU. You’ll probably have to pay a cover. Once inside, just talk with the activists at the tables like Butter Nugg CookiesSilly Bees, Acure by Design PlusDistrict Connoisseurs, & Phone Homie to get your gift. If you want to see more event brand reviews, check out the Event tag. Here’s a guide I wrote about what you can expect at these shindigs. 


If you consume a lot of cannabis, growing your own is definitely a consideration. If you do choose to grow, then you should definitely check out DC Seed Exchange to get your garden started. Here’s the rules on growing your own at home.